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Choosing a platform to make an app, you have two wide-spread options: iOS and Android. There are more than 2.2 billion applications on the App Store. Additionally, iPhone users tend to spend more on apps in comparison to Android ones.

To create an iOS app, you should hire skilled and qualified iOS developers. In this guide, you can find all necessary information about iOS engineers’ roles, skills, rates, and so on.

Roles and Responsibilities of iOS App Developers

iOS developers’ roles can be divided depending on their working experience and hard skills. So, the more project developers have released, the more complicated problems they can solve.

It’s typical to divide developers into three groups: junior, middle, and senior. Let’s discuss them more precisely.

  • Junior iOS developers This level is the beginning of an iOS developer career. Usually, such developers can solve some simple tasks. They tend to work with more experienced colleagues to improve their skills and expand their knowledge.
  • Middle iOS developers Having worked on various projects, the junior iOS developers become middle ones. They can solve a lot of technical issues themselves and work independently.
  • Senior iOS developers Such software engineers have released dozens of successful problems. They can solve any technical issues. Additionally, senior iOS developers tend to find the best tech solutions and integrate various technologies.

Depending on the project complexity, you need to choose the qualification level of the iOS app developer. One more point to consider here is your budget. The more experienced developers are, the higher rates they get.

As for iOS app developers’ responsibilities, the primary one is writing quality code. Additionally, developers should participate in every development stage, like planning and design. iOS app engineers also fix bugs and publish apps to the App Store.

Simply saying, the main responsibility of any iOS developer is to make the app workable and user-friendly.

Required Skills for iOS Developers

Any iOS developer should have two skill sets: hard and soft skills.

Speaking about hard skills, there can be any technical knowledge required for the development. You can find the list below:

  • Strong knowledge of Swift and Objective-C programming languages;
  • Experience in Xcode IDE;
  • Working experience with APIs like Cocoa Touch and UIKit;
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs;
  • Comprehension of UI/UX principles;
  • Understanding of Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

Basic iOS Development Skills to Look For

As for soft skills, any iOS developers need to have the following ones:

Where to Hire iOS App Developers?

Let’s move on with the hiring options of iOS developers. The modern IT market offers three main variants: freelance developers, in-house teams, and outsourcing companies.

Each option has some peculiarities as well as advantages and disadvantages. It’s time to discuss every variant more precisely to find the most suitable.

1. Freelance iOS Developers

It’s possible to hire a freelance specialist in every field, so iOS development isn’t an exception. However, it’s not the best option considering long-term cooperation.

Freelance developers tend to have the lowest hourly rates. However, they also can fail deadlines and requirements. It’s common to hire freelancers for some minor tasks like bug fixing.

Freelance iOS App Developers -iOS App Developers

Pros of Freelance iOS Developers:

  • Freelance iOS developers have a lower hourly rate compared to in-house and outsourced developers.
  • There’s no need to pay a freelancer if you don’t have tasks.
  • You don’t need to worry about taxes, office rent, and more.

Cons of Freelance iOS Developers:

  • Freelancers tend to fail deadlines.
  • Nobody can guarantee the high quality of code (unless you’re a technical guru).
  • Freelance developers can just leave your project without any explanations.
  • There can be a language barrier.
Platforms to Hire Freelance iOS Developers:

2. In-House Team of iOS Developers

This option stands for creating a team of iOS app developers. You provide such a team with an office and can completely control the development process.

Among the pitfalls of creating an in-house development team are high hourly rates. Additionally, you have to pay the specialists even if there are no tasks for them.

Pros of In-House iOS Developers:

  • Ability to keep in touch 24/7.
  • iOS app developers pay their attention only to your product.

Cons of In-House iOS Developers:

  • In-house iOS developers have higher hourly rates in comparison to freelancers or outsourced developers.
  • It can be challenging to find the employee with the required skill set in your region.
  • There are various additional expenses like taxes, hardware and software purchases, and so on.

Platforms to Hire In-House iOS Developers:

3. Outsourcing Development Company

This hiring option becomes more widespread these days since it’s easy to find a demanded specialist. There are a lot of outsourcing software development companies worldwide that offer affordable hourly rates and high-quality of the product.

Usually, outsourcing companies provide two cooperation models:

  1. You can hire an iOS developer (it doesn’t matter one, two, or more) and pay each specialist for the number of working hours. Choosing this model, you need to consider all management aspects.
  2. You contact the company’s representative and discuss all your project requirements. The specialists from the outsourcing company make the iOS app from scratch. In this case, the vendor is responsible for all the management tasks.

Hiring iOS App Developers on Clutch-iOS App Developers

Pros of Outsourcing Development Company:

  • Depending on the region, you can hire an outsourcing company that fits your budget.
  • Vendors offer a lot of skilled and experienced iOS developers. Additionally, outsourcing developers visit different conferences to improve their skills.
  • You don’t need to worry about taxes, sick leaves, vacations, and management issues.
  • The vendor manages any issues connected to the development process.

Cons of Outsourcing Development Company:

  • There can be a language barrier in some countries.
  • You can face time-zone difficulties that can be solved with a schedule.

Platforms to Hire Outsourcing Development Company:

iOS Developers Rates

iOS app developers’ rates vary according to the hiring options. We’ve already mentioned that freelance engineers tend to get lower rates in comparison to in-house developers.

1. Average iOS Developer Salary

If you want to hire an in-house team of developers, you need to offer a competitive salary. You can check the platform called Glassdoor to find out the iOS app developers’ salary.

For example, the average salary for an iOS engineer is approximately $108K in the USA. However, this number can change depending on the specialists’ skills and experience.

Additionally, the salaries can vary according to the state since each one has a different number of required developers.

2. Freelance iOS Developer Rates

As you know, freelancers get money for every working hour. So, let’s discuss the hourly rates of a freelance iOS app developer.

According to Codementor, freelancers can get from $80-100 for every working hour. As a result, if a freelance iOS engineer works full day (8 hours), you need to pay approximately $640.

However, these numbers are approximate since you can find a specialist with lower or higher rates.

3. Outsourced iOS Developers Rates

If you hire an outsourcing software development company, you also pay for every working hour of the iOS developer. Their rates depend on the country the company is located.

For example, vendors from North America and Australia have pretty high rates ($140 on average). The developers from Asia get the lowest hourly rates ($30), but it’s common to face the language barrier working with Asian vendors.

One more popular region for outsourcing software development in Eastern Europe. This region offers affordable hourly rates and many experienced iOS engineers.

You can check the outsourcing developers’ rates using such platforms as Clutch and GoodFirms.

iOS App Developer Hourly Rates by Region-iOS App Developers

Points to Consider While Hiring iOS App Developers

There are several aspects that you need to consider before hiring an iOS developer.

  • Experience The iOS developers are divided into levels (junior, middle, and senior) depending on their skills and experience. You need to consider this factor before hiring the specialist. It’s better to pay attention to the number of projects released by the developer.
  • Expertise Don’t confuse experience and expertise. Expertise stands for tech issues developers have already faced. For example, iOS developer has already worked with certain types of apps (e.g. social media) or industry (e.g. marketplace).
  • Portfolio Checking the developers’ portfolios, you can study their expertise and experience. Additionally, you can download and test the released apps. As a result, you get a full understanding of the iOS developers’ proficiency.

As you can see, hiring iOS app developers can be a complicated and time-consuming task. You need to study the candidates’ portfolios and skills carefully.

There are various hiring options (freelancers, in-house teams, and outsourced iOS developers). You need to decide which option to choose, depending on your project requirements and business goals.

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