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It is predicted that over 4.68 billion people will own a smartphone by 2019. With technology escalation, business processes have changed for good. Mobile apps are now integral to businesses, building stronger relationships with customers and stakeholders. Developing a mobile app for business requires a huge investment, requiring enterprises and startups to find efficient mobile app developers. The process of hiring the right app developer can be time-consuming and frustrating, but worth the hassle.

It is challenging for enterprises and startups to find the right app development company. It is important to do your research and discuss it with the app developer before hiring one. The questions must revolve around app developers’ experience, skills, portfolio, vision, and more.

Here I’m listing some questions that you must ask shortlisted app developers to get an idea of their expertise:

1) Ask for the App Developer’s Portfolio

It is a reasonable question to ask to have a clear idea about the candidate’s potential for delivering your required app. You must use and test the apps that were developed by the candidate. Also, mobile app developers should be eager to show their previous work. It will help you in analyzing what they did and if it is relevant to what you’re looking for.

They should also explicitly demonstrate their role in developing that particular app and how it is relatable to what you’re looking for. App developers should openly talk about their previous work; it shows their confidence and passion for their work. If they do not show or talk about it in detail, then maybe they aren’t the best fit for your project.  

2) Ask Mobile App Developers about their Clients

To be sure whether the app developers have designed an app or not, a list of clients can be asked. Talking directly to clients will verify the apps that app developers claim to develop. This question also gives an opportunity to know about their devotion and responsiveness towards their work.

You can inquire from clients if the app developers delivered the project within the budget, met the deadlines, performed well under pressure, and hurdles both sides have faced along the way. Find out mutual connections and ask them about the app developers’ experience, abilities, and ethics of work.

3) Ask for Similar Mobile Apps Developed Before

It is essential to know if the developer has created a similar app before or if it’s the first time dealing with your industry or type of app. It is recommended to find app developers with relevant experience, saving you the trouble. Have a look at the app developed before and analyze the developer’s experience and expertise on it. If not, then clearly explain the project requirements. Discuss the app design, functions, and features you want in your app.

4) Ask about the Platform for Your Mobile App

iOS and Android cater to different target audiences and offer unique features. To provide an exceptional experience to users, you must choose the right platform for your app. Ask the developer to recommend the platform according to your business needs and target audience. You may develop the app for both platforms if your target audience is active on both iOS and Android devices.

5) Ask about the UI/UX of Your Mobile App

UI/UX of an app is equally important, as are the features and functionality. One of the best ways to make your app stand out from 2.47 million of apps, is to have an exceptional app design that enhances user experience. Different developers will have a different approach for designing UI/UX of an app, so it is important to discuss beforehand. The right design will attract and retain users and boost the overall experience for app users.  

6) Ask the Costs of Developing Your Mobile App

App development requires quite a hefty investment, especially for custom-built mobile apps. Compromising on the quality because of budget constraints will ruin your app idea entirely. It is essential for the client and developers to have a clear understanding of app features and the costs of developing it. Also, make sure you have a proper breakdown of the total costs. The mode of payment should also be discussed beforehand in order to avoid conflicts in the future.

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7) Ask about the Time Required to Complete the Mobile App

The project completion timeline depends on the features of the app, the development team, and more. Every development and designing task must have a deadline to track its progress. Mention the commencement date of the project. Discuss the estimated time required by each task from initial development to its launch. Ensure that the app developer strictly works within your deadline.

Furthermore, you must find an app developer who shall finish the app within due time. Technology is rapidly changing and evolving. During the development cycle, new technology may pop up, especially if your app developers are taking forever to develop. That reminds me that you should discuss with the developers if they are capable of accommodating any new technology that emerges during the development phase.

8) Ask about the Communication Methods

Ask the developers on how app progress and feedback will be communicated between the parties. Communication is essential during the app development process. To address flaws and errors in the app design, make communication consistent. Developers must update you about task completion and exchange feedback, so the app keeps improving during the development phase. Schedule meetings with the development team to suggest changes required by the app. Constant communication will ensure the app is being designed according to your expectations.

9) Ask for Mobile App Testing Processes

Once the application is developed, it is essential to test it. The testing process makes sure that all the features implemented are working appropriately. Ask your developer about the testing procedures and time required for quality assurance. Make sure the development team understands the significance of app testing and pays sufficient attention and time towards it. Also, don’t rush into launching your app. Take your time to test it thoroughly before introducing it to the audience.

10) Ask about Mobile App Maintenance

Maintenance is mandatory to ensure that the app runs smoothly at all times. Once the app is tested and launched on the app stores, it requires regular maintenance and updates to keep users engaged. Regular maintenance includes fixing bugs, upgrading the app to the latest versions, improving UI/UX, and more. Ask your developer about the services included in the maintenance program. Also, discuss maintenance services includes in the total costs of app development as well as about the periodic maintenance packages.

11) Ask about the Monetization of Your App

50% revenue of businesses is generated through their mobile apps. Discuss the possibilities of monetization and how it will be implemented in the design of the app. Also, discuss how it impacts the user experience of the app.

There are several ways to earn; for instance, you can charge for downloading your app, or you can offer some features for free and some paid. You can also offer your app free for some months and then ask for a subscription fee if the user wishes to use it further. All these monetization ways must be planned with the developer to generate maximum revenue from your app.

12) Ask about the Ownership of the App

Most clients forget to discuss the ownership rights of their mobile apps and end up in some major trouble. As soon as the app is completed, the app developer must give you all the rights to the app. A written document can be signed between you and the app developer in case any conflict arises in the future. The document should state that the code, design, features, and all content belongs to you.

13) Ask about the Future App Updates

Mobile apps may require frequent updates, but upgrading depends on various factors. It is essential to discuss how often your app will require updates by the developer. Some don’t find the need to update an app, and some do it every other month, depending on the requirements. Discuss all the factors beforehand, including the costs associated with it. Also, talk about the type of updates required, such as a change in technology that you’re using, additional features, changing designs, or more. Your developer must plan the update process according to your business needs.

Let’s Get Started with Your Mobile App Development!

Hiring the wrong mobile app developer will waste your time, efforts, and money. With a vision to develop a successful app, one must look deep into app developers’ techniques, expertise, work history, communication skills, and understanding of the target audience. Mobile app developers you hire must have a transparent work process and developed a successful app by bringing your dream into reality.

Finding the right mobile app developers is challenging and requires research before investing your time and money into one. The questions will help you find an efficient mobile app developer.

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