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In the future, industrial automation will continue to decrease the need for human workers in the developed world.

Jobs like trucking are slowly being transferred to self-driving trucks. As businesses can save a good deal of money on labor over the long term. Even white-collar careers such as the paralegal and clerical fields are highly susceptible to automation by computer programs.

So how can one ensure that they will be employable as this drastic societal change occurs?

This problem can be mitigated by observing trends in the economy and finding sectors that will grow long into the future. In this article, we will introduce you to the three safest sectors in which to launch your career.

1. “Green Jobs”

Renewable Energy

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As demand for dirty and finite fossil fuels decreases, wind and solar energy are taking their place. With governments across the Global North trying to meet Paris Climate Protocol targets, it only makes sense to enter into this innovative and potentially lucrative field.

In the automation field of green jobs, one can become a…

  • Wind turbine technician, constructing and maintaining power-generating windmills. Though wind is a renewable resource, the infrastructure needed to keep these turbines running must constantly be repaired and refitted. This means that wind turbine technicians will have jobs well into the foreseeable future.
  • Green construction worker, building structures powered by wind, solar, geothermal and fuel cell technology. Insulation and energy efficiency are important parts of this career path, and management positions such as site foreman and others offer upward mobility.
  • Or a Solar Energy Panel Installer, equipping both commercial and residential properties with clean energy. With subsidies propping up the industry worldwide and with the cost of solar panels steadily decreasing, solar panel experts have a bright future ahead of them (pun intended).

2. Healthcare

The wellness industry was $3.72 trillion sectors in 2016 and is only expected to grow in the future as the population in the developed world ages.

These senior citizens will need more healthcare workers to support them as they get older and less healthy. But you do not need a medical degree from a prestigious institution to take part in this burgeoning field.

This includes:

  • Home health aides – Home health care employment in the United States is projected to grow to more than 2 million by 2020, a 6% increase since 2010.
  • Pharmacy Technician – The pharmaceutical industry will be a $1.12 trillion industry by 2022, and there is a huge need for knowledgeable chemists.
  • Nurses Nursing has a low barrier to entry, with certification programs lasting as little as one year. And with a wide array of specializations, one can find the best nursing field for them.

These jobs will perfectly suit people who have the urge to directly help people live better and longer lives. One can work for a company that sells medical devices, whether you are designing new products or marketing existing ones to hospitals.

Health IT Specialists tie work into both the health field and our next sector…

3. Information Technology

Information technology is pervasive in our lives: nearly everyone carries a smartphone. Practically every industry is becoming more and more dependent on high tech.

It is unlikely that this trend will abate anytime soon, so consider the following:

  • Web developer, creating and maintaining the websites we use to research, shop and connect with our peers;
  • Software engineer, creating the apps we use on our phones and on our tablets.
  • Information and Communications Technologies Professional: ICT job availability grew 38.6% from 2011-2015 in the EU, showing a marked increase in demand for this skill. Global telecommunications networks continuing to expand, meaning a need for more laborers to build and maintain them.

Finding Your Career in the 21st Century

Knowing what fields are poised to grow and which are dying is good career advice for any professional, young or old. Though there are other sectors of the global economy that are poised for growth, these three are perhaps the most stable and lucrative.

So if you’re just entering the job market or are looking to make a career switch to automation, consider these three fields!

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