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The age of the internet is taking a toll on how everything is done at workplaces. From video interviews online, automated communication processes, research to presentations, there is so much you can look forward to even this year.

The wheels of innovation are fast grinding towards the next big thing in online recruitment in a bid to match the ever-changing hiring trends!

The interwebs have made it possible to work from anywhere in the world and so is the possibility to hire professional writers for a company’s web content creation job.

Recruitment managers no longer wait for days on end to physically meet and choose the right candidates. Everything has been revolutionized by more effective digital platforms and instantaneous communication channels.

The Transition and Revolution in Recruitment: Online (Video) Interview

Perhaps it would be appropriate to tag along with Live Chat computer and computer Applications as having hugely inspired digital recruiting.

Some of these are embedded on company websites while others are downloaded and installed on Smartphones or computers before a recruiting process can be connected live on both ends.

Tips for Employers (Interviewers)

This is the mainstay of this article. Well, it is not all the time that employees are directly hired by companies that need them. Outsourced interviews have become the norm lately and it hands massive benefits to companies such as cost reduction and enhanced speed in hiring processes.

Ever human resource manager must therefore not only embrace these changes but also understand them deeply.

However, in as much as this is a huge transition into the future of hiring, it’s not every company that has got the right fit through the same. And this begs the question; where is the disconnection when such misses happen?

Interviewing online ought to be largely interactive processes.

And with as much as involved in one-on-one job selection processes having been brought into technology-driven recruitment; chances are that companies that fail to get the best employees on board usually fail to make the best out of video interviewing applications or are perhaps employing outdated methods.

 Other times, lack of proper knowledge of the basics as well as advanced hiring techniques workable to present hiring processes is to blame. 

Here are tips that will give you; the new age employer, a competitive advantage in hiring.

1. Project the Right Image  

This should take place right from the time a job opening is posted on digital platforms such as social media. There is a host of reasons why it is important.

First, millennials are becoming more and more concerned about companies they want to work for, at least to fit well alongside their social beings and personalities.

 Thus, when posting job listings, they should be tailored to the brand identity of a company while taking into account the expectations of job seekers.

While interviewing online, it is equally imperative that a recruiting agency or manager factors in the communication styles and interests of recruits about age, values, and views. All these determine the success of online talent placements.

Remote Working

2. Visuals and Infographics   

This is a strategy that works pretty well if properly implemented. It is largely a multifaceted way of presenting a company’s image in a way those job seekers would find it hugely interesting to apply to an opening.

The catch here is that showing everything that takes place behind the scenes brings the image of a company to life and given that it’s packed as multimedia information through videos, company catalogs, and infographics; all in digital format, it will always make a video recruitment process hugely successful.

3. Post Jobs on Relevant Digital Platforms  

Modernity has it that at some point in time, employers have to share information via digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat.

Depending on the caliber of employees you are looking for, posting properly tailored job listing in any of these platforms depends on whether you are looking for a highly professional person or a millennial that harbors savvy skills ideal for your company’s needs.

4. Big Data Analytics   

This is particularly applicable to situations where companies seek to solely be in control of the whole recruitment process based on certain data. It’s almost similar to Google’s data analytics when deciding which ads fit certain interests, needs, and profiles.

With the help of big data tools, a good number of recruitment agencies have embraced this approach of analyzing profiles and behaviors of prospective employees based on data that is available on digital platforms.

At the end of the day, it’s always about hiring people whose personalities are relevant to certain jobs.

5. Understand Next Generation Recruitment Software   

This cuts across a range of cutting-edge software developments which largely enhance the success of digital recruiting on the web. It’s thus important to look into which Video App/software is most suitable.

Skype, Montage, InterviewStream, Jobvite, and Zoom are a few great examples of very successful online video recruitment software. However, it is important to go down into specifics and evaluate the pros and cons before making a decision on which perfectly fits your hiring needs.

6. Ask the Right Questions  

Digital hiring brings along distractions that are likely to interfere with the focus on the main task at hand. Every question should be drafted down so that once the interview kicks off, everything is under control.

Job Position - Job Search Mistakes-Wrong Person

7. The Technical Aspects

Face to face interviews has long been known to create personal rapport and appeal among interviewers and interviewers. The question is; how can this be realized while interviewing online. Well, it depends on how the job seeker and a prospective employer approach and interact on digital platforms.

Note that as is the case with live chats usually aimed at generating more conversion by the PR (sales and marketing) team, online recruitment, which largely employs the use of a video link, is equally technology-driven.

Skills needed thus cut across both ends (The prospective employee and employer) to include data aspects of hiring.

 Employers should, therefore, keep up-to-date on which trends that take place in the digital world in terms of needs and innovations. There are lots of modern hiring tools and programs to help with this.

8. It Should Be Conversational and Secure

Interactivity is what every digital platform aims at achieving and one way to go about it is by factoring the conversational aspect of digital communication.

The recruitment software should be built to allow employers to initiate a conversational virtual atmosphere. Further, it should be secured from possible data leaks.

In conclusion, digital recruitment & interviewing online goes beyond embracing change. It has much more to do with the technology-driven process that brings on board effectiveness and efficiency into hiring processes so that the right fit is found at the end of the day. It equally involves filtering out those who are savvy about these changes and those who aren’t.

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