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In the ancient times, if you experience headaches, catch the flu, or get a fever, monks or priests – who often acted as doctors – will perform their first-line of treatment: bloodletting.

This procedure entails your vein to be opened with a lancet or a sharpened piece of wood to allow blood to flow out from either your forearm or your neck. If you’re lucky, your “doctor” might use leeches as an alternative.

Fortunately, today, we have phlebotomy, which according to MedicineNet, is a medical procedure of obtaining blood from a vein.

So, instead of cutting open a vein and simply letting the blood flow into a container, professionals safely punctures an area with a needle, draw blood and take the blood specimens to a laboratory and prepare it for testing. And these professionals are called “phlebotomists”.

If you’re comfortable working with blood, needles, and people, being a phlebotomist can be a great choice for you. And you can be one regardless of your age and even if you don’t have experience.

Aside from that, here are 10 other reasons why you should consider a career in phlebotomy:

1. You Can Start Working in No Time

You won’t need years of training and studies to become an excellent phlebotomist. In fact, training can take less than a year. This means you can save up on time as well as on money.

Courses are available at healthcare facilities, vocational and technical schools, and community colleges. And depending on where you decide to go, phlebotomy training can range from $600 to $2,641, cost breakdown by Cost Figures.

2. You Can Easily Apply to Certificate Programs

Applying for phlebotomy training programs is extremely easy. All you need is a high school diploma or the equivalent, for example, your GED, and that’s it!

And once you have completed your training program, you can apply for certification too – another easy task. Technically, being certified is not required to start practicing your profession in most states.

However, a certificate makes it easier for you to land the jobs and salary you desire. And you may receive your certification from any of these reputable organizations:

  • American Society for Clinical Pathology
  • National Center for Competency Testing
  • American Medical Technologists
  • National Healthcareer Association
  • National Phlebotomy Association

3. You Never Run Out of Job Opportunities

Every patient that goes to the hospital or clinic needs their blood sampled and tested for the diagnosis. Thus, phlebotomists are always needed and in demand no matter where you are.

In fact, the job growth for phlebotomy in the United States from 2016 to 2026 is 25%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Thus, phlebotomists are badly needed to continue performing bloodwork for several institutions, laboratories, and centres.

4. You Can Work on Your Time

Most people don’t have control over their work schedule, but as a phlebotomist, you do. Whether you choose to work part-time, overnight, or the usual standard business hours, it’s all fine. You decide on your schedule and for how long you plan to work.

5. You Can Enjoy Great Pay at an Entry-Level Position

Compared to all the health care technician positions we have today, phlebotomists are among the people enjoying a better pay. The median annual salary of phlebotomists is nearly $34,000.

Some states even offer higher salaries such as California where phlebotomists have a median annual salary of more than $40,000 and New York at $37,000. You can even earn more by working more hours.

If you want to know how much phlebotomists can earn in your area, you can use a salary finder tool.

6. You Can Grow Professionally

In the area of phlebotomy, you are presented with a lot of opportunities. You can stay in one position for as long as you want or aim for higher positions. You can decide to grow your career and earn more experience, certifications, and training.

Or, phlebotomy can pave the way for another medical career you’re interested in or may have never considered trying. Who knows, you might develop a passion for helping kids, making you pursue pediatrics in the future.

7. You Can Work Practically Anywhere

Since phlebotomists are always in demand, you have the choice to work anywhere you want. If you want to stay in your hometown or maybe visit a bigger city, you can freely do so without worrying if there’s a job waiting for you.

You can work at hospitals, emergency clinics, nursing homes, private facilities, Red Cross, or local blood banks – which can all be found in every state of America.

8. You Can Help People and Save Lives

By drawing blood, you can help detect diseases, infections, bacteria, cholesterol levels, and others. As a phlebotomist, you are also part of blood donations – an important process for people suffering from autoimmune problems and blood clotting.

Therefore, you’re not only working to earn a living but you’re also saving lives. And that’s a great feeling most phlebotomists treasure.

9. You Can Challenge Yourself Every Single Time

By working as a phlebotomist, every day at work will be different. You will always meet new people and face new situations, forcing you to think on your feet and act fast.

Phlebotomy may seem like a routine job, but it’s actually not. You can experience working in a very busy environment, shifting from one task to another.

In addition, the patients you get to see will keep things interesting as some of them may have fear of needles and/or blood. And it is also part of your job to help them overcome those fears.

10. You Can Be Proud of What You Do

 A phlebotomist is a vital member of the medical community. You can be a part of a team of laboratory technicians, nurses, and doctors. And you’re the first person needed to determine a patient’s disease and medical condition. Phlebotomy may be an entry-level career, but it is an essential occupation.

Phlebotomy can be an exciting career choice not only because you can earn fast and work immediately after completing your training, but because it can provide you fulfillment and purpose as well.

And there’s no better time to start planning your life as a phlebotomist than today as it currently has the fastest employment growth among all the other occupations in America.


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