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Nurses all have one thing in common, they work to care for patients. But actually, there is a vast range of nursing jobs which are all very different. If you’re considering a career in nursing, here are some of the different roles you could consider.

1. Healthcare Assistant

A healthcare assistant can work in a hospital or a community setting. This includes things like clinics or GP surgeries. They work under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional.

They generally have a range of administrative tasks in their job role, working to make sure the healthcare practitioner is organized and well managed.

Clinical duties include greeting patients, recording vital signs, collecting samples, and performing basic lab tests on these samples. It can also include changing dressings and sterilizing medical tools. You can gain a career as a medical assistant by training on the job. This is good as it means you get practical experience and can begin earning money right away.

You may need GCSE’s in English and maths, and a while not always essential- a healthcare qualification will make you a more desirable candidate. While not officially a ‘nurse’ role, you’ll be doing similar duties and your training will include basic nursing skills.

With further education, you could go on to become a qualified nurse. A healthcare assistant great way to enter into the care career path if you want to begin working right away.

2. Mental Health Nurse

Mental health nurses provide support to patients suffering from mental health issues. Their role involves helping patients to recover from their illness, or to come to terms with it in order to lead a more positive life.

Some general nursing duties will be involved. These include some personal care tasks, taking vital signs, and administering medication. They also liaise with doctors, workers, and other professionals to determine the best care for the patient; giving advice and support to relatives, monitor progress, and provide support to patients.

As with other types of nurses, as a mental health nurse, you also need to make sure your nurse revalidation documents are sent off every three years. This allows you to continue practicing.

3. Community Care Nurse

Community nurses work with GPs, social services, hospitals, and other healthcare staff. The service helps patients cope with ill health and disability. It allows them to have the best possible quality of life while maintaining dignity and respect.

District nursing is one branch of community care nursing, in this role they provide tailored care to patients in their own homes. District nurses generally work independently, although they do have the support of a team of healthcare professionals.

If you want to work in a nursing or healthcare setting while still working independently, this could be an excellent choice. Community care nurses may also work in treatment rooms such as in GP’s offices or health care clinics.

4. Theatre/ Surgical Nurse

Theatre nurses work with surgeons on operations. They are involved in each step of a patient’s operation from pre-op through to surgery and then recovery.

In this job role, you can specialize in a particular area or rotate through different areas. This role of a surgical nurse is mainly based in hospital operating theatres, anesthetic or recovery areas, or in specialist clinics.

To begin a career as a theatre nurse, you must first be registered as an adult, child, learning disability, or mental health nurse. From there, specialist theatre courses and training are given.  You can take advanced courses such as online MSN if you want to further your career as a nurse.  
This is something to aim for when stepping onto the nursing career path if you have an interest in the surgical side of things.

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