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“Mastering others is strength, but mastering yourself is True Power”, says Lao Tzu.

Choosing or making a career is the most important and crucial process of life.

Make sure that whatever you choose, it makes you feel confident, wanting failure and success. Once you mess with the actions, you don’t want to regret it throughout your life.

Above all, your limiting beliefs that you cling to, or drop to embrace, could make you less resilient and affect your conclusions.

Wanting to fix your mindset, brushing with having a career guide would be the best advice. 

Why Do Such Beliefs Gain Weight?

The answer is “Ask yourself first”.

The idea taught by the society, by peer groups, or by self-belief subconsciously limits your way of expansion, options, demotivating, and underrating your beauty potential and uncountable possibilities.

The day you come out of your box, understanding what career beliefs don’t owe you, will be the day you’ll convert right beliefs into real purpose.

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20 Crippling Beliefs That  Block You from Making a Successful Career Change

Some of the paralyzing effects are listed below that talented people carry ideas about considering a new career. It just holds us back.

1. Your Long Working Job Is Your Only Identity

It is typically true that the longer you’re exposed to a certain line of work you’re familiar with, the more you tend to be an expert in that field. But it doesn’t mean that job is meant for you unless it aligns with your values or motivates you.

Reminder   Your job is an identity that you have made for yourself, an alignment if you consider it. Work is something that motivates you to do.

2. Considering Yourself Unworthy

The feeling that most people imposed, of not being able to enjoy the time you’ve invested in the work. That time if you have invested in other activities, you must have enjoyed more.

Resilient and sorted people are satisfied with their work because they’ve gained clarity over their careers. You should also understand what steps you must take to build your career in the right way

3. Comparison

With the experienced amount of time that one has invested with work, it would not only initiate you to build multiple skills but also open up opportunities for promising work.

“Experience teaches you lessons to excellence.”

4. A Feeling of Change

Some of these feelings maybe because of the following:

  1. Financial level of needs or expectations Changing that brings damage to their careers, not feeling enough to have self-confidence or to pursue further.
  2. Wrapping with fear  that these changes would stop being in good terms and many more.
  3. Over strategizing beforehand  Taking a risk with your plan is an absolute okay sometimes.

5. Inferiority Complex

Having thoughts like:

  1. People will hire you only by judging your interests, skills, and character always.
  2. You pressurized yourself by thinking that you’re not working well enough for the company, so you’re not valued. And you need to push the bars.

Frustrated Man-Career Change

6. Assumptions

It’s amazing to witness the most experienced people still needing the want to find a perfect career for themselves.

With the exploration of an individual career, learning and acquiring new skills in each career only prepare you for the best future take ups.

So, believe in yourself taking up the rough-edged even if it doesn’t appear alright to you, a day will come for your triumph when you don’t give up learning or having curiosities.

7. A Job with a Good Salary Package Has No Problems

This is why choosing a career guide is important.

Every kind of job has a different perspective, and it may not be enjoyable with the job aspects.

For instance: Arthur is a rapper and dancer teacher as well, Arthur loves teaching students and breaking down into new concepts rap-culture and dance formations to get along better with the students. It’s an ideal job for Arthur.

However, in some unenjoyable parts, he might feel heavy such as arranging for events, taking tuitions, accounting, and some which fall under the job aspects. If he fails to do one of these aspects, he might lose his job.

So, learning to tackle the unenjoyable parts of the job will only help you load less and eventually, end up loving what you do. 

8. Perfect Job Never Feels Like Work

Well, it’s appropriate that loving a job never feels like forcing to work for. But it’s precautionary to remind oneself that, there are days that test your patience and limits. 

Some days will be beautiful, as opposed to those are some days that will limit your ethics and patience levels when handling a new member/client or a customer.

Every work has its own fat-profits, hurdles, and flaws. A job doesn’t always have to be fun.

Review, develop yourself on what makes you dreadful, or happy upon the impact of work you’re dealing with time.

When you feel satisfactorily happy with your job, that will be the day you found your ideal job.

9. Your Degree Values Stops You from Having a New Career

Loophole assumptions where everyone falls in the dungeon having this mindset.

How do you know when you never try?

A perfect example would be my friend. Her dream was to be a doctor and hold a degree in doctorate. During her college days, she managed to keep doing chemical research. After earning her degree, she followed for a different desired passion. Today, she’s happy and is one of the most successful manufacturers in producing chemicals and pretty beer.

Bottom line She had no idea about her moves but it worked out perfectly. Her overall skills and interest combined her to develop a successful career for herself.

Student Reading in Class-Career Change

10. Only Corporate Jobs Give You a Good Source of Income

Thinkings like this have always put traction in the last decades and it is uncommon that people consider to question themselves; whether corporate forms of jobs are really a good way of summing up fat money, a key focus to take by everyone.

Never fall into such belief-traps. Every job implies diverse roles to bring your goals of financial independence to light.

Highlight your best skills and limits, where this uniqueness can fit into the corporate role for a career change.

11. Your Salary Should Increase

Yes, feeling rich feels nice. Gaining money in increasing order feels great.

But, clinging upon the concept that every time you work, keeping high salary expectations could block your work value least meaningful. Less income isn’t pleasant, but it only prepares you for the good times when switching careers.

12. Should Keep up With My Colleagues

The idea of staying in lock-step with your peer group should be killed. Compete with no one but with yourself. You are your own competitor.

Yes, there are times when your comrades get higher promotion or ranking, and you can’t resist. Let go of your peer pressure. The corporate roof has an abundance role to offer, only if you’re clear about your measurements racing with your peers unless it’s a healthy one.

Sowing that idea, you’ll be in the shallow treadmill of your own beliefs for career change.

13. Rising Over Equals Failure

Nobody is a fan of going back, redoing the work from the beginning. Building from scratch feels inefficient, frustrating, depressing when you have invested a lot in that particular route.

Setting for a new career, a new set of working skills, comfortable, and being a novice again is the only key that will raise your foundation. Past experiences only add values. 

14. A Must Concept of What to Become In Your 20s

Being in your 20s, getting equipped with all the plans along with your worries is normal. But, firstly get some basic education on what interests you, research on it, and spend your time if you feel like you need to know more. 

Whatever opportunities open up, grab it. Each job will unfold a different recipe which you wouldn’t favour, but it’ll add a taste in your life later on.

Frustrated at Work-Career Change

15. Opting for a Change in a Career Means Failures in Other Careers

A false belief is better than no faith.

In life, different people have different points of view without reason. Sharp and productive persons are the ones who develop self-confidence, guts, take risks in life, tackle the hurdles, accepting the changes, and rejections. These are the people who continue to start an enthusiastic life with positivity, considering never to give up but work hard with patience.

They believe in making life happier and refuse to get trapped in careers that they don’t like at all.

These people believe in freedom of learning and expansion- “working smart and happy”.

 16. Unworthy or Incautious People Change Jobs Constantly

Human beings often end in conclusion judging from the outside. A closed mind has unravelling stories to open.

A type of person who is still exploring the realms and reality to his purpose in life, trying to fit and align with his decision, doing something different such as changing careers is one.

The day he fits into the correct place, he’ll excel.

As explained earlier above, no matter the tiny or large job you take up, always consider it with appreciation, they have a lesson to cover you to the best platform.

17. The Thought That You Already Have Learnt Everything

This belief needs to be broken. The secret to success is self-taught and self-discipline in that very area, that’s what I and many others stand.

Today’s accessibility to the internet has made everything, even information just in a blink of steps.

You can also consider enrolling for online colleges, setting your own educational program, conducting self-analysis on data, art, music, and more of your career desires. A blend of either formal classes with self-study.

 And, if you are procrastinating online college programs only because of the lack of funds, you must know that financial aid for online colleges is easily available these days for those that are struggling with finances.

The sky’s the limit when you ignite and master yourself for the uptake of careers.

18. Printing in Your Mind That Perfect Jobs Exist for You That Is Perfect for You

Do you try the idea of coming up with your dream job and try career change? 

Your dream job might be contributing to society. The perfect kind of job can only be created if you envision to master yourself. The day you fit your job, is the day you’ll fill the void. The perfect job is the work that expands your strengths and weaknesses, that only leaps towards success.

19. Wanting to Access Something While Following Your Passion

One of the most difficult things in life is getting a good salary package yet remaining unhappy! 

“If you see life as a learning experience, you’ll turn any negative into positive”. So why be afraid to keep falling and rising! 

Find out, look inside yourself, what was it all about you wanting to do since very young and juvenile. Is your work an aim to help others in some ways? 

A soldier always protects the country over their lives. A comedian’s desire to spread smiles on people’s faces by taking over entertainments.

Why? This is their purpose. Similarly, when you meet your purpose, it is the day you reason to journey. And, passion is the fire that will light your way.

From Victim to Victory 

Your purpose of career change is greater than your challenges or crippling concepts/theories. In life, one must learn to extract learning and put that knowledge to fuel up your purpose. Rule over your counteracting thoughts that grips the freedom of careers.

My beliefs held my boundaries with the actions I took. It limits you, empowers you, directing a decline door of opportunities.

Keep pushing, waking up to remind you that Today is the Day. The worst dies when the best begins. Best wishes for your career change! 

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Nchum Felicita is a financial expert writer at The College Monk who appreciates writing. His aim is to create easy guidelines towards exercising financial extensions, helping young dreams acquire solutions in the coming days without economical constraints.

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