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Career is a very delicate subject in one’s life. One just doesn’t get enough chance of making mistakes and getting over them. Robust career growth doesn’t merely demand a thought out decision making. It requires being conscious about dos and not to do’s and a lot more.

Have you ever thought, why skilled people who have got enough talent and qualification to survive in the field, often end up being unemployed?

They don’t succeed in living up to their potential just because they don’t know how to behave in the workplace. Such behavior doesn’t hint relationship management with colleagues, bosses, managers, and subordinates- it is more about dealing with someone in an unappropriated manner which is not suitable to someone’s rank or keeping relying on such unrealistic expectations.

Well, from decision making to relationship with colleagues, there is a whole lot of things that one needs to be careful about ensuring a successful career ahead.

So, here are six must avoid mistakes that can otherwise, ruin one’s career.

1. Being Disrespectful to Colleagues

Perhaps, the most worth caring thing in the workplace is one’s behavior with colleagues and subordinates. Playing down the co-workers or making them look if they are sub-ordinates, can prove very lethal for mutual bonding.

Such behavior can make a person lose support from colleagues. Showing derogatory attitude towards co-workers is like sowing seeds of grudge in their hearts and watering it daily.

Further, organizations where politics at the workplace is active, and it inevitably plays its part and impacts the staff, one must avoid making unnecessary enemies- this doesn’t mean compromising on principles and never saying a spade.

But, it is all about showing a casual attitude and not valuing the opinions of others.

2. Never Admitting Your Mistakes

A habit of never admitting your mistakes can lead to stagnancy in a career. It is another way of closing the doors for new opportunities. Realizing the errors is also one of the benefits of a personal development plan.

If you are stubborn and snooty enough not to understand what wrong you have committed, you are never going to learn new things. Consequently, you will never succeed in adapting them only to end up feeling left out.

Realizing your mistakes and trying never to repeat them is essential for getting away with stagnancy and moving ahead in life.

Further, not admitting the mistakes implies that you are shifting the burden of proof on someone who is not even involved in a situation.

Consequently, you might end up offending your coworkers and reducing your chances of staying longer in an organization.

3. Making Unnecessary Comparisons with Others

There are two reasons why you make unnecessary comparisons with your coworkers. The first one is that you don’t believe yourself enough and the second one is that you are not trusting yourself.

Keep in mind one thing; you are different from others. The decisions made by your coworkers are affected by their life choices or personal motives.

Further, don’t look at where your friends have reached or how your classmates are doing in their careers. Briefly, don’t let the peer pressure to slip near you. Everyone has his day, and yours is not that much far. Just trust your abilities and ask yourself where you want to be in life. What is your passion and how you want to achieve it?  

Don’t let your goals to be impacted by what others have achieved in life. Only, this way you can avoid unnecessary pressure and move ahead in your field in a cool and calm manner.

4. Shying from Learning Something New

The working environment of organizations never remains the same. It keeps on evolving dynamically. Hence, you need to understand and learn the ever-changing requirements. In other words, never remain stuck to the old ways of work or never let your skills to be outdated.

Otherwise, you will become incompatible with modern-day business practices. A good way of staying updated with what’s new is to have a close watch on seminars, webinars, conferences, and workshops that convey knowledge about the latest development in any field.

So, make sure you never miss what’s up, only this way you can avoid a tide of time from running over you.

5. Letting Others to Decide Your Path

So, you have plans and ideas that can take your organization to a higher level?

But, you are waiting for others to ask you? If so, then stop wasting your time and be active.

Speak your mind, share your ideas, and talk to your sincere seniors about what you want to be. Only this way you can make your dreams come true. Sticking to the routine and keeping on doing what you have been assigned is going to take you nowhere. So look for the ways to break your dormancy and let that seedling emerge out of the seed so that you can bring something new to the world.

But, the key to letting the world know what gems you have hidden in the chest is not waiting for others to ask them. Be proactive and how the world about your real capabilities.

6. Giving up

You never fail until you decide to give up. It doesn’t matter if the wind is blowing in your side or not. It all depends upon your ability to go against the odds and stay resilient.

If you have a passion for pursuing something and you want to achieve something in your life then don’t let obstacles bar you from making progress. Don’t lose heart or ever think of giving up. Only this way, you can come up to your expectations and achieve big in life.

Conclusion – Being successful in a career is a sensitive matter. One doesn’t merely fail for not possessing enough potential, skill, or talent.

In the long run, it is an inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances and a lack of necessary will to move forward that can cause a person to suffer a massive loss of career.

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John Elijah is a career development enthusiast who has special interest in different topics including university selection for higher education, job search strategies, and team work.

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