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As most people learn during their working lives, not all employers are created equally—nor do they treat employees equally. This means that you should look to identify the better companies to work for and what it takes to get a job offer from those companies.

Let’s take a look at some steps that you can take to find an employer that allows you to reach your full potential.

1. Network as Much as Possible

The best way to learn about companies that are worth working for is to network with as many people as possible. Typically, the best indicator of whether a company is worth working for is to get a glowing recommendation from someone who works there.

These people may be able to tell you more about the company culture, the compensation package, and other details that you might not hear in a corporate recruiting video.

2. Learn the Skills That Employers Crave

Almost all companies look for people who have good sales skills, good customer service skills, and are familiar with social media. These attributes allow you to project a positive image of the business at all times, which can make it easier to upsell new and existing clients. It may also make it more likely that they will become repeat customers who will talk up the brand whenever possible.

3. Say What Employers Want to Hear

Employers may screen applications or resumes that they receive for a given job opening with the help of certain software. If your application or resume doesn’t have the right keywords or phrases, it could be tossed before anyone reads it in detail. Reading a job posting before submitting an application could help you figure out what the screening system is looking for.

4. Put Yourself on Their Radar

If you can make a name for yourself with your current employer, you may be approached by a preferred company instead of the other way around. Those who have strong social media or blog presence may catch the attention of the top companies in a given field. That could lead to a request for an interview or some sort of working relationship going forward.

5. Which Companies Are the Best?

Yes, there are some pretty good companies all over the world that would be great for you to stick your foot in their door and one day work for them. You can find out about these companies by talking to your friends and current coworkers about their work experiences.

However, you might want to start with a little bit of online research to find out which companies are the best to work for. For example, Business Insider lists companies like Google as number one and Facebook as number five. Once you know what companies you are interested in working for, you can gear your networking strategies towards them.

Jobs are generally not just handed to people because they want them. Typically, you have to spend time developing skills and networking with others in your field or in the larger business community. When done correctly, these tactics may help you to land your dream job with a company that you have admired for many years.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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