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Experiencing success in career is not everything about training yourself technically and professionally in the best manner possible, rather there are some other things you need to understand.

There are times when your teachers or parents might tell you to kick the irrelevant drama out of your life, and yes, they are right. Instead, focus on the things that really matter.

There has been enough talk about the been-there, frequently-tried tips including intense workouts, be less stressed, take a vacation, etc. and other exaggerated suggestions to get your life on track.

As for this discussion, we are going to discuss some career-boosting, unsaid tips that you need to acknowledge if you are to make a fresh start and enjoy unparalleled success in your careers.

1. Learn a Skill That Has No Practical Use in Your Life

It might come as a surprise, but Steve Jobs explored calligraphy and genuinely appreciated the artistry and beauty of the field. Addressing at Stanford in 2005, Jobs admitted that studying calligraphy undoubtedly wasn’t the most practical thing he has ever done in his life.

At that time, he did not know that the sense of design he acquired will help him greatly in presenting the concept of Apple in the coming years.

This is what we need to learn from this case. Assume you have always wanted to assemble a car from spare parts, bake new delicacies, learn photography, etc., try to learn any new skill that you always had a thing for by reading a book or hiring a teacher.

The foremost thing to realize is: don’t think about its practicality in your current job or career, instead, just focus on the fun and learning aspect. We never know, where the new knowledge leads us.

2. Acquire Experience That Stretches Your Limits

There are no shortcuts to career growth and promotions in your workplace, unless you earn for it by learning new skills in order to enhance your experience and command in your field.

For example, volunteering up to promote your company and its offerings in different industry and corporate gatherings, hence, attaining the brand exposure your upper level management has been striving for, making you qualified for promotions and recognition.

Even if the activity does little or nothing to stretch your experience outside the comfort zone of your career, it is always a win in the form of making new connections, acquire fresh insights in the industry, and eventually, discovering more about yourself.

As stated above, stepping out of your comfort zone might not directly influence your career or job growth, but it could potentially open new doors to lucrative destinations previously unknown.

3. Learn One Technical Skill

Doesn’t matter if you are a management science student and had no relationship with technical skills throughout your academic tenure, but the requirements in the corporate life can change drastically. The demands in your existing job may not mandate you, but a technical expertise, even a know-how, will always benefit you sooner or later in your career.

Obviously, no one is expecting you to become well-versed in advanced coding or create top-notch 3D graphics worthy of catching a frame in a DreamWorks or Pixar movie, but learning basic to intermediate level skills is always on the cards and easily available from various online resources.

You can always consult Lynda.com or Codeacademy.com and watch interactive and promising tutorials to help you in this regard.

If it’s Photoshop or Illustrator, there are plenty of resources to get you started for exploring the design tools. Take classes offered by Skillshare or CreativeLive to start yourself learning Adobe tools.

In short, today professionals should examine the trends in the digital industry, and the presence of even the basic technical skills in your resume can prove to be a huge boost in your career or the next job application.

human resources during the covid 19 pandemic

4. Read Career-inspiring Books

Okay, here I am not talking about endlessly-dragging articles probing the dos and don’ts in your career, rather quality books written by industry professionals providing comprehensive, yet powerful tips on how to elevate your career and locate new opportunities.

People might argue that their highly consumed professional and personal life leaves little to indulge in activities such as book reading. Whatever the reason, it is always worth it to take out some time and read productive titles, the ones that will make you think and motivate you to keep moving forward.

Travel to your local bookstores, navigate through Amazon, or get library memberships to get the titles you want to read. Ideally, it is advised to read at least 3 titles per year in varying fields, but the more, the better.

5. How about a Natural, Unplugged Weekend?

Here we are not talking about unplugging yourself from normal routine in life, but the Wi-Fi in your home. We have become more than reliant on technology, locking us behind the bars of internet.

Reading and answering emails, checking Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, reading important articles, even watching the new episode of Game of Thrones, are just to name a few things we do every day.

This is why it is advised to disconnect from internet once a while, especially on weekend, and experience the relief and harmony in store. Staying away from your phone or laptop for a couple of days is going to do no harm, but will only safeguard you from falling in the danger zone of burnout.

Besides that, you can also reenergize your intellect and creativity by using the time in extracurricular activities, the things that brings out the true happiness in you. Taking a clear, distraction-free mind to work on Monday will help you see your job responsibilities and career prospects with a whole new perspective.

6. Consider Every Relationship as Life-long

You might be tempted to move abroad and seize a mighty 6-figure offer, or simply want to quit your current workplace due to falling out of the good books from your manager.

But the digitalization has integrated the global industry closer than ever, the person you know today might be the same person you will be paired to work with in 2, 3 or 10 years. The person could be a candidate sitting behind the desk for an interview, a business partner, or even your future manager.

The point to understand is that when we cater every relationship as a lasting relationship, we tend to become more giving, patient, and comfortable to be around.

This might seem more of a personal aspect rather than something related to career or professional development, but learning to work well with people helps the individual understand things, opportunities, and other prospects with more maturity and unbiasedness.

The drill is simple, try to give first without expecting anything in return from anyone. Try to connect with people in a healthy manner through social media, emails, or any networking event.

When at office, you can sit with your team members or manager at lunch and talk about life in general. The purpose is to learn the world from various perspectives.

Who knows what new doors open in the quest of your career growth through interaction with different personalities and mindsets?

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Lewis Cross is a certified career development trainer and has conducted numerous sessions for both students and professionals worldwide. Besides his core expertise and passion in writing informative blogs on related topics, Lewis is also a specialist aiming to assist degree program students in their respective academic disciplines at  Papers Crux

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