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Most people feel judged and vilified at their workplace. Sometimes this is run by their imagination and grudges they have against their bosses, but in some cases, their bosses are incompetent and they have every right to complain.

We all know that a true boss motivates their employees instead of controlling their every step, but the fact is that many managers are not great leaders.

Several signs can point out an incompetent manager, including:

  • Being out of touch managers who don’t realize burning problems and issues means that they have lost track of their work and that they don’t understand the business they are running;
  • Blocking the team’s energy and development  Incompetent and toxic boss will often install new and restrictive rules that slow down the team’s development and suppress its productive energy;
  • Doing your job instead of his/her own Managers often don’t believe their subordinates and try to do or check even the most simple tasks they are assigned to. This way they are forgetting to do their job, which drastically slows down work in the whole department;
  • Don’t have any creative ideas  Good Managers are innovative and incompetent ones wouldn’t recognize a good idea, even if it hits them in the head;
  • Being control freaks  Bosses who want to know your every move and who spend more time on controlling their subordinates, then planning and applying strategies.

How to Deal with These People?

The sole realization that your boss is incompetent wouldn’t change anything, so you need to develop a strategy that will help you to mitigate the consequences of your Manager’s poor performance. Remember that incompetent leadership makes you lose precious time and energy, blocks your career development, and sometimes even gets you fired.

Incompetent leaders take on their workers to compensate for their insecurity. In most cases, they are ruffles bosses who treat all of their subordinates (from top experts to those who work for minimum wage) very badly. That’s why we decided to share several useful tips that will help you to deal with an incompetent boss in the right way.

1. Cautiously Act as an Informal Leader

The incompetent boss can allow you to upgrade your career. If you think you are capable of doing his/her job, you can start informally leading the team and motivating them to achieve better work results. You need to do this cautiously because you shouldn’t hurt your boss’s authority in any way. Most of your peers will recognize your informal leadership if you are confident enough and this solution can earn you a lot of extra points from upper management.

2. Help Your Boss on the Most Critical Issues

You should cooperate with your colleagues to determine the most critical issues of your boss’s governing. Then you should select one person your boss trusts the most, who will try to give him/her a new perspective and teach him/her how to manage their team more efficiently.

3. Find a Mentor Outside the Department

One of the worst consequences of bad management is that your career and knowledge are deteriorating with every new workday. To keep yourself on success track and improve your professional skills, you need to find a mentor outside your department. Choose an important business persona, who is going places, and whose judgment you believe.

4. Leave the Company

Most people will consider this as an easy way out, but since the corporate environment is a very sturdy structure, sometimes you won’t be able to change much and the only thing you can do in these situations is to leave the company and find work at some other place. This way you will at least save your career.

There are lots of incompetent bosses in the corporate world. People who know how to get places, but don’t know how to do their job can be a huge pain in the neck for young and ambitious professionals. The most important thing in this situation is not to lose your head or get in any kind of confrontation with your superiors.

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Nate M. Vickery is a business consultant from Sydney, Australia. His fields of expertise are company management and efficient work environment through latest technology trends, as well as internet marketing. He is also an editor in chief at bizzmarkblog.com.

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