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Hospitality in conjunction with tourism happens to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the entire world.

Together they create more jobs each year with an astounding turnover in terms of revenue. This being the case, there is a global need for a large number of people. Especially those who are proficient in one or more foreign languages in addition to their mother tongue (native language).

1. The Reassurance

Each of us wants to commence our hospitality career within familiar surroundings. Around familiar people and skills, preferable closer to our homes, our hometown, home state or within the confines of the country itself. Familiarity is kind of reassuring and we tend to stick to the tried and tested.

Well, this is particularly helpful during the early stages of our careers and is a natural extension of our sheltered school or college life. So far so good, even though the strategy might seem to be working fine for a while it is detrimental to our professional wellbeing in the long run.

If we do not aspire for certain things and do not set goals we end up going nowhere. This goes against the grain for the very simple reason that as we go through the motions. Life passes us by and we are left in a quandary. We find ourselves in a catch 22 situation.

2. Financial Goals

It is a classic case of use it or loses it, much like using muscles or letting them atrophy. Same is true of brainpower that happens to behave much like muscles. Use it optimally or else you risk losing the same.

As we go through the journey of life, we require to touch base with various milestones. It may be easily understood with learning, earn and then finally call it quits triad. But not before making a decent living and having planned for your retirement.

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3. A Polyglot

Well towards this end you may be required to leave the familiar home port and set sail with favorable winds. And when you leave the boundaries of your native land or your home country one thing that strikes you, that too in a big way is the necessity to be able to communicate with the people of your adopted country for the time being.

The best thing is to be a polyglot that is easier said than done, the next best thing is to be proficient in a language that is spoken and understood all across the world. Well when it comes to interacting with guests on an international platform, English is the language of choice.

You can and must always aim for the sky, and it is entirely possible that you would be able to accomplish the same, and in this case, you need to be proficient in the global language that English has come to be recognized as over the centuries especially in the context of hotel and hospitality Jobs with frequent foreign travel.

4. Daunting Task

Fret not if you are not a native speaker of English is not your first language. For some people mandarin or Chinese is indeed a tongue twister and a tough nut to crack, ask any Chinese kid and they will say it as easy as a fish takes to water, or for that matter a duck waddling in water.

Do not make it way too complicated, worldwide millions of people do it every day, they are not intimidated by the prospect of familiarizing themselves with a seemingly daunting task of mastering an entirely alien-sounding language, instead, they act sensibly and apply the same natural principles that they followed while mastering their very own native language and they come out with flying colors.

Closing Words

Having said that, besides mastering your soft skills, you need to get your hard skills in order as well, with requisite qualifications and experience under your belt– you are bound to go places, with attendant perks like travel, culling a huge network of co-workers, friends and various guests as well who could be instrumental in giving you unheard and unimagined leads for your next career move, needless to say, a great future awaits you in this ever-growing industry with so many diverse career opportunities in allied sectors as well like cruise liners, airlines, hospitality and many more, always meeting new people, learning new things and earning more money.

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Niren Kumar Mishra is a career strategist, and Content Manager of the popular Job Portal Universe Jobs. He has over 8 Years of Experience in Career Blogging and is a Renowned Career Expert.

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