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Have you ever wondered how fantastic it would have been if you had superpowers?

Yes, superpowers: the ability to defy gravity, to run at the speed of light, to lift an airplane on your shoulders, and much more; in a nutshell, the ability to do things which aren’t humanly possible.

Our knowledge about these mind-boggling superpowers has come mostly from comic books (or graphic novels) and the movies and television shows based on them, and most of us were extremely fascinated by learning about them when we were young.

However, as we grew older, we came to realize that those comic book stories are nothing but childish imagination and they have no use in real life.

Or do they? Well, the superpowers can be a bit of exaggeration, but if you are looking for some inspiration, you may just find it hidden in those iconic fictional characters which most of us idolized in our childhood.

Adults still love and adore superheroes which is why the superhero movies are doing so great at the box office in recent times. If you have followed these superhero movies or read a few comic books, you might have learned a thing or two about bravery and kindness from your favorite superheroes.

Well, the primary idea of creating comic books was to teach children about the virtues in a fun way, by putting more graphics and fewer words. But you may be surprised to know that there are plenty of career lessons that you can learn from your favorite superheroes.

If you love reading graphic novels, you can learn more career lessons from them than 300 page-long business books. If you can’t decipher what sort of career lessons we are talking about, don’t stress because we are about to discuss them in detail.

1. Be Observant

Your career may not involve saving an airplane from crashing and stopping the goons from robbing a bank, but like any other superhero, you can be observant.

Do you think superheroes need someone over their shoulder to tell them what they should do? No, they observe what is going around them and act accordingly.

If you want to have a successful career, you also need to be more observant. You can’t always wait for your superior to tell you what needs to be done. Observe the situation, and figure out if there’s anything wrong there. It can be your golden opportunity to make a positive impression on your boss.

Think of it like the spider-sense. It triggers, whenever there’s any trouble. You may not have that superpower, but you can develop trouble-sensing ability by being observant.

You may need to listen harder than normal people, like Superman with super-hearing. Unlike in the comic book stories in the professional world, the problem usually takes a considerable amount of time to build.

While everyone else is going around happily, be the one to sense the problem, even if everything seems perfect.

2. Help Others

Having superpowers doesn’t mean you use them for your selfish needs. Does Superman only save his friend and family from danger? No.

When someone is in danger, a superhero tries to save him, even if he doesn’t know him. A superhero needs to be selfless, and that is what most of them are (well, Deadpool is technically is an anti-hero, so don’t count him in this context). Superheroes have saved bad people from dangers plenty of times.

Learn this as one of the most important career lessons. In your career, you can also be a person who helps others even if he doesn’t know the other person. Helping others helps you to gel well with others, and earns you respect even from your competitors.

Don’t be selective about the people you are going to help. Also, don’t help others expecting that they will help you back. It is a selfless activity, but certainly, a good thing that adds more value to your character and your career.

3. Put the Need of Others Before Yours

Life is a series of choices, and here you need to make sacrifices and compromises to succeed. The professional life is also full of compromises and sacrifices, but that should never let you down.

You need to look into the bigger picture. The world doesn’t revolve around you. You need to think about the people around you and consider their opinions. If you only think about having an expensive car or owning a luxurious bungalow, it may not be the ideal approach to pursue a career.

Have you ever seen Superman or Captain America caring about their good? Heroes always put the needs of others ahead of theirs, which makes them Heroes.

You won’t have to save someone falling from the 53rd floor, but you can make a difference by caring deeply about the needs of others.

Justice League

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4. Bring Some Creativity to Save the Day

You must have noticed that once the bad guys are defeated, they return with more groundwork which makes it more difficult for the Heroes to beat them every time with the same technique.

To save the day, they need to come up with different ideas. Professional life isn’t very different from this. The same solution may not work for all the problems. You need to be creative in your efforts to find a fresh solution to the problems.

Superheroes don’t just go on using the same techniques to fight crime and save people from dangers. They improvise and think out of the box, and so should you. Your job may not involve stopping an evil mastermind from conquering the world, but you can amp up your professional career and be the reason for the success of your organization by being creative.

5. Be an Eternal Optimist

How many times the odds were against the heroes but they came out as the victor? Answer – countless times. Well, though it may sound unrealistic, hoping against hope can be useful at times. It is believed that optimism is contagious.

If there’s a challenging situation at your organization and everyone is having a bad feeling about it. You can be the beacon in the gloomy day by spreading optimism in the room.

You need to believe in yourself and your teammates, and no matter what the obstacle doesn’t let it get under your skin. Believing in yourself helps you push your limits, and it often brings out the best in you.

Challenges make life interesting. So laugh at the odds and make your plan to beat the odds.

6. Do Not Procrastinate

Imagine how the world of Superheroes would be if they all were procrastinating while the bad guys are harming the innocents. That’s devastating, right? Well, Superheroes do not procrastinate, and neither should you. This is one of the important career lessons you can learn. 

The thought of leaving the presentation for tomorrow may give you a few hours to relax, but it may also land you in trouble if you miss the deadline.

You are not a speedster like the Flash or Quicksilver. So if you are given a job, do it as soon as possible. Also, learn to prioritize your work. You need to measure which work is of more importance.

Once you measure that, set your priorities accordingly. If urgent work arrives, you should be ready to drop what you are doing and start working on the latest task.

7. Say no to the Bad Guys

We all face bullies in our lives unless you are the “bully”. Even superheroes have encountered bullies, but they never surrendered against the bullies.

You may encounter several bullies in the workplace, but giving in to them is not a choice. If you surrender to them, they’ll keep bullying you for the rest of your career. Give a piece of your mind to them. Sooner or later, the bullies are going to get what they deserve.

Like it was said in the movie “Captain America: Civil War”, if anyone tells you to move, you stand your ground and tell them, “No”.

The same goes for your workplace. If there’s someone loud, mean, and obnoxious person who bullies others for no reason at all, you should make him understand that you are not going to be the victim here.

8. Never Give up

You may fail at something, but that does not mean you should discard it from your schedule. If you can’t get a job done, don’t give up. Keep trying, until you find a way to get it done.

Your job is to succeed. Saying “I’ve done my best” can’t be an excuse if you want your career to reach the peak.

Tony Stark might not have become the Iron Man if he had given up. You need to keep striving towards perfection and push your limits to succeed at a job even if it seems impossible in the beginning.

9. Don’t Take Pleasure in Someone’s Else’s Misfortune

We often find ourselves experiencing joy at someone else’s suffering. It is distasteful, and there’s no way to justify it. No matter how much struggle you have gone through, never take pleasure in the misfortune of others, even if you think they deserved it.

It is important to know that you could be in their shoes. So no matter how high you have gone up in your professional career, stay humble, and never hesitate to be kind.

When you beat your rival, don’t gloat over your achievement. You may have won the battle, but the war is anything but over.

Know your strength, respect them, be noble and reserved and show some compassion to those you are going through some rough patches, even if you don’t like them. You won’t see superheroes doing a victory dance on the triumph over their opponents.

10. Know Your Kryptonite

You may already be aware of the fact that even the mightiest superheroes have their weaknesses. Superman’s weakness is Kryptonite, Martian Manhunter is afraid of fire, and Batman is just a human.

Everyone has a vulnerability. So know what’s yours. If you keep ignoring your weaknesses, it can put your career in jeopardy.

Knowing your limits can be a good thing for your career. You can work on that and try to nullify it. Or at least make your contingency plans if someone tries to use them against you.

See, these lessons were always in front of your eyes, but you never really taken them as career advice. Well, if you think you have learned enough, we have another bonus tip to offer.

11. Be Responsible

“With great powers comes great responsibility”. You might be exclaiming, “Not again!” Well, no matter how many times you’ve heard it, it is perhaps the most significant lesson that has come out of any superhero franchise.

If you have power, use it responsibly. Don’t misuse them and never hesitate to use your power (or authority) to help someone who deserves it. Your powers may be limited, but you can make a difference if you use them wisely.

Comic books might have been initially made keeping the children in mind, but they have evolved with time. And not only kids, but the adults can learn several useful career lessons from those printed pages. This blog was only one aspect of it.

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