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Universities are under constant pressure to create enough opportunities for students to pursue public health due to an increasing shortage of public health physicians. It is highly important that we have an educated workforce, and that is why studying public health is very impactful.

However, with the advent of the internet, education, and public health for that matter has become more accessible. As such, getting a bachelor’s degree in public health at the comfort of your home is totally achievable.

The reason why many universities decided to bring the program online is that majority of the public health workers are required to have at least a master’s degree, and an online program will make that easier and cheaper.

When you apply for an online public health problem, you will study some chosen topics in that field which will include disease prevention, health services system, health communications, health care delivery, and public health policies.

In addition to that, you will be needed to complete an internship program as well as taking part in a final project, which are all requirements for completion of the course.

1. Career Information

On completion of a bachelor’s degree in public health, you can decide to venture into some advanced degrees in public health such as a Master of Science in Public Health.

As a graduate of the bachelor’s degree program, you can equally pursue:

  • Public health advising
  • Public health epidemiology
  • Public health nursing
  • Occupational epidemiology

When you choose to pursue an online degree in this field, you will be more flexible and have the opportunity to engage in community health conversations between classmates and the professors via online messaging in place of classroom seminars.

2. Learning Details and Assessment

A public health program can be offered either entirely online or in a hybrid format like the ones available in some learning institutions. You will access all of your online course work from a personal computer.

An advantage of this online program is that you are allowed to work at your own pace. You can complete your coursework at any time that you want, day or night, although some assignments with deadlines might require more immediate action.

Despite the fact that you will complete all the online courses from home, you will still be able to interact with fellow students and professors via message forums and chat rooms. It makes it possible for you to maintain contact throughout your program.

Assessment of ongoing programs by the faculty will be based on the completion of online multiple-choice tests after each lesson and your timely submission of assignments. The final academic performance assessment in this program is on a “4 point GPA scale”.

3. Tuition

While tuition is an important subject, it does not outweigh the benefits you have from taking online courses from an accredited school. To keep costs on the lower end, you could also consider choosing programs that are closer to your state.

4. Specializations

Some of the specialty options that you may have a Bachelor’s degree in public health are such as

  • Public administration
  • Disaster management
  • Environmental health
  • Health communication
  • Health management
  • Health informatics

5. Courses

Aside from the core courses, it is also a compulsory requirement that you complete some general education courses like the English Composition and Introduction to Psychology.

In addition to that, there are also some online courses, which might also complement your career in Public Health. They include:

  • Healthcare informatics
  • Healthcare Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Financial health care management
  • Marketing and strategic planning

One thing to remember is that before diving into online programs, you would still have to research and compare the various universities which offer accredited online programs and determine which one is perfect for you.

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