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With so many careers to choose from, what is the best path to pursue in life?

If you enjoy helping people through tragedy, injury, or legal troubles, then the following careers might be the best choice for you.

Becoming a radiologist, anesthesiologist, lawyer, or social worker will help you help other people and make an impact on people’s lives. In many cases, you can literally save people in these professions.

1. Radiologist

Radiologists are one of the most integral parts when doctors make a diagnosis. In short, a radiologist’s job is to determine when a patient needs an x-ray examination.

This helps gather information about the patients’ medical issues, and a diagnosis can be made to address a patient’s bodily ailment. A bachelor of radiation science technology is usually a requirement to begin working in the field of radiology. And for good reason as it can be a very complicated field.

The benefit of deciding to be a radiologist is that you get the chance to diagnose major diseases and help ease a patient’s pain or save a life.

2. Anesthesiologist

“An anesthesiologist is a doctor (MD or DO) who practices anesthesia,” says the Hospital for Special Surgery, which specializes in talking about medical professions.

Anesthesiologists use anesthetics to sedate a patient during a painful surgery or operation. To pursue a career in anesthesiology, one needs a bachelor’s degree, a year of interning, and three years at an anesthesia practice. This profession takes about 7 to 8 years to get into, which is typical of medical fields.

3. Lawyer

While lawyers don’t usually receive a good reputation, given their knowledge of law and politics, being a lawyer is an important career in helping people.

If helping people is what you want to do. Becoming a lawyer for individuals is a great way to help people through legal disputes and even financial troubles. Most lawyers go through several years of law school.

4. Social Worker

As humbling as medical professions but without the salary, social workers help people in mental or emotional needs. They help individuals get through tough times and clinical social workers usually treat mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders.

Social workers usually require a bachelor’s degree, but clinical social workers need a master’s degree.

These are some of the many fields you can work in to help people. These careers allow you to specialize in saving people’s lives. Also in helping patients in need, or provide law advice to people. These careers will allow you to make a difference.

When choosing a career you want to work in, it’s difficult to determine the right course of action. There those of us that would choose to put others ahead of ourselves, and assisting those in need isn’t just rewarding. It’s selfless, which in itself is rewarding.

For those wanting selfless careers, no matter the tasks involved, these will embody you with the means to do so.

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