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Being an English teacher has handed you the opportunity to help people from many different walks of life, on a journey to improving their language and communication skills.

You were often hesitant about making clear cut career choices because you thought it would narrow down the number of prospects for your future. It turns out that there are a variety of avenues you can follow when becoming an English teacher.

You won’t need to be chained to a classroom for the rest of your life; you truly have the chance to choose where you go and how you branch out into the world of teaching.

Cyber School 

The online world is becoming so widespread that it is even becoming a platform for teachers to use their skills to help others. You could start your career or progress your current job, by taking up online English teaching.

All you need to do is register online and take a short interview. If you display the relevant skills, experience, and qualifications you could be hired as quickly as the following day. You will get the opportunity to work flexibly and choose most of your working hours.

This is an excellent job if you’re looking for an additional income or you want to start working from home.

One-to-One Tuition 

Startup your one to one tuition business and start advertising in your local area. This will be a more time-consuming job than online teaching as it requires face to face meetups and will most probably involve a more fixed schedule.

It is worth approaching local schools and after school clubs, so that you can volunteer your services and start to build your clients. You might notice a peak in your customers during exam periods, so it isn’t as stable as online teaching might be.

Summer holidays might cause you to fall short of work, so it is best to have a backup plan lined up just in case.

 Assist and Aid 

There are thousands of non-English speakers who enter the country every week, month, and year; they possess all of the relevant skills to obtain a good job, yet they are struggling to communicate.

Often they don’t have much disposable income to spend on tutoring so you might want to volunteer in help centers or local community support groups. 

Volunteering could help many people to build up their confidence in the English language and supply them with the grammar skills they need to write competently. You will also be able to build up the first-hand experience, so this is an ideal opportunity if you’re new to teaching.

Explore your options and open up your mind to the amazing opportunities that are waiting for you. From working flexibly online to interactive group sessions, there are many ways you can impart your knowledge to those in need.

Whether your passion lies with teaching underprivileged children or you’re enthusiastic about virtual language classes you can find the path that suits you and mold your future in English teaching.

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