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If you’re a person who likes to study all things trending, then coworking spaces should be on your radar. Coworking spaces are areas where individuals working independently or collaboratively get to work in a shared office space.

Gone are the days of freelancers and consultants trying to fit in the coffee shop or settling in their own homes. Below are the different intangible things you can get if you decide to be in a coworking space:

1. More Control over Your Job

Since most coworking spaces are open 24/7, individuals control their own time. They can put in more hours in the space when they have a deadline to catch or slowly phase themselves during downtime with work.

Although these individuals are completely autonomous, individuals belonging to a coworking space community give them a structure and organization.

2. Appreciate Your Work

Individuals who work in coworking spaces can describe and identify their outputs because different fields and industries are in the co-working space and the possibility of having direct competition and a person who does the same tasks as you is very little. They can bring out their work identity and seem to think that their work stands out from everyone else’s.

Moreover, having a unique skillset allows you to share this knowledge with other people in the coworking space community. It then changes their perspective from simply going to work to become a part of a social community that permits camaraderie and teamwork.

3. Save Time

About the previous point, you can save your precious time through the coworking spaces’ “accelerated serendipity.” Whenever you face a specific problem in your work, one or two people in the area could help you right away.

First, it doesn’t cost you with the little or huge assistance you need because of the coworking space community. And second, the time spent looking for help outside can be reduced or cut off completely.

In your spare time, you can freely learn the processes, apps, and practices of the other individuals who you share the coworking space with. It provides a thriving community that grows every single day.

4. Find the Right People

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces provide extra support in any way that working at home or in a coffee shop cannot provide. There’s a built-in support system inside the space, and you’ll know that they understand your wins and struggles day in and day out because you have the same mindset as them.

The potential of meeting your next big investor or future business partner could just be inside the confines of the coworking space.

5. Improve the Local Economy

In the future, it is predicted that a lot of jobs will transition to independent management. It means that freelancing will improve as a career. According to a study by Intuit, 40% of the American workforce or 60 million people might be freelancers, contractors, or temp workers.

So, you and the individuals who are in the coworking space are a part of the economy in the future. Well, that’s one way for you to be assured that there’s a bright future ahead of you.

6. Be Part of a Community

Even though you’re there as an individual, you get to socialize with like-minded people. Some people like to work in the cubicles, but some perform better when they collaborate with others or brainstorm over coffee in the common area.

It is up to you when and how you can utilize the potential for interactions. But one thing’s for sure: a unique experience awaits you when you join a coworking space.

Coworking space is truly a shift in how people see work. It offers flexibility to the businesses that will help them grow and achieve their objectives. It’s like putting yourself in a situation that’s a win-win for everyone else. Who wouldn’t like that for their work?


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Valerie Chua is a freelance writer for various websites. She likes to cook during her free time. She currently lives with her five dogs in a seaside community.

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