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To become successful in business, there are some rules that it seems like you should never deviate from. For example, a tried and trusted axiom that many businesses live by is “never change a winning formula”. If something has been working for you, why would you change anything? Like a sports professional on a powerful winning run, it can feel like doing anything differently would be asking for trouble, as though it might wash away the thing that has been making you successful all this time.

In truth, all of the old business maxims are not unlike a typical law or regulation, in that they apply broadly, but have certain caveats. So, just as speed limits do not always apply to emergency vehicles, some rules of business can be mostly adhered to, but you can make exceptions. And when it comes to not changing a winning formula, then there will be times when it makes sense to go against that grain.

Principally, when it comes to overhauling aspects of your business that are straining to keep up with the modern age; in other words, you need to change outdated tech from time to time.

1. Legacy Tech Can Be a Danger to Cybersecurity

Using the same machines and software in your business does mean you don’t have to spend time adjusting to a new setup, and it is understandable when people prefer to stick by that which is trusted. However, hackers will always find it easier to exploit weaknesses in old tech, and keeping your existing tech infrastructure merely because it is familiar is a risk. Any business will have a lot of sensitive data on its servers, and the likes of the Azure database migration service will ensure that it is always stored in the most secure way. Nobody wants to experience the kind of data breach that becomes headline news on a regular basis.

You don’t need to overhaul the network in your business every few months; every couple of years will be more than fine. But you should consider upgrades whenever your business goes through a major change, such as moving to new premises or adding more employees. The overall sense of change there renders you vulnerable enough, so if there is a way to make things safer, it should be leaped upon.

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1. Legacy Tech Leads to More Downtime

Simply through the ravages of age, old tech is more likely to break down than new – because of course, it is. But more to the point, the expectations and demands of modern business mean that you will be trying to run software and applications designed for 2020 and beyond on a machine that may have been designed for 2016. This will have a lagging effect on an older machine, and it makes it more likely that you will see crashes on your work PCs – adding downtime you can ill afford.

Some of the more cautious business owners make the point that replacing hardware costs money, and they are obviously correct in saying so. However, the counterpoint to that is that there comes a time when not replacing hardware will cost even more. It is essential to make updates and upgrades before that time comes because if you are replacing your tech in response to a crash, you’re already too late. 

3. Legacy Tech Means You’re Standing Still as Your Competitors Level Up

Modernizing your business isn’t something you do just because you can afford it – it is something you need to do if you are to continue operating as a business. The strength of online applications and the innovation they make possible keeps growing every day.

The one catch to this is that you’re going to need the right machines and infrastructure to run them on; a lot of information passes through software like eCommerce CMSs, and if your servers aren’t ready for it, your system will be overloaded and unable to cope. 

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There are opportunities out there for your business to operate at a higher level with a minimum of stress on your part. What is required of you, in order to make this happen, is to make sure you’re in a position to take advantage of those opportunities. Outdated tech is the single biggest threat to you being in that position.

Embracing the future is vital in business; take the chance to audit the tech in yours and update where necessary. It may present costs to you initially, but in the long run, it will pay off in a big way.

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