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AngularJS is a powerful tool for front-end development. The client-side of the project is responsible for attracting users and assuring them to use the service.

As a result, talented and qualified Angular developers can bring a lot of profit to your project development. If you’ve decided to hire such a specialist, you need to understand their roles, responsibilities, and skills. Additionally, we’ll discuss hiring options and hourly rates of the Angular builders.

AngularJS Engineer’s Roles and Responsibilities

To understand the responsibilities of an Angular developer, it’s necessary to discuss their roles beforehand.

1. AngularJS Developer Role

As it was mentioned, Angular developers are responsible for front-end development. So, they build a full-fledged UI service for websites and web applications. Merely saying, AngularJS engineers tend to deal with modules and components creation. So, they connect modules and components to create an appropriate software.

Angular is a JavaScript framework, so the developer needs to know some other tools. These days, software engineers commonly utilize Angular for single-page development.

Angular engineers usually work in a team with back-end developers. As a result, it’s easier to fix bugs and avoid failing deadlines.

2. AngularJS Engineer Responsibilities

The Angular developer can be responsible for many various tasks. We provide a list below.

  • Client-side development The Angular developer is in charge of creating attractive and user-friendly front-end of a website or web app.
  • Working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript languages is essential for an Angular engineer. A qualified builder should be able to write code that meets all the project requirements.
  • RESTful API creation During this process, an AngularJS builder has to cooperate with back-end developers. As a result, they can create a single-page application that follows specifications along with other tech particularities.
  • Unit testing Angular developers accomplish unit testing after each development stage. So, the engineer needs to test components, service, code units, and more.
  • External data sources and APIs  A developer should have experience in getting access to external data sources and APIs.
  • Bug fixing  After finishing front-end development, QA engineers perform various types of testing to find bugs. If there are some bugs, the developers should fix them quickly.
  • Permanent learning  Last but not least, Angular developers should continuously learn about new technologies and keep track of Angular framework updates.

Must-Have Skills for an Angular Developer

Angular developers can be divided into the junior, middle, and senior builders, depending on their skills and knowledge. As a result, it’s necessary to know the skill set for each type.

1. Junior Angular Developer Skills

  • JavaScript and HTML5 knowledge
  • Knowledge of AngularJS and Angular practices and modules that are commonly used
  • Ability to create reusable and testable components and modules
  • Providing a clear dependency chain
  • Ensuring SEO solutions for single-page web applications

Basic Skills of AngularJS Developers -Hiring AngularJS Developers

2. Middle Angular Developer Skills

The more experienced developers are, the more skills they should have.

As a result, the mentioned skills aren’t enough for a middle engineer.

Such developers can create complex software solutions, so they need to have such skills as:

  • In-depth knowledge of CSS and JavaScript methods.
  • Ability to validate users’ actions on the front-end and provide feedback.
  • Knowledge of RxJS Observables.
  • Creating custom use modules and components that can extend the elements of Angular.
  • Building XHRs.
  • Building the infrastructure for front-end serving.
  • Create unit tests utilizing automated TDD tasks.

Middle AngularJS Developer Skills

3. Senior Angular Developer Skills

Senior builders can conquer the most complicated tasks and find the best solutions.

As a result, they should have an additional skillset:

  • Experience in Typescript features (e.g. enums, unions, and so on).
  • Working with browser APIs (e.g. storages, canvas, etc.).
  • Knowledge of REST architecture.
  • Experience in server-side rendering.
  • Handling sockets.
  • Understanding of KISS, DRY, SOLID.

Senior AngularJS Skills

Wrapping up this part, a highly-qualified Angular developer can have all the skills mentioned above. However, if the engineer doesn’t have experience in several technologies discussed above, it isn’t a disaster. It’s way more important if the developer is ready to learn.

AngularJS Developer Interview Questions

During the interview, it’s essential to test the technical knowledge of the specialist along with soft skills. We provide examples of the interview questions below.

1. Hard Skills Questions

  • Can you define AngularJS?
  • What are the key components of the Angular framework?
  • What are the modules in Angular?
  • What are the components in Angular?
  • Can you explain Angular directives? (it’s better with examples)
  • etc.

2. Soft Skills Questions

AngularJS Developers tend to work as a team, so a good software builder needs to have such soft skills as communication abilities, adaptability, responsibility, and more.

You can test them with such questions as:

  • What will you choose: teamwork or work alone?
  • Your teammate doesn’t do their work. What will you do?
  • How can you rearrange the schedule if there is something unplanned?
  • What is most difficult for you during the on-boarding process?
  • etc.

You need to prepare for the interview beforehand since the appropriate questions can help you find a perfect specialist.

Where to Hire AngularJS Developers?

There are three common options for hiring developers — freelancers, outsourcing companies, and in-house teams. Each option has pros and cons that will discuss below.

1. Freelance AngularJS Developers

Freelancers stand for the developers that work for themselves. There are various platforms where you can find freelance developers’ profiles. Freelancers are suitable for a simple website or app.

However, if you have a complex project, it’s better to choose another option since one specialist can’t be qualified in all required fields.

Benefits of Freelancers:

  • Lower hourly rates than a software development company.
  • Perfect for certain tasks.

Drawbacks of Freelancers:

  • No opportunity to check the code quality unless you’re a technical guru.
  • Freelancers usually fail deadlines.
  • Poor communication.

If you’ve decided to hire a freelance developer, you may check such services:

2. In-House Team of Developers

You can hire developers that will work in your office under your control. As a result, you manage the development process effectively. If you have a tech startup, this option can be winning for project building.

On the other hand, you’ll have some additional expenses like rent, hardware and software purchasing, and so on.

Advantages of In-House Developers:

  • You can communicate with employees 24/7.
  • No language barrier.

Disadvantages of In-House Developers:

  • You need to provide the workers with monthly wages, even if there are no tasks.
  • The hiring process is usually time-consuming.
  • A lot of monthly expenses like taxes, rent, etc.

You can look for in-house developers on such platforms:

You also can hire a recruiting agency that will assist you in finding required Angular developers. However, this variant needs an extra budget.

3. Outsourcing Software Development Companies

This option becomes quite widespread these days since it offers high quality and reasonable price. In this case, you hire a dedicated team of developers to build your project. These software engineers are from another country. Usually, outsourcing web development provides building the project from scratch or on a turnkey basis.

Pros of Outsourcing:

  • There are countries with lower hourly rates so that you can reduce expenses.
  • You can choose specialists with the required skills and knowledge for your dedicated team.
  • Outsourcing companies provide high quality and consider all your requirements. Additionally, dedicated developers will follow your deadlines.

Cons of Outsourcing:

  • Language barrier
  • Different time zones

Clutch and GoodFirms provide the clients’ reviews of the outsourcing development companies from all over the world. So, you can check these platforms, if you want to outsource software building.

As you can see, there are various hiring options for Angular developers nowadays. So, you are welcome to choose the variant that follows all your requirements and fits your budget. To my mind, it’s better to choose between in-house software development vs. outsourcing since these options provide a high quality of the project.

AngularJS Developers Hourly Rates

The software builders’ hourly rates usually depend on two factors — location and hiring option. For instance, freelancers tend to get less in comparison to in-house engineers. Additionally, developers from North America have the highest hourly rates.

Let’s discuss freelance Angular developers’ rates in detail.

Freelancers from North America usually get from $81 to $100 per hour. However, their colleagues from Western Europe receive $61-$80 per working hour. Angular builders from Eastern Europe and Asia are more affordable. They get $15-$30/h and $10-$40/h respectively.

Outsourced Angular developers’ rates may differ. For instance, engineers from North America have the highest rates — $150-$170 per working hour. Outsourcing companies from Western Europe have from $70 to $100 as an average hourly rate. Developers from Latin America and Eastern Europe get similar hourly rates — from $30 to $50.

However, there is an opinion that software engineers from Eastern Europe are more qualified.

The mentioned hourly rates are approximate since the final price can depend on the required qualifications and skills of the AngularJS developer and some tech peculiarities of your project.

Wrapping up, there is a demand for qualified and talented AngularJS developers since they are responsible for front-end development. As a result, you need to consider your requirements and prepare for the interview beforehand. Additionally, it’s necessary to choose the hiring option that meets your goals and fits the budget.

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