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Toronto is one of a handful of cities with a significant portion of the global finance industry; Bay Street is not only ranked 10th on the Global Financial Centres Index, but it has also been the fastest-growing market since the recession of 2009.

If you are already working at banking, insurance, accounting, marketing, or wealth management firm in Toronto, you’ve started your career off on the right foot.

You don’t want to lose out on two years of working experience or lose your foothold in the industry where you belong, which can make pursuing an MBA vs. career question a difficult one.

Fewer companies today sponsor employees to take MBAs than in the past, and those that do offer less, while tuition costs have risen. However, for those seeking an upwardly mobile career, especially in the financial industry, an MBA is not optional, and in order to succeed you need to find the time and the funding to pursue this degree.

Fortunately, part-time MBA programs are becoming more common across Canada and in Toronto, meaning you can continue to work full time while attending classes on alternate weekends.

Attending school part-time is an effective way to stay out of debt while you study, and while part-time programs like the one offered at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics can take 3.3 years (longer than the 12 months a one year program should take), those are years of work experience you won’t miss out on. It also allows you to pivot quickly, taking theories learned in class and applying them to your job without losing any of these important skills while you look for your next job.

Toronto is a great city to both work and study in, not only because it has a rich supply of corporate headquarters and job opportunities (the financial services industry alone currently employs more than 200,000 people).

Campuses like the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics are located downtown, close to Bay Street and nearby a number of transit lines, including the subway, streetcars, and main GO station at Union.

The city is also home to plenty of networking events across industries, whether you want to focus on finance, marketing, accounting, or any of the specializations available to graduate B-school students.

When you’re investigating part-time MBA programs in Toronto, find a program that will work around your life and schedule like the MBA at Lazaridis.

You will be busy and it will take a lot of energy, but you don’t have to sacrifice your career or your family life in order to earn better qualifications that will take your career to the next level.

Plus, you are less likely to depend on going into debt through student loans or lines of credit to finance your degree if you can earn money while you study.

It’s an especially appealing option if you want to work in Toronto’s robust finance sector as it provides you with the freedom to stay with a firm through your study years while you earn the qualifications you need to take that next step.

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