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Resume writing is a very important thing in everyone’s life because it is the initial step that they take to gain a job. We have got to write a premium resume in order to get a job in our dreams.

A professionally written resume is essential if you would like to get a job in reputed companies. You can make a good first impression amid interviewers if you submit an exceptional resume.

Common Resume Blunders

Today, there are many resume writing services accessible online that helps students and professionals to get hold of a superior resume. When people prepare their own resumes, they may make some common mistakes on their resume and these common blunders can deny them good jobs.

It is not easy to fix the damage once an employer or interviewer gets your resume. Hence, ensure that your resume is excellently written especially by avoiding the common resume blunders.

Following are some of the common resume mistakes that people make in their resumes:

1. Too Short and Too Long

Writing too short or too long is a common mist takes many of the people to make in their resume. A resume is not a place where you require writing a long essay about your qualifications, accomplishments, and other features.

However, it is important for you to mention your qualifications and accomplishments in your resume but it should be brief. Many job seekers used to remove their impressive achievements in order to make their resume short.

You should try to avoid only irrelevant or redundant experiences and achievements from your resume. Include information that can draw the attention of the interviewers and don’t make your resume boring by writing a long article. So, keep a balance in your resume.

2. Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Spelling and grammatical errors can take place during your writing phase. You should try to proofread and edit your resume once you complete writing. You may find it unnecessary, but your resume needs to be grammatically perfect if you would like to get better results from your resume. If employers find spelling and grammatical errors, they will judge you accordingly and it can be a good reason for interviewers to reject your resume.

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3. Lack of Information

Many people try to write something and all in their resume but fail to include specific information that employers expect from their resume. Employers wish to understand the person who you are and you have to provide ample information about you in your resume.

Employers need to know what you have done and accomplished academically as well as non-academically. Thus, make sure to include your educational qualifications and other academic as well as non-academic achievements in your resume clearly.

4. Avoiding Skills

Avoiding skills is another common blunder that students and professionals make in their resume. There are indeed a lot of factors that guide employers to hire you as their employee.

Employers used to have a close look at skills column in your resume and it’s an important element that employers give priority to. Therefore, make sure to include your skills sop that employers can understand whether you are suitable to their workplace.

5. Standard Language

You cannot write your resume in poor standards and employers always expect superior standards from you. Avoid jokes and clever language from your resume. Remember that the best parts of employers won’t appreciate puns and jokes in the resume. Write your resume in a pure language so that employers will be interested to read your resume from the start to the end.

6. Avoid Vagueness

A lot of people try to write a resume in unclear language. People try to prove that they know something about the English language and try to make things more complicated with long sentences and tough words. It’s not expected from your resume at all and employers give priority to simple language, small sentences, and simple words.

7. Avoid Repetition

Repetition is another most common blunder that students, as well as professionals, make in their resume. Don’t repeat sentences, job experiences, academic qualifications, accomplishments, etc. in your resume. Don’t overdo words, adjectives or business phrases in your resume.

There are in fact a lot of things that you should take into consideration before and while writing your resume. You should know about the common resume blunders that people make in their resume so that you can avoid it while writing your own resume.

Write your resume in a simple way so that the interviewers or employers can speedily and effortlessly comprehend what you carry to the table.


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Linda Brooks is a well known writer, in a professional resume writing service. She is always advising the teens to buy resumes through online which will give them a professional resume for their interviews and to get jobs easily.

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