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Are you a nurse or healthcare professional who has ever thought about working in another country?

For nursing in UK & Australia, this is a common occurrence. A quick search online returns hundreds of nurse agencies promoting working in either the UK or Australia to international travelers.

Ausmed put together the following infographic to address and answer some of the most frequently asked questions by a nurse who may be considering the big move.

We compared factors such as the national healthcare service, patient ratios, average yearly salary, nurses per capita, health expenditure, education level, average age and retirement age, continued professional development, and gender, as well as the overall world healthcare ranking.

The findings have been presented in this easy to follow infographic which aims to make the final decision easier for those nurses who have always wanted to work internationally.

As well as this, you may discover some interesting facts about the health service in your country.

Did you know that despite having the much larger population, the United Kingdom only has roughly 1.05 nurses for every 100 people, while Australia has 1.59?

Australia also has a greater health expenditure percentage of GDP.

For more information regarding the difference between nursing in UK & Australia, check out this infographic.

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