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It’s believed that a true leader is already born with some personal characteristics that identify his leadership. In general, it may be called having charisma. ​Do you believe in this statement?

​Or maybe a continuous and hard work can help you to develop some inspirational characteristics of a leader?

​Let’s discuss some qualities that an outstanding leader has, and that can be developed with ease.

1. High Level of Intuition

To know true self, to feel what is really going on inside of your body and soul, to hear the inner voice of the intuition that has already known how to do things right – this is what the most outstanding leader can do well. A true leader can’t be manipulated because he always knows what exactly he wants from life.

2. Courage and the Willingness to Take Risks

Every leader is aware of the price of comfort inactivity. That’s why between action and inaction they always choose to take their chance and to lose everything then to be scared by their own hesitation. Make mistakes because they improve your personality!

3. Self-Confidence

Self-confident people are always admired by others. They treat their life positively because they always know what they want and how to deal with the problems. No matter what happens – confidence gives them the power to get through any difficulties. It is important to differ self-confidence from self-absorption. True leadership is not about fulfilling hidden selfish intentions.

4. Strong Ability to Handle Stress

Do you believe that any success may come to a hysterical person who can’t control his emotions? You should learn some techniques on how to manage stress. Being a leader implies that you are ready to make a decision when others feel dazed and confused.

 5. Efficiency in Managing a Team Process

Organization of complex work, skills to unite people, being able to motivate them with your ideas and thoughts – the quality the most inspirational leaders must possess. It is not easy to “hold” the process and the group. The leader can always find an easy approach to any person who is involved in a process.

6. A Clear Vision of the Goal

The most inspiring leaders always see their goal, they are observant and sophisticated.

7. Inspiring Others by Own Example

Show the impressive results of your work and competence, be an example of effectiveness and success and people will follow you!

8. Analytical Thinking

​Analytical thinking is a necessary component of leadership. It gives an opportunity to solve problems quickly and efficiently, see the beginning of the road, and the final goal.

9. Respect Like-minded People

Respect others, be always ready to support like-minded people. Lack of this skill or non-desire to do it will deprive you automatically from the status of an outstanding leader. Be a part of the team, don’t be indifferent to the difficulties of people who are in the same boat with you and you’ll be able to get the shore together.

 10. Being Always One Step Ahead of Others

This advice proceeded from the one about analytic thinking. It’s like playing a chest – a good player is always ahead. But in contrast to the game you should not win your partner – you need to know more to be a good mentor for your followers.

We wish you good luck on your road to becoming a leader!

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Sandra Hayward is an experienced freelance writer at EduBirdie . She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology that is why the topics of her articles are mostly connected with this theme. 7 years after finishing university in Florida, she has worked as a career counselor. Now she continues to collaborate in this field and prepares young counselors for their future job. Sandra’s the most pleasant occupation is to help people to find their way in life and to awaken the natural potential.

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