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Digital marketing is a booming sector and is one of the most sought after sectors when it comes to jobs. The field of digital marketing is one of the most popular sectors nowadays. In recent times it has seen major growth with an exponential growth rate.

There was a time when only a few big names in the industry knew about digital marketing and they were using this knowledge on their websites to rank up their website in the Google search result.

But today, the scenario is changed and almost everyone is using digital marketing for their websites. This has led to a growth in digital marketing jobs too.

This article covers the best digital marketing jobs and the future they hold in today’s competitive market.

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1. Digital Marketing Manager

This is one of the most sought after digital marketing jobs in this industry. Although it requires some experience (of at least 5 years) once you are experienced, then you can easily take up this job.

For this job, you need to have a credible experience and some major projects to support your claim of your experience, and then you can get this job and earn a great sum of money.

Digital marketing experts for the job of digital marketing managers are in huge demand in almost every industry.  It does not require any MBA degree or any kind of certification. All you need is experience and expertise and you are good to go.

Your role in this kind of job would be to include marketing strategies to drive online traffic to the website and track the conversion rate and make improvements to the website.

2. Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing managers are responsible for the marketing of the content on the website. Content marketing includes managing the sales, blogs, PR, eBook publications and guest blogging. You will be required to manage the team of content writers.

As a content marketing manager, you will accountable for content marketing techniques such as driving traffic, engagement and customer retention. You will also create relevant content for the website and optimize the content for bringing the audience.

You will also design marketing strategies to achieve the business target and short term goals and you will also be reported to by the freelance content writers that the company hires.

3. Content Writers

Content writing and digital marketing go hand in hand. They are the two sides of the same coin. Digital marketing cannot be worked upon without relevant keyword-rich content. If there is no content, then the digital marketing team will just be worthless and they cannot work.

When digital marketing continues to grow, the content is expected to play a bigger role in its growth. Without content, no website or blog will flourish and will stop ranking after some time. This is one of the most sought after jobs in the industry of digital marketing.

As a content writer, your role would be to ensure that you come up with great ideas and thoughts and convert them into informative articles and blogs that can be posted online. You will also be required to create content for the digital marketing team that is rich in a keyword and high in quality.

You should know the basics of SEO and keyword optimized writing style. This will help you in writing relevant content for the websites and the blogs.

Digital Marketing

4. Social Media Marketing Expert

This particular job under the digital marketing industry is all about marketing the content through various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. This involves gaining traffic and attention of the audience using the power of social media.

The aim of social media marketing is to drive customers to the business by producing content that is relevant, appealing and which grabs the attention of the users. This content will then be shared on the social media accounts of the company.

This job of social media marketing experts includes planning and goal setting and creating strategies that are useful. It also includes the development of brand awareness and management of content

5. SEO Specialist

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the many methods, strategies, and techniques to increase traffic on the website. The techniques of SEO are used to attract viewers and turn them into customers for the company.

The major part of these techniques is to ensure that the website and its content is placed at the top of the search results of the various search engines such as Google and more. These methods are used to affect the visibility of the website or a web page on the search engine.

The role of SEO experts is to perform keyword research to examine new opportunities and also to oversee the production of the relevant content according to the keywords.

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Final Thoughts

Digital Marketing is a very vast field and these jobs listed are a small part of this vast field.

It is an ever-growing and booming sector, thus there will be new job opening regularly in this field. Although there is no certification is required but it is mandatory to have in-depth knowledge of this field to survive and to grow.

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