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Staying Productive and Happy in your job is key to feeling an immense sense of job satisfaction. We spend a whole lot of time in the places we work, which means we must be happy to have an overall happy and healthy life.

This comprehensive guide will give you some awesome advice on how you can make sure you stay productive and happy at work. Take a look!

1. Find Something to Be Grateful For

Instead of hating everything you have to do and despising your work colleagues, find at least one thing to be grateful for. At least until you find another job or get your MOJO back.

Everybody has tough days at work, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave your job. However, if you find yourself feeling downtrodden and unhappy a lot of the time, it’s definitely time to think about deciding on a new career path. Until then, find something to be grateful for. This job puts money in your pocket and food on the table, doesn’t it?

Maybe you have a great work friend, or your boss is nice. Maybe you like your workspace. Just find things to be grateful for until things improve or you find a new place to live!

2. Tell Your Boss What You Need

If you’re unhappy, then your boss may be able to do something about it. Consider asking to speak with them, and discuss your needs with them. Many good bosses will be happy to oblige, as a happy workforce means a thriving business! Maybe you want to suggest better equipment. Maybe you’d like to bring an office feud to their attention.

Many bosses welcome feedback and you won’t get anything at all if you don’t ask! Don’t be afraid to speak to your boss if something is bothering you or making work difficult. You might have even spotted a hazard that you worry could harm you or other people.

It is your boss’s responsibility to rectify this as soon as possible. If they don’t listen, then they are putting you in danger and you may very well end up injured. It’ll then be up to you to contact work accident compensation lawyers such as this to explain your case and see what you are owed. Of course, nobody wants to get injured, so it’s always best to give your boss the opportunity to fix these things!

3. Tidy Up

Maybe your work area needs a bit of a spruce up. A fresh workspace can give you a fresh head, and help you feel ready to seize the day. Have a look around and get rid of things you no longer need. Declutter as much as possible. You should feel lighter and less stressed with a few things around you!

4. Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks is so important, no matter how much of a workaholic you are. If you don’t stop to reset every so often, how can you be sure you’re doing your best job? You might eventually burn out or get bogged down by work.

Take a break every hour or so, even if it’s just a short one. Make yourself a drink, go for a walk, or just relax. Then get back to work. Getting away from it all for a short time can help you to be even more productive, and of course, happier! Nobody wants to feel like they never stop working, so make sure you get away from your desk and do something different.

5. Get Some Exercise

Exercise should be an integral part of every single person’s routine. It perks us up as it releases endorphins, and helps us to feel more alert and energized. Whether you do a full workout before your working day starts, or go for a short walk on your lunch break, you should start work feeling great!

Sure, it’ll be hard at first, but once you’ve got into the habit of it, you should find it fairly easy. This will improve your life in so many other ways, it’s just a case of making a few small changes and ensuring you make the time rather than making excuses!

6. Stay away from Your Emails

Your emails are actually the number one productivity killer! People are checking their emails on and off all day long while they’re supposed to be working, and this can easily sidetrack you. You may get emails containing offers and deals that distract you and take you away from what you’re supposed to be doing.

Even if you’re getting emails that you do need to respond to, you should always have a specific time for this, and don’t check them outside of this time. If you spend too much time on them and constantly stop what you’re doing to check, you won’t get nearly as much done.

7. Learn How to Prioritize Your Daily Tasks

Make sure you know how to prioritize your daily tasks. Write out a list, with the most important tasks at the top. It’s a good idea to only include the tasks that must be done that day – then, anything you do after those tasks is a bonus!

Doing the hard things first will get you off to a great start, and then once those are finished, you’ll be on the downward slope home!

8. Make Sure You Celebrate Finishing Tasks

Make sure you celebrate finishing tasks, both big and small. When you do this, you release happy hormones in your brain! Not only will you want to complete more tasks, but you’ll also feel happier and have a great sense of achievement. You don’t have to have a slice of cake after each task you complete.

Simply putting a smiley face or a huge tick next to your completed tasks will make you feel good and spur you on.

9. Start Getting up Even Earlier

You probably don’t feel like getting up any earlier than you already do, but hear us out. The earlier you get up, the more you have time for before you start work. If you just roll out of bed each morning with no motivation, begrudgingly get ready for work and rush off before you’re late, you’re not setting yourself upright. Each day will literally go on as you start it!

This is why some of the most successful people get up at around 5 am and begin their day when everybody else is still in bed. They use this time to focus on themselves. They meditate, write, work on their personal goals, read, and even use affirmations to tell them what a great day they are going to have! They’ll also set themselves up with a nourishing breakfast, and head to work without rushing. You can get so much more done and be happy at work if you just start your day correctly.

10. Put on Some Uplifting Music

If possible, having uplifting music on in your workplace will spur you on and make you happy at work. This might be classical, or jazz if you need to focus and can’t have too many distractions. However, pretty much any kind of music could work as long as it makes you feel good!

11. Eat Foods That Energize You

Staying Productive and Happy at work

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If you try to make it through the workday by eating foods that make you sluggish, such as processed foods and fast foods, as well as lots of sugar, you’re going to crash eventually. Many people wonder why they feel awful halfway through the working day, but it’s because of what they are putting into their bodies!

Eating healthy foods that you’ve prepared yourself at home will make you feel happy at work, and you should have a steady amount of energy throughout the day.

12. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is another great way to feel amazing. Chugging coffee is what most people want to be productive to do, but it can often have the opposite effect. Of course, you can have a couple of cups, but depending on it is a big no-no.

Hydrate yourself with at least 2 liters of water. After a couple of cups of coffee in the morning, it could also be a good idea to switch to green tea. This will help you get a better quality of sleep at night, so you’re more refreshed the next day too!

13. Find Things That Motivate You

Find things like pictures and quotes that motivate you and make you feel more productive. You can put these in your office to brighten it up, and stop you from experiencing that afternoon slump. Don’t let your office be boring and stare at a blank wall all day!

14. Get Some Natural Light

It’s so much better to be in natural light during the day than artificial light. It’s great for our health and has been proven to make us more productive. Open those blinds and turn the lights off. Sit by a window if you can!

These tips will no doubt help you to feel productive and happy at work. You’ll get so much more done, and feel better outside of work too. Try them asap to see what they can do for you!


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