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If you are looking for a job or a change in your current profile, then there are ample lots of options available throughout. The catch, however, is that: one, not all the options are for everyone; two, not all options may be versatile enough to accommodate you; three, not all options may provide a professional boost and opportunities all the time.

While the last option will remain applicable to everything, there are time periods in which opportunities are created and available for grabs. Some of such opportunities have walked in with 2018 also.

Several professional fields have gained traction in the recent times, due to technological advancements and changes that followed. Also, since some of these are in their infancy, they require training and educational support to the professionals working on them.

This is where certification courses enter since they are yet to be induced in the regular educational syllabus, leave alone graduates coming up anytime soon. Thus, they offer a competitive edge for freshers and experienced individuals alike.

Experience in related field or work profile will always lead, but the difference is small and can be overcome without much difficulty.

So here are the hottest certification and training courses to look for in 2018:

1. Big Data Analytics and Data Science

Data Analytics - Certifications To Boost Your Job Search

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It is one of the most promising careers of current times with very less competition and high demands. The pays are very high and the work profile is exciting in itself, especially for those who like to work on strategy and data.

Data science combines a variety of data for statistical analysis and provides in-depth insights into markets and consumer communities. The right tools and methods are precisely what Big Data Analytics Certifications focus on to extract the required information.

Many big businesses have started to look into big data for information that was missing before but may now be extracted. It is used in product development, marketing strategy, financial services, and many more aspects of (many) businesses.

Often, the field itself is known as Business Intelligence, an old terminology in a newer form. Many institutes and centers have reported higher on-campus job offers for students pursuing big data certification than any other courses.

2. Machine Learning and AI

Artificial Intelligence - Certifications To Boost Your Job Search

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With the advent of self-learning algorithms and increasing significance of data analytics, machines have been assigned a lot of tasks to monitor, collect, segregate, and use data to execute functions without manual help.

With better statistical models and programming, machines have started to perform a lot of complicated tasks within time limits. These kind of systems are in high demand and being used in many digital and non-digital aspects of businesses, mostly on the consumer end (and thus the up-to-date and continuously evolving results).

Machine learning certification courses educate individuals in developing self-evolving software systems. Basic knowledge of software development is essential to excel in machine learning certification. Although it is not bound by it opening many career options in software and algorithm development.

The current work on Artificial Intelligence and its applications have made machine learning a must in most software works, especially the ones online.

Also, these algorithms are being custom designed to fulfill the needs of departments like marketing, HR, finance, and so on and thus have a diverse scope in most businesses.

3. Media, Content, and Digital Marketing 

Marketing Team - Certifications To Boost Your Job Search

While the professional fields related to media had always harbored a lot of jobs and opportunities, it is the era of digital media that brought it to the forefront of them all. And as the competition is growing, the ever-evolving nature of digital media is creating opportunities at all ends, at all times.

Among these are the lines of digital marketing and content marketing, which have captured the job market by storm in the past few years. And media and content creation are the most important aspects of either with no horizons to creative individuals.

The catch here is that one has many options in digital coursework starting from content marketing certification, graphic design and content writing courses on the creative front to PR and advertising courses, and digital marketing certifications in general on the technical front.

These certifications help grasp the latest and best practices on either front with the required subtleties and also, get an edge alongside experienced individuals.

Some of these courses also host internships and industrial training for practical learning. And most importantly, they are open to all with practically no starting criterion to be met.

Worthy Mention

Project Management Professionals (PMP): PMP has been an evergreen option for professional boost to any profile. The only limitation with PMP was that it was applicable for senior to management level profiles.

But with the digital era here, projects have diversified and the young nature of works being conducted, even starting profiles can get an edge with it. PMP has become a plus with entry level management and mid-senior profiles as well.

And for the upcoming era in the digital world, there are going to be plenty more options that’ll open in-situ the above or independently. For instance, AR/VR/MR are under reckless development with strategic uses in marketing, entertainment, and advertising already in line with them.

Similarly, Internet of Things (IoT) has already entered markets backed by machine learning and AI-based backend systems. Big Data analytics has become an ad hoc to the advertising and many other industries though still needs improvements.

These trends and technological advancements are creating more and more jobs by the, or shall we say, replacing a lot of traditional jobs. Thus the demand of the hour for professionals is to evolve and advance hand in hand with them.

And the mentioned certifications are just one of the first (and early) steps to it.

With evolving times, it is imperative to enter the industries early for, one, career is a marathon, you have to run long and go far in limited time, two, once in any industry, one can learn and evolve with it taking in the required experience to move ahead without the need of certifications but only and evolving work experience can bring that edge.

So, go ahead and get your career the required boost. There is a saying; 

“Go as far as you can see, then you’ll see further.”


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