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Before we discuss creating an impressive customer success manager resume, have you ever heard of a business that grew without customer success?

No, right. 

Behind the success of any business are customer success teams led by able customer success managers. 

But Who Is a Customer Success Manager?

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) is a team player whose main job is to ensure that strong customer relationship teams are built, grown, and established. He or she is the person responsible for bridging the gap between field sales and customer-facing teams. 

Think of the role as the main person responsible for customer satisfaction and customer happiness. 

For customer success managers, the main idea is to ensure customers face no delay in product adoption, understand how to use the service, face no login issues, and ensure effective complaint redressal. 

For such a critical role, the right hiring is important. Especially for B2B SaaS companies, strong customer relationship teams are vital. There are many customer-related challenges within organizations and for handling these complex issues, the right skill set is required. 

7 Skills/Qualities Required for a Customer Success Manager 

  • The right product or service knowledge. 
  • Technical capabilities .
  • Patience. 
  • Risk-taking abilities.
  • Clear communication.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Responsiveness.

And it is these skills or qualities that hiring managers investigate while shortlisting a customer success manager resume. While the right manager is important for any organization, a resume that depicts the same is important. 

In this blog post, you will learn the best way to create an effective customer success manager resume. Here are the contents of the post: 

  • Basic Information
  • Work Experience 
  • Skills Segment(a+b+c)
  • Achievements Avenue
  • Tips to make your resume stand out

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Basic Information 

To create any great resume, it is desirable to incorporate a chronological structure to it. No one wants to read about irrelevant info, cut it out. Include whatever roles and responsibilities make maximum sense with the role and previous work history.

A customer success manager’s resume needs to incorporate education, professional competencies, work history, and the right personal information. Keep only critically important information such as name, email address, city, contact number, and designation. 

Unnecessary information like pin code, street name, spousal information, etc can refrain. Also, make sure your email address looks professional. 

Do not give information like sexual preferences, religious choices, or any mark that can come off as unprofessional from a job perspective. 

Work Experience 

A hiring person has just 30 minutes to decide whether or not they want to proceed. In that case, you must keep it interesting, factually correct, and incorporate the right requirements.

Let’s say, you worked as a customer support representative before and grew to be a manager or aspire to be one. You can mention how from troubleshooting issues as a customer support representative, you grew to be a customer success manager capable of predicting these problems. 

List the qualifications that support your application. Create your work section of the resume with three points in mind:

  • Relevance.
  • Accuracy.
  • Result.

Relevance is important to make a mark. Unnecessary elevations to your persona on work experience can be quite a disaster. You may have worked in a cricket club when you were younger, but the relevance for the position you are applying for must be gauged. 

Accuracy means showing the right information. It is okay to have gaps in your career. Be truthful about it. When it comes to verification, not many organizations take fake work experience easily. 

Results achieved in the work done by you is also an important way. Let’s assume as a customer success officer you prevented churn, reference it. Mention previous client retention rates and current ones to depict the impact of your work. That is what recruiters want to see. 

 Use power verbs like ‘increased,’ ‘initiated,’ ‘improved’ or ‘resolved’ to amplify the results produced in an effective manner. 

Skills Segment for Customer Success Manager Resume

When listing out skills on your resume, you must be honest. Be truthful about the level of ability or experience in the skills that you mention. You also need to know some important tools as a customer success manager. 

Some of them include:

  • Tools that help you assess customer churn like SmartKarrot.
  • Apps that analyze MRR, LTV, etc.
  • Communication tools.
  • Search engine tools like SEMRush.

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1. Job skills 

It is important for customer success managers to have prior experience in some skills and duties like developing and overseeing client portfolios, resolving customer complaints, analyzing customer data, product demonstration experience, mediation knowledge, and tactics to reduce churn. Innovating in customer experience is another highly sought-after skill as most companies look for this while hiring customer success managers. 

2. Soft Skills 

Soft skills are the new necessity. Communication, interpersonal relations, time-management, and networking are essential to make someone more successful in any workplace. While technical, job-specific skills are important, soft skills or non-cognitive skills are crucial for any customer-centric job. 

3. Managerial Skills

Jobs like customer success managers require very adaptable solutions to complex problems. This means managerial expertise and skill are a priority to be able to rightly provide customer success. To understand and solve customer pain points in the best manner possible, managerial skills like critical thinking, conflict resolution, work ethics, positivity, and motivation. 

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4. Achievements Avenue

Do not present your achievements in your customer success manager’s resume. You may have swept the world off previously but keep it simple. As a customer success manager, you may have worked well to resolve company issues with respect to customer requirements and processes.

Keep that in mind and put your achievements in front. Make sure you quantify the achievements. For example- Reduced customer churn rate by x% would be a great idea for mentioning your achievements.

If you went beyond and above company duties, contributed to product enhancements, closed consumer-product gaps, made a mark put it up on your resume and this will fetch good results in the hiring front. 

Beef up your resume with recommendations on social platforms. Put your award list there with words implying your tremendous efforts such as recognized for or elected to. This will show how strong how a team player you have been and the potential as a leader. 

Mention interesting collaborations with influencers, thought leaders, to draw a parallel between their body of work and its influence on you. 

4 Tips to Make Your Customer Success Manager Resume Stand Out 

1. Presentation is Priority 

The presentation of the resume is the most important aspect. It is necessary to put your skillset forward in a clear, easy to understand manner. When you make your presentation better, it gets easy for the hiring manager to sift through information. Using bullet points, tables, clear headings, etc can make it easier to get hired. 

Emphasize on the headings to show importance. In case you want to highlight something, make it shine. Clear margin space is also important to ensure there is less clutter on the page. 

Clear demarcations between important sections such as professional competencies, key achievements, details, etc. are heavily essential. If the resume does not look good, there is a huge chance of being rejected. 

Multiple fonts, various styles, bad spellings are big reasons why customer success manager resumes get rejected — and by extension, anyone looking for a job or opportunity. 

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2. Formatting

It is always crazy to see ill-formatted content. Think of a page where you need to look at 7 different places to get a complete idea about anything. It is quite frustrating for a reader. A hiring manager goes through a huge number of resumes and it is obviously known that a well-formatted text always stands out. 

Using decorative fancy borders, various fonts, can deter the overall resume impact and leave the hiring manager confused. A lot of sparsely put content can make the resume look cluttered and present a negative image to any recruiter. 

Resumes are often considered a direct reflection of your work ethics and a shabby resume just put that on paper. So being very careful is important in that aspect. They may not even look at your skill set and achievements if it presents a bad image throughout. 

3. Language

It is important to use direct, professional language. The formal business language that will help the reader understand your achievements is important. Keeping the resume clear, with crisp notations, concise language and notations are necessary.

Proofreading your content or getting it done by an expert is also important. Using popular, urban language can present a terrible view of a hiring manager. Using active voice can also help make it seem relevant. Stick to a single tense. Do not mess up tenses to create a hotch of information. 

Keep the jargon limited. Do not use unexplained abbreviations. Something like MRR may not be known to a hiring manager. Mentioning the name of a certain skill can be important. 

4. Fact Check 

Equally important is truth in the information presented to the hiring manager. Do not over-claim actions or results you did not do. Do not put any false information. 

If you were not part of a certain customer success program, there is no need to put it and add as your efforts. In client-facing roles especially, it is important to be truthful to the hiring managers. If you display information that is not true, it may either be verified if you are selected or expected of you once you join. 

Tips to make Resume stand out:

  • Meet the requirements of the hiring manager. Do not put everything you have done. Be specific. Review the job posting, check the company website, understand the culture of the company. Research keywords, look at founder info, determine what to include, and why. 
  • Tailor it according to the job you are applying for. You cannot put irrelevant info here. Add certifications, online courses, jobs, internships, and the like if they are related to the designation you are applying for. 
  • Do not write boring summaries of job roles. Keep your summary short up to four lines. Mention relevant experience, skills, objectives, and what you can bring on the table to make the company grow. 
  • Cover letters are important. Having a simple cover letter is a great way to stand out. Making sure the content, design, information, details, and overall feel of the letter is cohesive and well-spun is important. 
  • Fonts are fun, no doubt. But keeping the right ones for your resume is important. Stick to Calibri, Georgia, or Times New Roman. Also, choose a font size of 12 so that it is appropriate enough for the hiring manager to understand your body of work. 
  • Hobbies are what we all have and love. But despite that, sticking to the right ones is important. You cannot make a list of all your hobbies and jot them on your resume. It can be the ones you like best. Or if you have an interesting hobby like say, blind chess, put that up. 
  • Social media profiles can also be a great way. If you have interacted with customers on a regular basis, some customer success managers develop a positive relationship with them. Testimonials from their end can be really helpful to get the right idea for a hiring manager. 

Final Thoughts: Communicate your Customer Success Story

Keeping the core responsibilities of a customer success manager in mind is important while building a stellar resume. Adding your key competencies, relationships, associations, certifications, customer success recognition, and even testimonials are all a great way to get the job you want. 

Communicate your story. Go beyond the basics of an information folder. Put the right information on specific accomplishments, skills, online courses, and more. Include keywords from the job description to instantly catch the hiring manager’s attention. Hyperlinking to your LinkedIn portfolio, keeping it legible, monochrome are also important ways to make your customer success manager resume shine. 

Use metrics to impress the recruiter so that they see your value with respect to the company. When you send a resume with plain text and no figures, the hiring manager will find it difficult to quantitatively assess your capabilities and abilities. A good resume will also be free of any inconsistent errors and grammatical typos.

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Niyathi Rao is a content creating specialist at Smartkarrot Inc., a customer success platform. She worked for Univariety and OpenText previously. She majorly writes for SaaS tech products. She is a bibliophile and listens to podcasts and music when she isn’t doing any of these.

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