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Clothing is a necessity of life and fashion adds style in it. It’s a billion-dollar industry now all over the world. But people still think that it’s something to do with glamorous women, clothes, and parties.

The fashion media industry is booming and yielding a good profit for the people associated with it. Since the past decade, the professional world of fashion has expanded more than the art of designing clothes.

Just like any other course studying fashion also involves discipline, high-stress levels, various assignment submissions and spending nights with a cup of coffee for next day presentation.

Today there are several fields in the fashion industry you can choose any of them as a bright career ahead.

But before picking any fashion course it’s advisable to recognize these few traits:

1. Your Interest and Goals

No doubt that you can find ample of career options in the fashion industry but first you should see that what is your interest and goal of life. You must ask yourself what you want to become in life?

Suppose if you are good at design and creative then you can opt for fashion designing and textile designing.

If you want to go for a technical course in the fashion industry then you can choose textile engineering, production engineering and so on.

2. Scope of a Course

Once you chose the course see its scope in the present and future market. Do thorough research over the internet; take the opinion from experts or your seniors about the course.

You can even attend the counselling sessions in different colleges so that you will be aware of the opportunities you can get after the completion of the course.

3. Fee Structure

Know about the total fee structure of the particular course you want to opt for. Then you can also compare the fee structure of different universities even check if international universities are also providing any affordable options which you can opt.

See if colleges on your list are providing any kind of scholarship as well.

4. Placement Opportunities

While opting for a university you should check the number of placement they have given to their students so far. You must inquire that they have tie-ups for placements with what type of companies.

You can also talk to the seniors in the university about the job opportunities for that particular course.

5. Drawbacks

You should also check and compare your selected course with other related courses to know that whether there is any kind of drawback. You must evaluate all the pros and cons of the course, university, and future aspects before you take the admission.

Never opt for the course just because your friends are joining it. See how much you are keen to establish yourself as a successful fashion professional.

Career Options in the Fashion Industry

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life”

Believe it or not almost any field of work in the world can be applied to fashion.

So to have a promising career in a fashion industry look to these best options which we have mentioned here:

1. Fashion Stylist

Fashion styling is an art to dress.

For this, you should be highly creative and imaginative. You must know how to play with colors and designs. So if you have an interest in that field then you can earn a big name and fame as a famous fashion stylist.

During the course, you learn about fabrics, designs, patterns, colors, styles and more. You’ll also learn about the different software which you can use for styling.

After completion of this course either you can join some clothing brand or you can land a gig as a personal stylist for a famous celebrity or else, you can start your own store as well.

2. Fashion Designer

One of the most obvious fashion career opportunities is to become a fashion designer. Once you start your course related to designing you come to learn about designing graphics, fabric, costumes, jewellery, and accessories.

You can reach pinnacle really fast in this industry if you’re ingenious and love to express your opinions and thoughts in your clothing.

You will get to know about the various designing software that helps you to bring your creativity flawlessly and impressively. So opt for designing only when you have the zeal to make people look good.

3. Fashion Production Engineer

Another seeming fashion career opportunity you can get in the fashion industry is the Fashion Production Engineer. During this course, you learn to engineer in the context of the fashion industry. You’ll also undergo some training projects to have live experience about the machinery which are used in the fashion industry for different purposes.

This degree opens many doors for you to enter into the fashion industry. You can easily join in big clothing manufacturing or fabric manufacturing companies to handle their machinery, tool, and equipment in the production department.

4. Merchandise Manager

The next fascinating career option in the fashion industry is of Merchandise Manager. The job responsibilities of Merchandise Managers are so vast.

Once you join the course related to merchandising you’ll get so many things to learn about the fashion industry. Many schools also offer degrees in fashion merchandising if you want to explore to field further.

You’ll come to know about the different ways to pick up the right fabric for various clothing, how to negotiate with fabric vendors, how to have a tie-up with accessories vendors and more.

This course will provide you with a lot more chances to get hired in top fashion houses or big merchandising companies.

5. Fashion Research and Development Manager

For Fashion Research and Development Manager you need to complete your masters in this filed. This involves research on different fabric and process innovation.

With the course related to research and development, you’ll be capable enough to find out new and better ways of producing fabrics and accessories from different resources.

You can even do your research work in various cutting-edge equipment and technology to make the production easier for the industry.

6. Sustainability Program Director

Sustainability and environment-friendly careers are relatively new in the fashion industry. This work involves taking production processes and turning them into sustainable workflows that help the environment.

For example, researching and finding other alternative fabrics from recycled materials to produce clothes.

You can even get the certification from the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) for career advancement in this field.

This career path is for you if you have an interest in fashion and also passionate about nature’s sustainability.

7. Proud Fashion Store Owner

This must be a dream of most of the fashion professionals that the world knows them for their own brands and names. So you can turn your dream into reality by opting for a course where you can learn about the management and technicalities used in the fashion industry.

If you are creative enough and have a fervour for designing then you can start your own clothing line with your name. You can even launch your fashion store which can be specialized in men’s formal wear, bridal wear; kids’ wear and so on.

So all the aspirants for a career in the fashion industry remember it is a journey of realizations depends on a person’s zeal and creativity.

Right from choreographing how the models will sashay down the catwalk to dressing up shop window or to becoming a buyer of local and international labels, all offering you a lucrative career in the fashion industry.   

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