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When you were a student, you’ve probably already been told that CV’s are important. Whether you’re at the start, middle or end of your career, potential employers will almost always ask to see them. So it is not a secret that CV is your first step to grownup life because it is your way to get the first job of your dreams after graduation.

The CV should represent all your skills, experiences, abilities, and many other things. Moreover, it has to represent you fully and show how good you are and what makes you an outstanding worker.

If you are a graduate, who does not want to write a CV wrong, then this article is worth reading. Now you can forget about a college essay writing service because you are not a college student anymore, now you are a graduate!

Here are some tips that can help you to write the best CV and find your first dream job after graduation:

1. Things to Include

Write the most impressive information about you. For example, include some information about your degree (do not forget to mention the name of your university) and write about the internships you had. Do not be afraid to praise yourself. Nobody would know anything about you before you would tell it. Therefore, do not hide your skills because you have to be set apart from your competitors.

Make a technical skills section to show that you can work in Word, Excel and other software programs. All the recruiters are interested in workers, who know computers like the palm of the hand.

Include the grades from your A-level or the university studies to show the recruiters that you have nothing to hide.

Be honest – Do not lie because you have a big chance of being caught out when you will be at the interview stage.

2. Appropriate Order

Put the most important aspects on the first page of your CV to catch the attention.

Here is an example of how to order all the information about yourself in the CV:

Consider filling in all the sections with as detailed information as it can be.

List your previous work placements in chronological order, starting with the most recent one.

Additionally, here is a list of key personal qualities and skills that the recruiters usually want to see in the people they hire:

3. Length

We always know this formula: “As simple, as better”. So you shouldn’t have to make your CV long as a novel. You have to make your CV about two pages long. Do not make it too short (not to seem to be inexperienced) and too long (not to appear verbose).

4. Formatting

The font and its size have to be same almost all along with your CV. If you want to capitalize on some headings and key phrases, you are more than welcome to do so. However, do not forget to do it throughout your CV.

Make short bullet points

Check the spacing. If you are not good at designing, ask a friend to check your CV for formatting.

Your CV is the only thing that can tell about you therefore always remember how important it is. Do not construct it in a hurry and spend enough time to make it a perfect one for your first job after graduation. In addition, remember you are your CV has to tailored specifically towards each job you want to apply for.

Good luck!


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Lisa Griffin is an American journalist, blogger and freelance writer at EduBirdie known all over the world. In her 37 years old, she has published more than 13 books in the psychological field.  Lisa visited more than 27 countries, and she shares these multicultural stories and cross-cultural experience with her readers in her books ’13 Jigsaws’ and ‘One morning in Liverpool”. Last year Lisa became a Founder of Griffin’s Studio, where she teaches how to write properly.

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