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Many people tend to get overwhelmed by the pace in which we happen to live. Constantly struggling with stress in order to meet up with deadlines, projects and job promotions that will, undoubtedly, affect our performance in case we don’t spot those weak points in time.

It is a career that works on a constant basis with the surprise factor. Event Planners can teach us some lessons on how to cope up with stress or unexpected situations. And how to turn them out to be the best chance of improving our career. Here are some career lessons for you. 

1. Be Ready for the Unexpected

Life and work are all about meeting opportunities for personal development and taking the most from them. Of course, that’s not bound to happen if you just sit behind a desk in your comfort little bubble away from the outside world.

People who suffer from work-induced anxiety episodes happen to be the ones that don’t take adaptability in consideration. Or the ones that think everything is going to remain under the same calm conditions instead of foreseeing a storm coming along the aisle.

Just like Event Planners do, keep a plan B or even a plan C for situations in which you already know they will compromise your current working conditions. The managerial department takes in highly consideration those workers or executives who take enough time to analyse what’s surrounding them. And coming up with solutions for fixing underlying problems no one has noticed beforehand.

2. Stick Up to a Budget

This applies either to your personal life as well as for your professional one. Let’s picture the scenario in which you know you are about to get a job promotion within a month. And you already expended more than what you currently earn. As you “calculated” how much money you will make next month. That’s a huge no-no that often leads to financial struggles. And will put you at odds with your work environment as the job promotion is expected to be with more responsibility on your back.

Same can happen when you give a client an estimative of what a business deal between your company and him/her is going to cost. For such cases, you always need to consider 15 per cent of expenses for unexpected expenses. Such as a subcontract that failed, and delivery issues. Also the newly fresh ideas from your client in a last-minute term that end up making more money than you initially assumed and so on.

By doing this, not only you are protecting your reputation but also covering up the company for a potential misunderstanding. In case an unexpected event happens. And clients need to pay more money than what they originally did. It speaks lengths of a professional approach to the work to be done. It’s an important career lesson. 

3. Put Technology at Your Service

Whenever planning a presentation for a new project to the executive board of your company, you should consider the best terms to attract people’s attention. Remember this as your career lesson. Plan up to the smallest details. From brochures to your streaming presentation, but also consider creative elements you can add to make your projects look unique at corporative events. Such as customized smartphone covers, delicate pen drives with information about the project and much other etcetera we can think of when pairing technological innovation and creativity.

4. Keep Tuned with Your Agenda

Avoid overlapping events or forgotten tasks to do by properly managing an agenda where all your working contacts, projects, deadlines to meet are clearly displayed and easy to access whenever needed. Stress often leads to memory issues. As we are constantly thinking of the things we should be doing and not fulfilling at a determinate moment.

Therefore, we don’t rest as we should overnight, leading to noticeable memory blanks. It will trigger more stress events. It’s a vice circle and breaking such habit isn’t as easy as one may think.

If you don’t like feeling old fashioned by carrying an agenda everywhere, use technology for your benefit. You can do it by setting reminders at apps like Evernote, Meistertask and Google Calendar. You can set alarms for those deadlines, or even analyse how much time it took for you to complete the work pending to be done. Speaking of boosting your productivity, right?

5. When Everything Else Fails, Just Breathe

Event Planners are familiar with the very healthy method of taking a couple of minutes of their time prior to giving an answer. Why? Because we often say thoughts or accept work without realising we are overloaded at the current moment.

Instead, give yourself a couple of minutes to breathe whenever you feel pressed by the amount of work to do and look at issues from another perspective.


p style=”text-align: left;”>The world won’t be falling apart if you say you need a minute or two to collect your thoughts. Keep this career lessons in mind and Good luck!

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Vikas Agrawal is a start-up Investor and co-founder of the Infographic design agency Infobrandz that offers creative visual content solutions to medium to large companies. Content created by Infobrandz are loved, shared and can be found on very popular sites like Forbes, HuffingtonPost, BusinessInsider, Elitedaily and many others.

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