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The hospitality industry is one of those industries which is not confined to itself; it manages to spill into the working of many other fields and industries. It is also intertwined with other fields like the aviation and tourism industry.

Every year, a huge number of people are recruited into the hospitality and hotel business. While a lot of fresher’s, graduates, and postgraduates try to look for jobs in the hospitality sector, a lot of people looking for a career shift also tend to flock into this industry due to its nature of work and growth opportunities.

In order to climb the ladders of success in this field, it is important to develop a skill set which consists of good communication and analytical skills, negotiation skills, should be a quick-thinker and a great team player.

While a good hospitality school will train you by industry standards, it is vital that a person should develop their own leadership skills and focus on networking which can be done by gaining some work experience.

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, hospitality management degree can land you jobs in various other fields as well. Fields like Human resources, marketing, Public relations, and sales have constantly recruited hospitality management graduates. Also, services of this sector are used in various sectors, for example, catering services are used by various corporates on a daily basis in their offices, meetings, and gatherings.

While pursuing a hospitality management degree, a student is given both, theoretical as well as practical knowledge of how the industry works, thus preparing him for challenges in the real world.

People who graduate in this field can receive employment opportunities in various positions, one of which is of course, the hotel business. Manpower is an important aspect of the hotel business as it has a lot to do with interpersonal relationships and interacting with the customers.

From front-desk managers to executives, every person serves a purpose in the management of a hotel, especially the luxury chain of hotels. Food and beverage management is another part of hospitality that sees a huge number of passionate recruiters as this field does not have a dearth of jobs.

From owning your own catering service to being employed in a professional kitchen of a five-star hotel, the range that the F&B field provides is immense.

From taking care of the accounts of a restaurant to Information technology experts in Hotels, every person who is employed has a role and responsibility.

Another field where hospitality graduates are recruited is the event management industry. The event management field recruits graduates with a communication background who have the right attitude and passion.

A lot of people often start their own venture after graduating with a hospitality degree as that gives them the freedom to implement their own ideas and be their own boss. People tend to open restaurants, eateries, start their own consultancy firms, or even a travel agency, there is no limit to the ideas that you can think of to set up your own business.

Though, people who tend to start their own venture, usually do it in a field that they have immense interest or expertise in or are really passionate about.

The aviation sector recruits hospitality management graduates for the position of in-flight attendants, air hostesses, pursers, and front-desk management.

The hospitality degree trains a person in a particular skill-set which later, can be used in various job profiles and organizations. Another industry which sees a huge influx of hospitality graduates, is the tourism and travel industry.

While the two industries are inter-dependent, they have their own requirements of employees and skillsets. The tourism and travel industry provides immense opportunity for an employee to travel.

The job prospects provided could range from travel agents to concierges at a chain of resorts. From casinos to Spas, and weddings to concerts, a degree in hospitality can take you anywhere.

There are special post-graduate degrees that are meant to provide specialized education to people working in the hospitality sector and groom them for senior and executive positions in the industry.

While work experience is considered to be very important in the industry, these specialized post graduate courses help in elevating a person’s skill and putting him in touch with the right people.

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