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In a job interview, robotic or generic answers don’t work anymore. You have to know exactly what you are saying, and you have to know how to tailor fit your personality and your skills to the needs of the business.

In order to prepare for your interview, you can’t just market yourself aimlessly. You have to know how to market yourself in a way that your interviewer will be impressed and will want to hire you. Here are 15 key general characterizations to describe yourself during a job interview.

10 General Ways To Describe Yourself

1. A Visionary

Being a visionary isn’t just for leaders. Being a visionary is all about knowing that the company or business has room for growth, and you’re willing to advance your career along with it. This means that you’re willing to go the extra mile for the business even if it means helping on the things out of your job description.

Employers love this trait, and it is one of the characteristics that can easily land a job.

2.  A Goal Oriented Individual

One other general trait that a lot of employers love would be a goal oriented mindset. Employers are especially attracted to employees that follow the common goal of the company or business which is to make it grow.

An employer will definitely help with the career goals of goal oriented people.

3.  A Team Player

One of the things that employers cannot stand is conflict in the office. Conflict leads to counterproductiveness and also wasted time. Conflicts are usually started because of two or more individuals who can’t seem to have an agreement are stubborn to stick with their decisions.

Making a business grow is all about teamwork; thus, it’s crucial that all employees are team players. If you project yourself as a team player, that’s extra points for you.

4. A Good Follower

Aside from being a good team player, an employee is also expected to be a good follower and knows how to take instructions well. Those who don’t know how to take instructions or don’t want to take instructions are usually shunned by employers, especially if the job requires strict orders.

5.  A Detailed and Organized Person

This trait would depend on what type of job you are applying for as not all career opportunities require an employee to be very organized or detailed (like marketing or advertising employees).

This characterization is good if you are applying for positions such as admin staff, accounting staff, finance staff, or even a managerial position.

6.  A Versatile Worker

Versatility and adaptability in work are extremely important because when things get down to the crunch, a fast thinking worker is what the office needs. Although it’s not really mandatory to be a versatile worker, it does give bonus points.

7.  A People Person

Once again, not every career opportunity needs this trait, especially in jobs that don’t require much interaction. However, if you are applying for a job that requires quite a bit of interaction (customer service jobs, marketing jobs, advertising jobs, public relations jobs, and sales jobs), then you’ll need to show that you are a people person.

8.  A Numbers Person

For jobs that require you to analyze a lot of numbers, such as data analysis, IT, engineering, marketing, finance, or accounting jobs, you have to be a number person who is quick in computing and interpreting figures. For these types of jobs, it’s good to describe yourself as a number person.

9.  A Responsible Worker

If you want your career to soar, then you have to be a responsible worker. Whatever you do at work, you have to take responsibility for it and don’t try to keep on blaming others. If an employer sees you as a responsible worker, then it will bring you closer to getting your job.

10.  A Creative Worker

Lastly, you have to be a creative worker. Creativity doesn’t necessarily mean thinking up artistic things that will be used for marketing purposes. Creative may also mean resourceful. Resourcefulness is a sought-after trait in employees, especially for businesses that are new and have limited resources.

An employee that can think up of creative ways to make operations more efficient will give you some points.

5 I Am’s That You Can Tell Your Employer

1. I am someone who is after career growth

In general, employers would love to help their employees grow as long as the employees are willing to grow. This phrase will immediately give the employers the impression that you are after growth and is willing to learn how to grow.

2. I am a workaholic

If the interviewer asks you what your biggest weakness is, you can say that you are a workaholic or in other words, you can’t stop working until you’re done with your tasks. While it may seem like a weakness, you are actually trying to market yourself by masking a positive trait as a weakness.

3. I am someone who loves to learn

People who love to learn are really coveted by employers because these are the people who will gain knowledge fast and will be an asset to the company. This is definitely something that you should say.

4. I am a person with integrity

Integrity is extremely important to an employer because it will show whether or not you will betray the company or not. No one is going to hire someone who they think will pull a fast one over them.

5. I am experienced in…. 

Lastly, employers are always looking for work experience. Forgetting to mention about your school achievements and your grades because work experience will trump all of that. If you want to really attract an employer, then you have to note that you are experienced in certain fields that you think can help the company.

With these answers, you will definitely get an edge in snagging the job. One very important thing to remember is that 50% of the interview is what you say while the other 50% is about how you say it. If you want a 100% success rate in your interview, then you need to perfect both of these aspects. These tips will help you with that.

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