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It takes lots of time and effort to find and hire top-notch dedicated developers. And which engineers you hire – local or remote programmers – plays an important role.

Today, more and more companies go for hiring remote devs as its faster and helps to save on taxes, software, hardware, and so on.

In this article, we’re going to uncover the benefits of working with dedicated developers, clarify how to find and interview them, and define their qualities. Let’s get on it.

The Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Developers

First, you need to understand why it’s worth hiring a dedicated team and what benefits you’ll get. Let’s check them out one by one.

1. Affordable Cost

It depends on the country where you’re planning to look for devs. And in most cases, outsourced development is quite cost-efficient. Lower labour costs in Asia or Eastern Europe (compared to the USA or Canada) lead to hiring a highly-experienced team and not spending too much.

2. Highly Experienced Devs

By outsourcing the development, C-level managers reduce costs and have a broader range of specialists available. Sure, it doesn’t mean that there are not enough local devs, but well-taught programmers want to be well-paid, right?

3. Adaptable Taxation

If you’re working with a dedicated team, you can get tax incentives. That helps to save some on taxes compared to hiring an in-house team.

4. Time-Savings

Hiring a dedicated team may take less time. Besides, organization moments and paperwork issues all come to nought. What’s more, organizing the devs’ workplaces is not your headache anymore.

5. Quality

Many countries offer lots of students with serious tech background. And after graduation, they are skilled enough to compete with specialists from other countries in terms of skills and hourly rates. Besides, if your project needs just a couple of skilled devs, their country doesn’t matter much.


As the practice shows, people feel more comfortable when working at home or simply staying in their homeland. And it doesn’t mean that remote devs will deliver worse results compared to in-house ones. Vice versa, developers that work remotely are often more productive than you may think. 

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Developers

What Are the Qualities of a Great Dedicated Team?

When you’re working with a remote programmer, you won’t see this person every day in the office.

Remote work doesn’t give you full control over the employee that’s why a dedicated developer should have the following qualities:

1. Be Self-Reliant

Devs should be ready to face challenges and solve them on their own. The quality to come across complex tasks and find the right solution is highly appreciated by employers and team managers.

2. Be Self-Motivated

When there are no bosses around, some employees may find it hard to motivate themselves to work on the project. So when hiring a programmer, make sure they are motivated enough to work on the project efficiently and keep up with the deadlines.

3. Be Demanding

Offshore developers don’t report everyday tasks to managers. And the lack of control can negatively influence devs’ productivity. That’s why programmers should keep in mind that they’re working on serious products and are responsible for its quality.

4. Be Problem-Solving

Any software development process requires engineers to look for uprising issues and deal with them. Dedicated devs should be pushing to recognize the problem and solve it asap without any reminders from managers.

Characteristics of Good Dedicated Developers

So these are the essential qualities that ensure proper interaction between dedicated devs and managers. But don’t forget that to uncover these qualities as well as tech skills, you should interview them thoroughly. (We are going to spell the steps out a bit later).

Where to Hire Dedicated Developers?

There’s a range of ways and services you may use to build the dream-team. We’re going to review the two best ways that’ll help you hire a talented team.

1. Offshore IT Firms

Even if you’re not yet sure which country to pick, you may take a look at the software development companies that offer dedicated programmers for hire.

Here are just a few resources that help with finding such companies:

Once you’ve decided on a few companies that look most promising, make sure they deserve attention.

Here’s how to figure this out:

  • Check the company’s position If its name appears on 1-2 pages, the firm seriously works on SEO and is interested in cooperation.
  • If the company’s website is pleasing and with great UI/UX, it’s another plus point. It’s always great when a company cares about the first impression.
  • Check the experience Opt for companies that have at least 1+ years of experience and show their real potential.
  • What’s the number of employees? An excellent offshore firm should have not less than 30 team members. A large team makes it possible to process different tasks, and there’s always a replacement to sick or vacationing devs.
  • Look through their portfolio You can always check reviews from customers on Clutch and GoodFirms. And see what pros and cons they mention. Another reasonable step is to check what types of apps and websites were built by the company.

So, what you’re getting?

  • No unexpected costs No additional taxes, licensed software pays, and so on. Only fixed hourly rates for the project.
  • Wide range of programmers Good offshore companies have a large staff and can always find an appropriate expert for your project.
  • Affordable rates In some regions like Eastern Europe, you can find experienced devs whose prices are low enough. And it doesn’t always mean poor quality.
  • Communication The connection with the team is always stable, and you can quickly get in touch with them.
  • Quality Offshore development companies care to build a strong reputation and offer high-quality services and dedicated devs that keep up with project requirements.

Freelance Platforms and Conferences

Another option is looking for devs that work for themselves. They usually have profiles on various freelance platforms.

The most popular are the following:

Sort out developers by ratings, experience, country of residence, and so on. If you find appropriate specialists, contact them or post an offer with the project description.

Services to Find Freelance Developers

Along with checking freelance services, you can also visit conferences and meetups where talented programmers take part as speakers or participants. Developers should never stop polishing their skills and keeping an eye on things like new tools and technologies.

Thus, responsible developers attend meetups, and you should not ignore this option.

But it’s always up to you how to hire dedicated devs. Now, we suggest learning a bit about the interview process.

How to Interview Dedicated Developers?

At the start, it’s good to decide on the option that works for you. As well as notify the candidates via email mentioning the accurate time, ways of connection, etc.

As for contacting ways, there are a couple of traditional ways:

1. Phone Call

If you’re contacting a candidate for the first time, choose a phone conversation. Discuss their expectations, goals, how good they understand their field of activity, clarify some CV details, skills, etc.

In turn, let your candidates ask their questions and give more details about the project. But don’t single out every aspect. The first talk should not last for over 20-30 minutes which is quite enough for drawing an impression.

2. Video Interview

A video interview takes more time (it may last for a few hours). I suggest choosing this type for candidates that were sorted out during phone talk.

You must speak with the developer closer and see them in person. Besides, a video interview helps you learn more about their skills, experience, or even perform hard skills testing.  

3. Hard Skills Testing

Before you send a detailed list of tech questions to figure out the candidate’s skills, review them online during a video interview. Of course, it only works if you’re a tech expert yourself.

These questions vary as everything depends on the dev’s position and field – whether they’re here for Android, iOS, JS or back-end development. The interview will help you understand the strong and weak sides of the candidate.

4. Soft Skills Testing

But if you’re a non-technical person and don’t know much about this or that programming language or framework, mind to ask general questions to test the soft skills.

Soft skills testing is no less crucial than checking hard skills. A right candidate knows how to manage teams or work efficiently in one and how to communicate with other team members.

Still, it doesn’t mean that hard skills review can be skipped. You may either find a qualified interviewer among your employees or ask an IT firm to provide candidates.

To finish the process, mind that you should come up with the decision quickly. The longer you think over it, the more chances of losing a potential candidate you have.

Dedicated Developers: Management Tips

Before hiring dedicated developers, it’s good to know how to manage them when they are abroad.

First, the management of software developers is different from the control of other employees. You can’t just track the time they spend and feel confident the job’s done. Tracking of devs requires more focus and an individual approach.

For instance, when developers fix one bug, a new one can appear in another part of the built. And its fixing may take from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks.

That’s why you should set clear goals and deadlines, with a margin for force majeure circumstances.

How to Track Tasks?

We highly recommend using tracking web applications like:

For example, Jira has all the features required for monitoring the progress. And a convenient UX to monitor tasks of all departments. Still, which software to work with depends only on your specific requirements.

Which Countries Are the Best for Hiring Dedicated Devs?

Finally, it’s time to decide on the team’s country of residence. Determine the time zone preferable for you and figure out the affordable hourly rate.

According to Accelerance report, the average devs’ rates worldwide are as the following:

Latin America$39$41$50
Eastern Europe$33$45$57

As you see, the cost of IT services in Europe is moderate enough. Plus, the European market offers well-educated and qualified devs so it a great outsourcing destination.

What to Consider When Hiring Dedicated Devs?

  • Get to know more about their expertise When you found a company that offers dedicated devs for hire, make sure to check their knowledge thoroughly. The projects delivered, their complexity, and their results. It will give you a full view of the company’s and thus devs’ expertise.
  • Interview properly  As I’ve said, the interview should consist of two parts and you should have enough time to check hard and soft skills and learn as much as possible about candidates.
  • Make sure the communication is well-established Interactions are an inevitable part of the development process, and you’ll need to talk to the developers quite often. So make sure that’s no language barrier and connections are tight.

Wrapping up, I’d like to say that hiring dedicated developers is a great option when you want to save some & find qualified software-builders. But it’s complicated as well and there are many pitfalls.

So if you’re interested in hiring remote dedicated developers, keep up with the tips mentioned in this guide, choose the country that suits you best, and figure out your requirements. And you’ll find excellent software experts twice as fast

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