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During my college days we were asked a question “what quality should a good manager possess?” there were more than 50 qualities that were named in the classroom, but the one that stood apart and everyone agreed on was “Leadership skill”.

Today the organization world is moving towards developing a new skill in the manager employees and that new skill is non-other than leadership. Everyone agrees that a good leader is an efficient manager.

The effectiveness of an organization or any project depends on the leadership skills of the individual, to a large extent. Some individuals possess innate leadership qualities while in others we have to develop them.

There are many types of training that are now conducted to develop and to submerge the sentimental, practical, and theoretical aspects of the leadership in an individual.

An effective leader can increase productivity and retention rates in the employee.

If you are someone who aims to conduct a leadership training skill then following the detailed procedure will assist you in conducting effective leadership training:

1. Plan the Training

Develop an outline of the workshop that is to be held based on the initial information you have about the organization and the potential candidates that the human resource department provided you with.

Set out the participant’s prior experience with leadership development and identify the gap. Set out the skill that each participant needs to develop.

Comprehensive action plans help us cater to the need of individuals more productively and efficiently.

2. Send Invites for the Training

Draft a letter and send it to the participants that communicated the purpose of the training along with the date, time and venue where the training is to take place. Also, request them to acknowledge it to confirm their participation.

3. Before Training Preparations

Decide on how group size you want, it is suggested to hold not more than 20 participants. Consider the time that is to be invested, training methods to be used, materials, and equipment if required along with venue setup whether it will be in-house or conducted externally.

You need to make sure that if there is a use of audio-visual, the speakers are available at the venue, and if not the arrangements should be made beforehand.

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4. Organize the Training

Create a timeline of the training that is to be held. Keeping the training activities sequential and chronological is essential regardless of the method that is adopted. It helps in managing time effectively.

Allot time for each activity, question answer, refreshment, and team activities so that everything follows a timeline.

5. The Introduction

The first step is to introduce yourself as a trainer and the qualification that makes you a leadership expert. Secondly, elaborate the participants on what the goal of the workshop is. You can also ask the participants what they expect of the workshop and plan to achieve through it.

Explain to them the arrangement or the pattern in which the workshop will be conducted. It includes the activities, beginning and ending time, refreshment, and how to respond to instructions. Explain to them the principles of leadership, who he serves, techniques for developing power, and effective attribute of a leader.

Nurturance upon this is fundamental for them to recognize the qualities they possess. Tell them about the main portion, explain key points, demonstrate procedures, and explain to them the purpose of multimedia. Use ice-breakers when starting the training, this helps in engaging the trainee and in building a perspective that he is not going to doze off during the training.

6. During the Training

After delivering an engaging start introduce activities that awake the leader in them. The trainer can go for forming IDEA teams, leadership shield,s or walk and talk method. These methods are effective in building leadership skills in the individual. The activities can take place individually or in teams.

The trainer can use the Exhibit Hall which encourages the participants to share their knowledge and experience. Introduce walk and talk activity in the middle of the workshop because participants tend to run out of energy halfway.

The trainer should also demonstrate the uncertainties that they will have to face as leaders and what method or type of behavior and attitude is require in tailoring it.

Explain things in terms of what should he do and what he should not. Assist them in clearing the strategies they adopt if they create conflicting priorities.

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7. Ending Stage of the Training

The trainer can use different methods to find out what the participants have learned from the training. He can opt for the Word Scrabble activity or can ask them to do some journaling through Dear Diary activities.

The closure of the training should be made fun. As a trainer, you should ensure that you not only uncover the tools but also give the participant a chance to practice those tools in a fun and engaging way.

8. Evaluate and Revise

To evaluate the understanding that the participant has gained we can introduce a questionnaire. The questionnaire can include background questions, situation questions, or open questions.

If participants are talking to each other to verify information if that is the case than repeat the key information to illustrate your point.

9. Feedback

The trainer needs to handover a feedback form to the participants, this helps trainers discover the lacking in the training and the aspects that he needs to focus upon. The feedback form also determines those activities that engaged and made a difference in the leadership skill for which the training was conducted.

These tips will help you in conducting training smoothly and developing the leadership skills in the candidates. The chances of success of a projected increase by a good margin if one undergoes the leadership training.

Well-defined leadership training allows us to attain optimum output from organizational talent.

The training ensures that the company has strong leaders that are essential to organizational success because leaders are the ones that are best drives the performance of the business.

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