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We all have goals and objectives for our future, we set goals to achieve our dreams, and that’s how our lives are spent. So what is a skill? A skill is the ability to do an action with the aim and effort to achieve the results within a specific given time, energy, or it can be both. The skills can be categorized into domain-general skills and domain-specific skills. 

Now let’s come onto the point that what domain-specific skills and domain-general skills are.

So, domain-general skills are the ones that we are born with that is already designed into our brains to function. It is our functions’ mechanism; it guides us to a larger level of life. Domain-general is independent and helps us learn new ways and new things, and when we learn it, our brains make rooms for every new thing, like some portions for each one of them. We know that every human has a different ability to learn a thing.

When we talk about Domain-specific skills, it is named the “generic” or “transferable,” which means group work, leadership, self-motivation, listening, written communication, Managing time, verbal communication, searching, analytical skills, and numeracy skills. These are the skills that we learn and manage to build ourselves towards the compatibility of employment. It is different from the simple knowledge that a human has got. It enables us to catch, make, or organize specific skills and circumstances. 


Domain -Specific Skills



If we start from the beginning, we all start learning from our childhood. At that stage, we first gain Biologically primary knowledge. It is the things that we have been made to learn.

Some people need instructions to do a certain task or a simple thing, but some people pick up by seeing or looking at someone else, grasp it quickly, and then apply it to learn more.

Obviously, we do not have the built-in vocabulary system in our brains. We learn words naturally that can be anyway, like watching our mothers speak or watching our father speak; we learn a whole language. So that’s a skill developed in a newborn human. 

Humans have been through evolution to learn certain things, languages, ways to talk or walk.

Biological primary skill is also the problem-solving skills a human had. We know if this problem arises, we can develop such solutions, the process is done by every human, but there are somethings that we learn without any instructions. We don’t need any teaching about it. We have a personality without any specific given rules.

Domain-General Skills



There a secondary biological knowledge. It is about the brain that needs instructions to do a certain action. It comes afterward like writing was invented a thousand years ago, and only a small number of people learned it.

This does not mean that we cannot learn how to write or read by ourselves because an excellent book can give some basic information of certain things that you want to learn about so as per the time we learn from the history and some research about the past thins and people, these are not natural of course the process of research is planned and made successful through hard work and patience. This is why several rules and instructions work; it simplifies a task.

Of you look back at your childhood, the first thing is that develops through biologically primary knowledge is our senses. You talk, walk, eat, play, learn also recognize your parents, your relatives. You understand and try to speak your mother tongue. You try to learn the ways to solve problems and how to do something like a human being usually does like the gestures and sounds, how to read or write, what to do when you are at school, what to do at home, how to sit, smile and much other human natures.

This knowledge is the easiest to grasp even if you’re unconscious.

You can say it happens because we are humans, and for ages, we have been practicing and learning and doing it further generations, then learns it, and it goes on. At the same time, secondary knowledge is something that we have to depend on certain rules or certain ways to make it better.

Examples can be essay writing service, reading like learning new subjects in schools, or learning how to make calligraphy even secondary depends on the primary knowledge partner. It cannot just be done by simply making contact with the surroundings.

This kind of knowledge is meant to be taught, it has to be learned and grasped in senses, consciously also it needs, and it is important to put on the mental effort to acquire it in the brain, to learn it specifically.

Long-Term and Short-Term Memory

Both of the knowledge have something in common, and that is (LTM) long-term memory. 

According to Sweller (2004), it is the only part of our brain that makes a different line between the other species and humans. The other species cannot learn something to an extend comparing to what humans can learn. You can not learn anything without making changes in LTM, according to (Kirschner, Sweller, & Clark, 2006).

One characteristic of the Long-term memory is that the processing that is processed in it is slow or says that the information it grasps does not settle in immediately or overnight. It requires time and patience and hard work; one reason can limit our working memory sets for the LMT (long-term memory).

What matters with WM (working memory)  is that when it’s working with new, fresh things or information coming from the SM (short memory), it is slightly different from its working or way of working with the information already there in the LTM (long-term memory). This different working makes a lot of points to the process.

Actually, WM (working memory) is in contact with the new (unknown information) from short memory. There are no natural ways there to show about how to get fresh new information, categorized in manner.

Domain-Specific Skills


Skills development is the steps of recognizing the blank space where you can put up something interesting about you and give shape, a name to your abilities. It is essential for the future we have ahead of the plans we execute to achieve a purpose to do something that interests our own self.

Further to achieve respect and status for having something different in you as all of us something different from each other, and that is something to be worked on to make bigger plans and changes, to take the thinking’s to a different level.

If we take an example of stitching clothes if the tailor only has the scissors and clothes, but no threads and sewing machine, the tailor can stitch and make a unique shirt. Making a shirt out of the cloth is your goal! Like this, we can never achieve the purpose we are working on without the right tools and complete things.

We all know that you can’t just repeat the same mistakes and expect a difference in anything that you want to make good or better than before. Well, this thing relates to everything. In life, you must start seeing this NGS from a different perspective if the previous one is not working.

A company can’t see some success they want if they do not use their unique skills, the ability or that which is interesting or beneficial to the company, they will face the downfall again and again because the skills won’t be just good for the company but also the workers in it.

Shatterprufe, the managing Director, David Coffey, believes in skills development and honing the skills into leaders. Coffey says. “ the reason behind the investment of skills grooming by Shatterprufe is that we value employees. Moreover, he mentioned that to cultivate the company, they need to think about its main tool or asset. He says that your employees keep it all together, they keep it going so for that they must have a skill and knowledge that makes it permanent.

Through this skill of an employee, the company will only keep on moving forward and will not face downfall also will be ahead of its competitors.

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Business School, along with Shatterprufe was in great partnership for three years under the big goral of evolving Shatterprufe workers. Shatterprufe develops a group of senior management to foster different shift leaders. After this, Shatterprufe worked closely as they assessed the business school and shifted leaders to progress a program designed to amplify the skill and motivate the confidence.

The Main Reasons for Skills Development in an Organisation

It is necessary for an employee not to take their job as a job but take that as a career in their minds cause when a skill is promoted and unfolded, they learn it early that what they are doing is not a job but something that has no end to it anymore but will be life long and that will inspire the new generations after.

The world is changing; it is moving faster and faster every day and every minute. Employers should look deep into the working system, the works that the employee should be skilled enough to compete with the fast-moving world with quick changes as it moves forward, the challenge grows tougher so the employee should be compatible to it to make it up with it as soon as it advances.

Development in skills will always give the benefits to stay competitive. Obviously, if you want to be the best, you have to have something special that is unique from the others because that is why it is called a skill. 

To flourish is very important not just in an organization but also in the enlarging mind and skills that the world needs every day. With these unique capabilities, the world can be made or changed into something better and better to ease everything with time. Employees need to keep learning every day, keep it in practice to elevate only. That is how a change is seen. 

The organizations should not only look up to or concentrate on the ones whoa re already in a position where they don’t need support to skill up, who are already on top but should also look at the progressing and hardworking those in primary positions, give them a chance to level up, give them the support and tools to make fruitful results and make a better future ahead for themselves and also for the organizations and their countries making it a proud place to be with good changes.

The NMMU business school, in partnership with Shatterprufe is determined to a belief that the organizations or people who don’t invest in something better or for development will never succeed. 

Investment in something good, giving out for betterment will always be positive, will give you the determination to work and progress for the bigger achievements each human has got. You can’t be paid without working, and without preparing, you can not give an exam, you will definitely fail.

You will not see the success of you never hustled for the success you want. Without bricks, you can make up a building, and without the cement, you cannot make a stand, and without the wall paint, you cannot make Burj khalifa! 

When you try to work on your talent and what interests you, your sense of ability will increase, and you will develop your skills. I hope this article will help you in developing your skills. 

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Maria Lena, an academic writing expert has been serving Assignments Planet for the last four years and participating well in all writing activities other than academics. She has written many educational blogs. Her inspiration and motivations made her develop more innovative and creative skills.

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