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We live in the information age and technology has revolutionized our lives in unprecedented ways providing many exciting opportunities for anyone to pursue.

One of the places where you can make an extra buck is writing. In the writing industry, there are new careers that have come up like blogging and the old ones like speechwriting have taken evolved to reflect the needs of the information age.

In this article, some of the top writing careers that have remained relevant are discussed. Whether you are an expert or a newbie in the industry, this article has something for you to consider when evaluating your career options in writing.

1. Copywriter

A copywriter develops and edits content for advertisements. It is an old career that focuses on creating relevant content to target audiences in a bid to increase sales.

Lately, in the age of the internet, copywriters’ demand has increased dramatically owing to the new volumes of content brands have to publish to remain competitive and relevant.

Some copywriters have even specialized in specific advertisement platforms such as social media or mainstream media advertising only.

A copywriter can be self-employed or attached to a specific advertisement firm where he/she can work part-time or full time. For self-employed copywriters, they can serve different clients as per need basis.

If you can come up with creative content that can be published in mainstream media, social media, brochures, flyers, etc. copywriting has career growth prospects as one can grow to establish and run his/her advertising firm.

2. Speech Writer

Speechwriting is a lucrative career in writing which is dreaded by many but offers handsome rewards for those who dare venture into it. The speech is meant for public presentation and must consider various variables such as time, the audience, and flow.

Be ready to learn especially the appropriate use of rhetorical strategies. Rhetoric is a critical part of this career choice since the main aim of speeches is to persuade or inform and as a speechwriter you ought to learn and master these skills.  

You can speech write for professionals or public figures. If you can articulate issues for the public in a simple, clear, and concise manner, then you can try your hand in this field.

On the other hand, if you are a professional speechwriter, you can reach more prospective clients on a site like Essay Zoo. Harness the power of the internet and create a powerful portfolio to pitch to prospective clients.

3. Journalist

Journalism is not a new field of writing, but it has evolved and gives newbies and professionals a uniform platform to prove their expertise.

Journalism has changed in the age of interconnected computing and rather than the scheduled periodic news published after a specific period; today journalists have to continue writing and preparing news for the masses as they happen.

Almost every story has become breaking news to ensure media houses stay ahead of social media to otherwise they will become irrelevant. Therefore, this has created a new demand for journalists who can write and report stories very fast.

If you believe you are cut out for this, find a way to delving into the profession. It is not only prestigious but also pays well.  As a journalist, you can be attached to media houses or agencies and work full time or part-time.

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4. Screenwriter

If you are into writing creative stories, you can try screenwriting. It is a career that does not necessarily need formal education but good storytelling skills and imagination.

Mostly, screenwriters are hired on a contractual basis. The culmination of creativity and good storytelling is the perfect recipe for this field and can catapult you to fame. The field is well-paying but it requires persistence and adaptability to pen down a script that can be funded for production.

For a start, you can start mailing spec scripts to talent agencies and be ready to learn or work at times for free to build your skill. If your career takes off, it is worth the patience and efforts you put into it.

One more thing, you do not necessarily need to move to Los Angeles to start your career, the writing profession is a skill independent of location.

Your writing skills can earn you recognition in Hollywood or any other industry in the world if your scripts are good enough to.

5. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is an old field that has evolved and remained relevant in the writing industry. It entails people hired to write scripts or presentations for public figures. Academic ghostwriters have to work closely with their clients to establish their needs and they must come up with the content to meet the needs of their clients.

Ghostwriting is not entirely as many people perceive it as long as it does not violate the agreement between the two parties. Since ghostwriting entails being hired to author content that will be passed on not as your own but at the hiring manager’s discretion, many ghostwriters tend to charge their services expensively since they must relinquish their rights.

It is a writing profession like any other, and you should focus on getting your dues rather than publicity for your work.

6. Author

Writers are the geniuses behind books or play. Authors deliver manuscripts to editors to proofread and publish. The author mainly takes the credit for the work and a percentage of the royalties or as per the agreement.

The process of authoring and publishing a book is tedious and may require months or years of your efforts. You can also find other like-minded individuals with interest in the same field and partner to co-author something.

Although it is an old writing style, it is likely to be around in the foreseeable future so you are not too late for the party.

Succinctly, there are many diverse writing careers, and you can choose one that best suits you best. But whichever it is you choose, you must dedicate your resources and time to learn how to deliver quality.

Most importantly, learn and adapt. It is the only lifeline anyone has in this industry.

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