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Having an exceptional mobile app idea is just the beginning of a journey that requires continuous efforts. When you are ready with your app idea, it is another battle to find the right Android developer.

While hiring for such a developer, a manager or the recruiting person needs to keep in mind a number of considerations. Beginning from finding a developer with the right skill set to reach a person who is open to new learnings, the prerequisites of finding the resource may vary from company to company.

An Android developer needs to focus on a number of areas including app functionality, accessibility, performance, usability, security, and everything else that could add value to an app and retail users as well.

Advanced Android devices have modern requirements and they are also supposed to offer a personalized user experience across different devices along with versions of the operating systems. The developers need to create solutions for other such challenges that they will have while developing any app.

Let’s Have A Look At Android Developer Responsibilities:

Right from developing and designing the application to fixing the apps at the end, the responsibility of Android developers varies quite literally. Here is a brief of the duties that such developers need to perform:

1) Translating Wireframes Into High-Quality Designs

Android developers need to create a quality design from wireframes. Wireframes are developed so that an initial app architect can be developed to be followed as a design guideline to create the app.

2) Creating, Building, and Maintaining High-quality Codes

Writing high-quality code is the most basic job requirement expected by every Android developer out there in the market. Not only writing these codes is important but also implementing them correctly forms a part of the job.

3) Ensuring App Responsiveness

The responsiveness of an application allows it to open on a range of devices irrespective of the device size. Responsiveness is important so that the user’s experience on any of the devices is not compromised.

4) Identifying Bottlenecks And Fixing Bugs

Android developers need to be skilled and efficient enough to find bottlenecks in applications and fix the bugs as well. Fixing bugs is the primary skillset of the job responsibility of an Android developer.

5) Evaluate And Implement New Technology

The onset of new and innovative technology is one reason why developers need to learn all about the new technologies that are coming in the Android app development space. Evaluating these technologies will help developers keep learning about them.

Now that we have a brief on the responsibilities of Android developers, let’s now focus on the challenges that come across while hiring an Android developer:

Finding Out the Skill Set of Developers

You could find Android developers with varied skills, but the one that you should invest in is someone having good years of experience.

The experience your developer possesses will surely be reflected in the assigned project and therefore it is important to contact someone who has great knowledge of coding.

The practice of coding is something that developers polish over the years. The more the experience, the efficient will be the coding. So, the experience of developers matters when it is about efficiency.

In order to hire people with the right skill set, a test, in the beginning, will greatly help to know about their skill-set. Asking subject-related questions or the ones that are related to the project will also assess the expertise of the selected candidates.

Figuring Out Developer’s Technical Skill

Android developers must possess technical skills, more precisely the coding abilities to be able to do their jobs efficiently and fast.

Thus, it is important to find out whether the developers are good at this particular skill set. Knowing about a developer’s expertise in coding will further help you acknowledge if they are worth hiring.

Interview the developers on their expertise in Java, Android SKD, APIs, Android Studies and all other programming languages, so that you could know more about the potential of the developer.

A developer with good technical knowledge and some great years of experience can prove to be an asset to the company. Hiring such talented developers will always contribute to the growth of the company.    

Android Developer

Hiring Developers Under The Budget

Android is one of the most popular platforms among developers and custom software development companies to create their apps.

As the popularity of this platform is always on a rise the cost of development keeps on increasing depending upon the specific requirements of clients.

It becomes more of a task to find a developer who is experienced enough to offer the services within a company’s prescribed budget. The prerequisite with this search is not only to find a developer but an experienced professional as well.

Great developers are expensive as well as hard to find. Therefore, the search needs to be specific enough in nature to find the best resource.

Choosing Developer From A Company Or Finding A Freelance Resource

This is the very first requirement that you must think of and make a decision on as soon as the requirement of hiring an Android developer comes across.

Choosing between a freelance resource and a professional from a company are two different things with their own set of pros and cons.

While hiring a resource from the company you will have someone who can easily be relied upon. It is easier to get the information on the development of your project and in case you want to contact the developer, he will always remain available for the same.

Choosing a freelancer has other pros and some cons as well. And while choosing such a resource, it is always better to go with an experienced professional.

With freelancers, there could be some issues of reliability and connecting to them can also become tough sometimes. So, going with a professional who has some good years of experience is always the best move.  

Finding the Developer’s True Potential

Interviewing any developer is no easy job and finding the true potential of the developer is even tougher. So, the ideal move here is to interview the developer on different fonts like the technical skills, coding, and logical thinking capabilities, and a bit of communicating abilities.

For getting information on all these areas, it is better to interview developers on a real project that has already been done in the past.

Communication, on the other hand, is not very much important for developers but the inability of developers to communicate with the clients can be a big hindrance in any of the projects. So, some basic communication skills must always be there with the developers.

So, let the developer go through a documented test and before selecting your resources never forget to have a face-to-face interaction with them. This will help to know more and more about the personal skill of the professional.

A Note On Setting Up The Requirement For Android Developer

a) Write Down Your Initial Goal

Figure out your initial goal and write down all the requirements you have. This will clarify your requirements for the developer. This will also help to understand the level of the project and how it should be done.

b) Describe a Bit About The Required Functionality

You are hiring a developer either to develop an app or to create a website; therefore, it is advised to describe a bit about the required functionality. This gives a clear development idea to the developer. The functionality requirements should be laid out clearly in order to offer the utmost visibility to developers.

Bring a Complete Development Picture

It is always good to bring a complete development picture to developers and allow them enough time to figure out their strategy around it. Developers have their own working and logical thinking styles; therefore, it is always good to tell all the requirements to them and let them develop their strategies around it.

In conclusion

Skilled developers are hard to hire, especially ones who will understand the vision of your project. You may even find it difficult to make an initial connection with the developers and if the problem seems similar to you it is best to utilize social media platforms to outreach developers.

Moreover, it is not just about hiring developers but also retaining them for longer if the very first step of hiring has been done successfully.

The hiring strategy you will deploy needs to be strategic enough to get a talent on board that is capable enough to provide all the required services. Hiring a developer is to make a lot of investment and therefore you must get a good return on the investment made in this direction.

Therefore, keep all the above-listed points into the mind in order to find a skilled developer within your budget and as per the requirement. A thorough background check of the developer will also help to know about their experience and their expertise as well.

An elaborated discussion at the beginning will also help to know about the developer and to tell your requirements to him.

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