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A career in web design is an undertaking for the bold and fearless.

Regardless of the specific design media you’re trying to focus on, designing has always required a person’s ability to break conventions, courage in facing ever-changing aesthetic trends, and flexibility in handling complex design briefs.

Web design, for example, is one of the hottest design fields today.

As the world goes after more digital experiences and connectivity, more businesses need talented web designers to join their marketing team.

If you’re a bold and fearless designer, a career in web design just might be the right fit for you.

But to help you make up your mind in taking this particular career path in design, here are few more pros that will nudge you towards that decision.  

It pays the bills and more

We all dream of having a job that we enjoy doing so much, it doesn’t feel like work anymore. But if you’re able to do this while paying off all the bills and still having some money left for shopping and hobbies, that’s like hitting the jackpot!

If you’re passionate about web design, the good news is that in the US alone, web designers get to enjoy an average annual salary of $63,000. While it may seem a bit low for workers with families, this will do you good and make you live rather comfortably if you’re unmarried and are just starting out on your career.

But as with all other career paths, you can earn more money as a web designer as you gather more experience and move up the career ladder.

There are tons of employment opportunities

As industries move to more digital consumer experiences today, the need for web designers in marketing and advertising departments has become bigger than ever.

Today, being successful in online marketing means having a clean, sleek, and UI/UX-effective website that consumers will actually want to visit.

With this, a lot of businesses are investing on gathering talented web design teams to put up and maintain their websites. Moreover, the variety of industries you can enter is endless.

Web design has basically become a requirement in most industries ranging from food and basic consumer goods manufacturing, to technology and communication. Even the more traditional industries like healthcare and medicine are shifting towards digital marketing design.

The key is to choose an industry you’re familiar and comfortable with, then to make the most out of the experience with the right set of web design skills and tools.  

Learning never stops

When you have a career in design, education doesn’t really stop after you get your arts degree in college. The world of design constantly evolves with time.

This is why designers – whether for the web or for any other medium – need to have a certain level of flexibility and openness when it comes to welcoming new conventions and adapting to them.

While it may feel like the internet has been around for ages, it remains to be a fairly young and developing industry. It can be an exciting time for designers as more features of web design unfold for marketers to discover.

Hence, standards could change at any given time, and web design rules could also prove to be as volatile. With this, being a web designer means being constantly ready to learn and adapt to new things.

When you’re used to following a specific set of defaults and conventions, it can be difficult to adjust when standards keep on changing. As a web designer, this is simply the reality you face every day, and really, it is more of a learning experience.

You can literally earn from doing a hobby

Most designers frown upon comments about their careers being just a hobby instead of a profession. However, from a more positive angle, you can actually consider this more of an advantage. Doing your hobby and getting paid for it is a great thing.

For one, it won’t feel like work at all! How great is it to do tasks and actually enjoy doing them instead of dragging yourself along, waiting for the hours to tick by until it’s time to go home?

If you’re passionate about web design, the most important pro you should be focusing on right now is that you get to live the life so many professionals strive for—to work every day and not get sick of it.

How many times have you heard of workers getting so sick of their day jobs they actually feel physically drained from doing it?

Designing as both a hobby and a profession is not something to be ashamed of. If anything, it’s something to take pride in as you’re one of the few people who can truly say you love what you do.

You get to be a multitasking genius

Unlike other jobs where you can focus on doing one thing every day, being a web designer allows you to wear several hats at a single time. For one, you’ll sketch and conceptualize your layouts – and you get to brainstorm with other teams for this, too.

Also, you’ll negotiate with your clients regarding the feasibility of the features they intend to put on the website, all while digitally rendering your mock-ups in a design application.

In some cases, you also get to be a presenter whenever your clients need you to pitch new ideas to the board. In this day and age, a professional who’s able to practice multiple skills is irreplaceable.

Choosing the best career path nowadays may seem daunting considering the endless possibilities. However, in choosing a profession, it is important to note that instead of looking for the perfect one, you should be looking for the right one based on the skill-set you have and the things you’re passionate about.

A career in web design may not be for everybody, but if you’re passionate about art, design, breaking conventions, and making a difference in the digital landscape, this could be the job for you.

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Callum Mundine is the head of marketing at WarbleMedia. They are a boutique website design and seo agency based in Dubbo, NSW, Australia. If you have any questions about marketing, feel free to contact him Email

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