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As the growing number of people are making a committed effort to find their place in the online community, the rules are changing and the environment is becoming more competitive. In such a context, platforms like LinkedIn are starting to play an even bigger role in the global labor market.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn is a showcase that’s waiting to display your most precious merchandise – your unique personal skills. They are the main ambassadors of your own brand, which requires a carefully planned promotional campaign on LinkedIn.

1. Invitation-Generating Imagery

Your profile picture will largely determine your online business potentials on LinkedIn. This initial stage of self-promotion on this platform has to comply with your entire profile, meaning that it needs to follow the qualities you’ve cited below it.

Make sure your facial expression emits inexhaustible energy, as well as business approachability and reliability. So, it’s clear that a selfie is not an option here since the only thing it would radiate is laziness.

Moreover, follow these additional guidelines to make a serious business statement through a profile picture. The same should be applied to your background photo, as well.

2. The Headline is Your Tagline

When a visitor is enticed by a profile image, they should be persuaded to go past the second checkpoint, which is the profile headline. This aspect should be perceived as your own personal slogan that defines what you do. Therefore, it should focus on the description of your current job position.

This field can host up to 120 characters, which is why you need a concise but striking line. Try thinking in a “twitter-ish” way for this purpose. What you need is to communicate a message that will successfully convey your knowledge and experience to your future business collaborators. This headline should sell your work skills the way “Just do it” sells Nike trainers.

3. A Pool of Profession-Related Keywords

Since you will have to write summaries and descriptions for different sections of the profile, repeat the major keywords related to your profession throughout the profile.

Finally, recruit a pool of profession-related keywords from the endorsements you receive from your clients and colleagues. It will contribute to a natural, organic rise of your LinkedIn profile in SERPs. As your profile becomes properly optimized altogether, your visibility will consequently grow, as well.

4. Connect Wisely and Relevantly

LinkedIn users often pack their profiles with irrelevant connections. This is undoubtedly a direct consequence of an unfocused and informal attitude they develop on Facebook.

Nevertheless, if you are keen on perfecting your brand positioning via LinkedIn, there’s no room for trivia on your profile. This means that you should connect only with people who suit your skills and ambitions.

So, don’t send invitations to people who are not relevant to your profession. Similarly, if an old friend from high school who works in a completely different field wants to connect, skip that invitation.

By keeping your LinkedIn appearance strictly formal and professional, you will increase your chances of becoming an acknowledged and well-connected specialist in your niche.

People seeking a job on the Internet need to completely change their perspective. To be more precise, you must eliminate that sense of entitlement and start thinking of yourself as a resource.

Therefore, your goal should be self-promotion that will convince employers Web-wide that you’re the right choice for their enterprise.

Your brand on LinkedIn can help you make that journey a life-changing experience.

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Emma Miller is a Sydney based writer with a degree in marketing. Interested in digital marketing, social media, start-ups and latest trends. She's a contributor at Bizzmark blog. Enjoys dramas, camping, geometry art, and jazz.

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