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You will agree with me that searching for a job is not an easy task. The situation may be worse if you receive several rejections. You need a few things that should assist you to stay motivated during the job hunt. There is no need to give up along the way as you may get discouraged when you are nearly succeeding.

This article presents 5 ways to stay motivated during the job hunt and dealing with rejection.

1. Think Positive

The way you think defines who you are. One thing that should guide your job hunting should be a positive attitude. Always look at yourself as a winner.

You should never allow the current state to define your thinking. As you search for a new job, make sure you are thinking like a person who already has the job.

You need to note that the way you think may affect how you handle any interview that comes your way. You may present yourself to be so frustrated before the panel that is interviewing you.

Negative thoughts may also make the panel to view you as a pessimist. The advantage of thinking positive is that it will give you the confidence to face the panel.

Positive thinking also gives you hope. You may get some rejections but a positive attitude keeps you going. It will always tell you to try again since it is not the end of the world.

Positive thinking will assist you to overcome any frustrations that come your way. As a job seeker, make sure you replace any negative thoughts with positive ones.

2. Get Real

There are three attributes that any human being can possess. These encompass being pessimistic, optimistic, or realistic. Being pessimistic may make you look down upon yourself.

Optimism is good but it may take you to overestimate your potential. When you don’t achieve targets that are overambitious, you may end up getting discouraged and giving up.

The best attitude for a genuine job seeker is being realistic. Make sure you set targets that are realistic. Don’t start searching for jobs that need the experience you don’t have. If you are entering the market for the first time, make sure you search for entry-level jobs.

Also set salary expectations that are realistic at that point in time. Understand the rates in the market and quote them during the interviews. If you are a skilled person, look for a job that perfectly matches your skill. What this statement means is that you should be realistic with yourself. You don’t need to set very low or very high targets.

You may sometimes begin with a lower job just to gain experience. You should not be so rigid with what you want in life. You will discover that some of these things come as you gain more experience. Being realistic means starting with what comes to your way and growing from there slowly.

3. Associate With the Right People

This statement reminds me of an old saying that states that “shows me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” You cannot be moving around with doctors when you are looking for a job as a chef. You should learn to associate with people who have an inclination for your career.

This does not imply that you don’t associate with other people. All we are saying is that associate more with people who can link you to greater openings.

Another thing is that you need to associate with people who are positive thinkers. Stay close to people who can encourage you. You should try your level best to associate with negative thinkers.

Look at the career journey of your friends and associate with those people whom you can learn something from their life. You may come across friends who draw away energy from you.

When you get a rejection what does your close friend tell you? Use such instances to gauge the kind of friends you have. Make sure you associate with people who give you hope to forge ahead. You will go far in your job hunting if you associate with the right people.

4. Have Some Time for Fun

Never be so serious about your job search until you forget about your leisure. Having some fun will remove some frustrations especially during rejections. Make sure you get some time and do what you like doing most.

As a job seeker, you may not have money for big retreats. However, you can give yourself some nice treats. Sometimes you may not even need cash like playing some football with friends. You may also go out for coffee as it does not cost much.

However, giving yourself some good treats is also advisable. The aim of having fun is to divert your attention from the current state. The fun will assist you to find life worth living even if you are jobless.

5. Read Inspirational Books

There are several inspirational books in the library. You may decide to purchase one or even borrow from friends. If you are a believer, you can find very inspirational verses from the Holy books. Make sure you read a verse or text in the morning to drive you throughout the day.

These inspirational texts serve as a driving force in your life. They will always speak positive things in your mind and give you the hope to face tomorrow. You can mix these motivational books with some interview tips.

Watching inspirational videos is another great way of dealing with rejection after the interview. Several people have been where you are and you can learn from their experience. You will discover that your beginning is far much better off than a person who is advising you. Feed your mind with such content and you will find yourself moving further.


In conclusion, there are several ways of making sure that you don’t get discouraged as you look for a job. These include reading inspirational materials, having fun, associating with the right people, being realistic and thinking positive. You can still find more tips on how to deal with rejections and stay motivated during a job hunt.

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