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Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the entire world, for its enormous capability and simplicity. This leads to developers of Python being experts in some areas of Python only, it’s rare you will find somehow who can do it all. And, you don’t actually need someone who can do it all in Python, as the streams aren’t all required for one kind of project. A tunnel vision, in this case, would be essential, keeping off the cost to hire a master Python developer.

The key to making your project a success is how you plan to hire developers. We are dedicating this article to challenges during hiring Python developers.

For the fact that you will find a huge number of developers specializing in different fields of Python, we have compiled a list of challenges you are going to face. It is a brief about the actual challenges but will give you a good idea on the road to hiring Python developers.

1) Determining the cost

The cost is said to be directly proportional to the amount of experience of the developer. And finding a developer in a budget can be a real challenge sometimes. Especially in the case of Python, you can’t be so sure about the money the developer asks for. A core Python expert with 4 years of expertise might be much costlier than a Django developer with 7 years of experience.

The cost while hiring Python developers will certainly vary a lot, depending on the specialization of the developer. So, rather than hiring a core python developer for doing everything, hire 2 less experienced ones to keep the balance. This way, you will save a significant cost, while significantly reducing the total development time.

We know hiring 2 developers instead of one is going to be double the challenge, but is it? Finding a top expert core Python developer would be much tougher than finding 2 moderate experienced ones. The fact is that the best ones may be engaged with software development firms already or are into some big MNCs for years.

Finding one from the already too few might happen to be much more difficult. If you because of the complexity of your project, need to hire an expert Python developer, you will need a team and resources accordingly. We suggest you rather hire a Python development company for your project, comparing the cost and effort for both.

2) Actually finding a developer

There are a few popular places where the Python developers hang out on the internet, we bet you know about most of them. Websites like Upwork and Fiverr are top hits for job searching for many freelance Python developers. And, if you want to see which ones are greatest contributors in the community, there’s always Reddit and Github to follow.

If you are adamant about spending minimum resources on finding Python developers, you have always got job portals and consultancies. These people work as mediators between the employee and employer, for a nominal fee of course. These points will help you get through the phase when you have to make the tough choice.

You will mostly find limited resource pool in your particular area, we suggest you at least scale the search to the entire country. But since there are more Python developers each day, you will surely find someone who can get the work done. And finally, there’s always already set up Python development companies, which can lend you their strength for building your project.

3) Choosing between remote and in office

Both developers certainly do the same thing, but working with them is a completely different experience and feat. If you are building a team without one real manager, we suggest you go for the in-office only. The fact that you particularly need someone to look after the team is absolute in the case of remote workers. But to be honest, looking for developers to work in your office at a specific location is a tough job.

Most of the people aren’t looking forward to changing their location, but would happily be doing work remotely. There’s also always a choice to hire full-time remote developers, it is up to you to decide. The cost isn’t going to be different much significantly, but if you hire someone remotely from someplace like India, you might get a real bargain.

Another substantial problem is getting people who are comfortable in working remotely, at your end. That includes yourself too, you need to learn how to manage remote workers to take full advantage of this type of employment. But hiring someone at your location could be a pain like we said above. Below some points would take care of deciding if you should hire someone from a job portal to work in your office.

4) Finding the one with the right experience

There’s Machine learning, AI development, Web development, and so much more being done with Python. Python also plays a huge part in Data Science, essentially separating all these fields are the developers who have mastered them. You will find developers working for all kinds of things in Python, but you need to check their relevant experience for your particular field and project’s requirement.

Obviously with increasing complexities, the challenge to find and hire Python developers to increase multiple folds. If you are searching for someone who can build you a project on machine learning, these challenges would be multiple folds tougher than to find someone who can create a website for you. All of these points, cost to hire, difficulty to find, vary highly considering the niche you are planning to hire them for.

It all comes down to finding the one with the right amount of experience to balance all factors. You need to understand the basics of your project and build a custom team that can make bits and binds them together to work for your project. As we mentioned above, hiring two moderate levels is better than hiring one top-level Python developer.

5) Python frameworks

Because of the vastness of Python, developers have taken the road to frameworks. The frameworks make development much less redundant and easier while consuming much lesser time than generic development. There are Python frameworks for anything and everything you can do with Python. Most developers you find will be experts in one or more frameworks, that’s just how it works these days.

We have some of the top Python frameworks listed already, and of course, you need to choose one before starting to look for developers. Our list will help you with the basics of top Python frameworks, you will need to research the rest according to your niche and project requirements. With a framework to be used for your project’s development, both cost and development type will be greatly reduced.

With some top frameworks like Django, Turbogears, Dash, development is faster and easier for developers. All of them serve a particular purpose in the line of development, and there are some full-stack frameworks too. With the vastness of Python, frameworks make it a lot easier to get a grasp of different functionalities and uses of Python. Most developers you will find will be an excelling in one or more of the top Python frameworks, choose depending on your requirements.

6) Core Python development skills

Even though this is one of the most underrated conditions for hiring a developer, it is very necessary to focus on it when hiring for managers. The fact remains that all these frameworks and uses of Python have originated from core Python. Finding someone with deep understanding and knowledge of core python will require real effort. The fact that we focused on hiring them as managers for your project remains, and this is a universally understood fact.

So, you are going to pay a lot more salary to someone with a piece of fundamental knowledge, but is it worth it? It is for you to decide depending on the complexity of your project. If you are anywhere near touching AI and ML, you are surely going to need a team of fundamental experts, along with those who can work in these streams of Python.

So, make a choice depending on your niche, or take help from some of the top Python development companies as they already have some of the best fundamentally strong Python developers. The path to choose is yours, the scale of the project will especially matter for this particular point, as it’s going to cost a significant amount that goes into development.


We have discussed some of the most important challenges you are going to face while hiring a Python developer. Weighing in all the factors will help you on various levels of planning your project. Of course, you can decide if you want something or not depending on the complexity of your project, but some things are a must. Check for knowledge as the top priority, but also ensure the cost to knowledge ratio remains in your favor.

Python is vast, one of the most capable of all development languages. The world of Python development has a lot of things on offer, any type of project can be accomplished with the right Python developers on your side.

We know it is difficult to weigh in all these factors in the right amount, but it is a must for the long-term sustainability of your project.

Also, make sure the one managing the project knows the inside out of Python, as that’s going to make a huge difference overall. If you somehow fail to find the top Python developers, you can always outsource to the Python development companies.

The experience of these companies counts and they also happen to employ both the fundamentally strong for managing the projects, and those who excel in particular frameworks, for building the projects. We hope our article would have been of some help to you, we wish you the best for your future endeavors.

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Jitu Bhaskar is one of the founders of SemiDot Infotech, a website and mobile application development company having offices in the US and the UK. Jitu Loves working with Startups and Entrepreneurs to create a better world.

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