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For photographers, there’s always one burning question at the forefront of their minds: how to make money? Most people who want to get into the industry think that they have to set up their own company, do all their own marketing, and generally go through all the hassle of starting up. But it turns out that there are actually many more opportunities in the industry than most people realize.

The cool thing about a lot of the photography jobs on offer is that you still get to work independently. Photographers get to be their own boss, for the most part, and get to embark on a bunch of fun and exciting projects. Some jobs require a photography course or even a degree, but given the availability of training today, most budding photographers won’t find this to be a problem.

1. Forensic Photographer

If you’ve always loved investigating things, or like Sherlock Holmes stories, then a career as a forensic photographer might be for you. The purpose of forensic photography is to inspect crime scenes, get up close and personal with the evidence, and look for clues for wrongdoing. It’s all very exciting, and a critical part of the legal process.

The job of forensic photographers is to make sure that their images accurately represent the crime scene. The job involves doing things like taking pictures of fingerprints.

Most forensic photography jobs require training at a police academy as well as around three years of existing photography experience. It also helps if you have some sort of background in criminology or law enforcement.

2. High School Teacher in Photography and Visual Arts

When it comes to the job market, teachers get a pretty sweet deal. They get way more time off work, thanks to the school calendar. And union membership means that their pay is often bumped up, well above that which they’d be able to earn with a job in the private sector. Because of this, teaching has its benefits. But things get even better when you get to introduce the next generation to photography – a passion you love.

To get a career in photography teaching in a school usually requires a college degree, but not always. Many private schools hire on the basis of talent, rather than bureaucratic requirements, meaning that people without a college degree can still find work in these environments. Budding photography teachers can get a feel for what the job is like by shadowing another teacher in the role.

3. Portrait Photographer

There’s big demand right now for people to take quality photos of families. People want to be able to look back with a sense of nostalgia on critical times in their family’s past. It’s your job to facilitate those memories – but it involves a lot more than just taking the shot.

You’ll have to work with families, and screaming children, to get them to pose in the right way. And you’ll have to come up with compositions that reflect the unique nature of each family.

Excellent interpersonal skills are required, as well as a strong portfolio of portrait clients if you’re looking for a career in photography.

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