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Free career help and advice is precious and essential, but it is hard to come by. Cultivated Culture is trying to close that gap. 

One of the free tools they have on their website is a 100% free resume builder open for everyone. 

This extensive (and unbiased) Cultivated Culture Resume Builder Review will discuss the experience of creating a resume using their website, support options, reviews, and other information about the website. 

Let’s get started.

About Cultivated Culture 

Cultivated Culture is an entire website dedicated to career management and enhancement tools and advice. It was founded in 2016 by Austin Belcak, a biology graduate with a minor in entrepreneurship. 

Austin said his website’s goal is to give people free access to the best resume templates so they can focus on landing jobs that they deserve.

“This tool and these resume templates are 100% free. There are no hidden costs, subscription fees, or anything like that — and there never will be,” 

According to Belcak, their resume templates incorporate thousands of data points from real recruiters and hiring managers at the world’s best companies that worked with Cultivated Culture to design templates that would help people “get past the resume scanning robots and beat out the competition.”

Belcak said after graduating with his biology degree, he became in debt and miserable. And then he became “obsessed” with the question: “What did these people do differently to be chosen by the top companies in the world?”

“I spent over 2 years gathering as much data as I possibly could on the individuals whose salaries were in the top 1% of their age group (and, frequently, the 1% of the entire population) and who worked for the best companies in the world.” And that’s when he created Cultivated Culture. 

Building Your Resume on Cultivated Culture

Cultivated Culture’s website has a crisp white background with black text and red and blue buttons, making it eye-catching. The main page of their website also features a photo of their founder, Austin Belcak

To start building a resume, click on the “Free Tools tab on the website’s header. It will open Cultivated Culture’s Free Tools Page. 

Getting Started - Cultivated Culture Resume Builder

Cultivated Culture’s “Free Tools” page contains a full explanation of how Belcak decided to offer these features for free on their website. Scroll down, and you will see the selection of tools available for use. 

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder Tools

Cultivated Culture Tools

Once you scroll the page down, you will see four tool choices on their website: 

  • Free Resume Builder.
  • Mailscoop.io Email Finder.
  • ResyMatch.io Resume Scanner.
  • ResyBullet.io Bullet Analyzer. 

Click on the “Start Building” button under the Free Resume Builder choice to start with your resume. 

Cultivated Culture - Start Your Resume

Cultivated Culture will ask you to pick a color scheme for your resume. You can choose from the seven readily available colors or click on the multi-colored circle to view other color choices. 

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder Colors

Once you have picked a color, you will be directed to an editing page to fill out the information needed. A preview of what your resume looks like is displayed while typing in information. 

There are six default sections for their resume builder:

  • Personal Info.
  • Objective.
  • Experience.
  • Education.
  • Skills.
  • Interests.

You may add or remove sections as you go along. 

Cultivated Culture Save Button

The first group of information they will ask is about your personal information, where you need to fill out your complete name and contact details. 

Contact Details Option

Second, they will ask about your objectives. Indicate the position you are applying for. 

Resume Details

Next, put in your experience.

Here you will have to indicate your company name, position in that company, how long you worked for in that position, and a description of your experience in that company. You put in multiple companies for your experience. 

Fourth, you are going to give the details of your educational background

Fill in the name of your school, your degree, the timeline of your education, and a short description of what you studied. 

Resume Builder Edit Option

Next, you will put in the skills you have relevant for the position you are applying for.

For the “Skills” section, put in the name of your skill and rate how proficient you are.

Add Details in Cultivated Culture Resume

Lastly, list your interests

Resume Interests - Cultivated Culture Resume Builder

Note: To remove sections, click the red “Remove this section” at the details portion’s upper right corner. 

Edit Details - Resume Builder

From this page, you can also change your resume’s color scheme by clicking the “Edit Color” button on the lower left-hand side of the page. 

Left Hand Side - Resume Builder

Edit Theme Color - Cultivated Culture Resume Builder

Once you are done, click “finalize” to make final edits to your resume. You may click the finalize button on the left side or the right side. Both will lead you to an editing page where you can put final edits to your resume. 

Finzalize Option - Cultivated Culture Resume Builder

Clicking the “Finalize” button will lead you to another editing page. Here you can make final edits like selecting from the available fonts, changing font sizes, adjusting line spacing, and indicating horizontal and vertical margins. 

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder Save

Once you are satisfied with your resume’s look, you may click the “Download” button at the top of the page or just readily choose the blue tab at the rightmost side of the page in which format you want to download your resume. 

Download Option Cultivated Culture Resume Builder

Once you have chosen the format, you will be asked to sign up if you do not have an account yet to get the final copy of the resume you built. 

Setting up Your Cultivated Culture Account

Since their tools are free, setting up your Cultivated Culture account is easy. You only need to put in your name and email address. 

After you click the “download” button and the desired format for your resume, Cultivated Culture will automatically prompt you to sign up with them. A message prompt will appear, asking you to fill in the details. 

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder Fill in the details

Once you sign up, you can automatically download your resume in all formats. 

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder Pricing

Cultivated Culture’s resume builder is 100% FREE.

They did not ask for any billing information in the process of downloading various formats of the resume. 

Cultivated Culture Support

Cultivated Culture’s feedback system is also very accessible on its website. You can lodge your complaint, comment, or query in various ways. 

First, through the “Feedback” button on the side of the website. Clicking it will allow you to rate the website’s performance and send a message to them via the provided box with the link. 

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder Feedback

Feedback Option - Resume Builder

You can also click the “Contact” button on the top ledge of the landing page. This will lead you to a contact form you can fill out to put in your comments and complaints. 

Contact Button - Cultivated Culture Resume Builder

Contact Form Cultivated Culture Resume Builder

Third,  a pop-up window in the editor where you can also log in to your comments.

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder Login to Your Comments

Cultivated Culture Privacy Policy

The privacy policy was last updated in May 2018. 

To access their privacy policy, click on your profile at the top right-hand side of the page. 

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder

This will display a drop-down menu of the things you can see on their side. 

Privacy Policy Option Cultivated Culture Resume Builder

Among the choices is the privacy policy. Click on this to read their comprehensive explanation on how they use and protect your data. 

Here are some important points from their privacy policy statement. 

  • “As you navigate through my website, automatic data collection technologies like Google Analytics collect certain information about your equipment, browsing actions, and patterns. This will generally include information about your location, traffic pattern through my website, and any communications between your computer and my website. Among other things, I will collect data about the type of computer you use, your Internet connection, your IP address, your operating system, and your browser type.” 
  • “The information I collect automatically is used for statistical data and does not include personally identifiable information. I use this data to improve my website and service offerings. To the extent that you voluntarily provide personal information to me through opt-in forms, emails, comments, or other feedback, my systems will associate the automatically collected information with your personal information.”
  • “If you choose to correspond with me through email, we may retain the content of your email messages together with your email address and my responses. I provide the same protections for these electronic communications that we employ in the maintenance of information received online, mail, and telephone. This also applies when you register for my website, sign up through any of my forms using your email address or make a purchase on this site.”

Cultivated Culture Resume Builder Reviews

There are no third-party reviews for cultivated culture’s resume builder in particular, partly because it is just a part of the whole career advice site. 

The Pros of Using Cultivated Culture

1. Cultivated Culture’s Website is an Excellent Resource. 

As you fill in your information to build your resume, Cultivate Culture puts invaluable pieces of advice and notices on top of each section. Here are some snippets of Cultivate Culture’s pockets of advice:

On top of the experience page:

 “Show your employer how awesome you are! This is your chance to illustrate your experience, skillset, and achievements. Remember, your resume should sell, not summarize. You want to make sure your value is crystal clear and relevant to what the hiring manager is looking for.”

On top of the education page:

“Share the degrees you’ve earned, schools you’ve attended, and the courses you’ve taken. Remember, learning doesn’t stop when you graduate. This is a great place to add in any courses you’ve taken or certifications you’ve earned in the professional world as well!”

It is a good addition and motivation as you go along your resume building journey.

They cover extensive resources, tips, and advice on the Cultivated Culture Blog

2. All Formats, All Free

Living up to its claim, Cultivated Culture’s resume tools are totally and completely 100% free. There is no fee when you sign up to save your resume.

It just gives you an account where you can save all your resumes and come back to them later for editing and changing. They also do not have special fonts, unique templates, or select colors that can only be unlocked by a paid, premium feature. 

The best thing here is that while other resume builders usually charge for downloads of various formats, Cultivate Culture lets you download the resume you created for free either in PDF, Word, Google Drive, or even all three of them. 

3. Useful Finalize Page

Their resume builder has a “Finalize” page that looks different from the entire editor builder. This is where you can change your fonts, choose a font size, adjust the line spacing and horizontal margins. 

It is useful because this page gives you a preview of how these changes will apply to your already-completed resume. All changes are also applied and adjusted uniformly into the entire document. 

4. Giving Back to the Community

Cultivated Culture said they are giving back 2% of their gross profits to three significant organizations each year:

Afterschool Alliance is an organization dedicated to keeping underprivileged kids safe and giving them educational opportunities and exposure to broaden their horizons.

Movember is an organization focused on preventing men from dying early, including male suicide. Cultivated Culture believes mental health is one of the most damaging and least spoken issues for men in our society.

The National Forest Foundation aims to help reforest the United States and the globe to help offset carbon emissions and stabilize habitats for the planet’s wildlife.

The Cons of Using Cultivated Culture

1. Can’t Rearrange Sections

Flexibility is the main weakness of Cultivated Culture’s resume builder. While its templates vary, it does not leave much of choice for the person using their builder.

Not all job applications are equal: some pay more attention to academic excellence, while some to skills or experiences. Cultivated Culture’s resume builder is set on how sections are to be arranged, e.g., which comes first and last. 

2. Limited to One Page Only, Limited Colors

Again, Cultivated Culture’s resume builder is not designed for flexibility as it is limited to one page only. There is also no notice if your information starts to use up more than one page.

What it will do is it will just cut it regardless if it is in the middle of the sentence or not. It also has limited colors to choose from, and you can only pick one color for the entire resume. Some people like to customize their resumes based on the colors of the company they are applying for, so this is not the program. 

3. No Third-Party Reviews

For some reason, all the reviews that can be found on Cultivated Culture are just within their website. Their Facebook page is also not updated, but their founder’s Instagram page is always refreshed. They are also not on websites like Trust Pilot and the like. 

Final Thoughts Should You Use Cultivated Culture to Build Your Resume?

Did it live up to its claim ofEverything you need to succeed, for free”?

Our verdict is: YES. 

Overall, Cultivated Culture lives up to its claim of having everything a job searcher needs for free. They did not charge or ask for billing details, nor do they have a “premium” option that offers broader and more tools if you choose to pay. All their services are free. 

We loved Cultivated Culture’s resume builder. Aside from being 100% free is its language of coaching you as you go along with your resume building and formatting. It does not only help you format your resume. It also guides you on how to frame the information that you have effectively. 

  • Cultivated Culture’s user interface Simple and easy to understand. The process of setting up is easy, too, since they don’t ask for any more than your name and your email address. Finally, a career page that gives back to the community is always a welcome move to make the world a better place.
  • Best extra feature Their resume scanner, which is used to see how your resume matches up with your target role with data-backed insights
  • Other extra features An email finder which is useful in finding anyone’s email address in seconds, for free. This can be used for looking up hiring managers, potential referrals, and other contacts. Another is their resume bullet analyzer, where you can learn to write effective resume bullets that grab attention, illustrate value, and get results through data-backed advice.
  • Cultivated Culture’s biggest downfall Lacks flexibility in formatting its resumes. Unlike other resume builders, Cultivated Culture does not have a feature where you can rearrange the sections or organize them based on what you think are your strengths. Also, while it is usually common knowledge that it is best to fit all the information of your resume into one page, Cultivated Culture’s resume builder restricts you from having the option of getting another page. 

Overall, Cultivated Culture is a no-fuss resume builder with all the features you need in a resume. It is for people looking for a quality resume builder that is completely and 100% free of charge. 

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