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There are many perks to choosing a career in law, and the earning potentials are particularly high if you choose a speciality that is in demand. However, all the success, prestige and money, which we generally associate with lawyers can only be a reality if you are good at what you do.

Being a successful legal professional requires more than just education and effort. So it only makes sense for a student to consider all aspects of choosing a career in law before making that all-important decision. Read on to find out what some of those aspects are, and if you are indeed suited for a legal career.

The Financials

There are three financial aspects to consider before you decide to join a law school and they are as follows:

  1. Law School Expenses — The fees and other expenses of law school are quite heavy. And student loans often put a very significant dent in the economy of most families.
  2. Lost Earnings — The three years which you will be spending in law school will also be three years which you could have used to join a job and earn instead.
  3. Job Prospect —  The good news is that the two points above won’t matter if you manage to get a good job once you pass out. The bad news is that a degree in law isn’t a guarantee for success like it used to be a decade ago.

Do You Have a Strong Nerve?

A good lawyer must have strong nerves so that he/she can function when the pressure gets high in the courtroom. In fact, even before you reach the courtroom as a lawyer, the pressure is constantly on you as a law student. Because continuous and multiple tests are an inevitable part of any law school program.

While they are, more or less, designed to prepare students for the big one at the end of term, they still hold value and will keep you under different levels of pressure all the time throughout the three years.

How Are You with Public Dealings?

Be warned that if you are even remotely introverted by nature. You will either need to come out of your shell completely or give up any hopes of making it as a lawyer. Whether you are a corporate or a criminal lawyer, you will need to deal with different kinds of people from different fields of life on a regular basis.

From important and powerful personalities like judges and high-profile clients to witnesses and lawyers from the opposing party; you will need to communicate with them all constantly. Any shred of introversion or shyness you have within you will be shred to pieces. And unless you are comfortable with that, being a lawyer can become very taxing on your mind.

Analytical Skills

Logical reasoning and the power to criticize are essential skills for a lawyer. Ask yourself if you have been inherently good at them or if you have always had an affinity for solving puzzles and problems in your everyday life. If the answer is yes, then you will enjoy the everyday challenges of being a lawyer.

These are only some of the facets which one needs to consider before choosing law as a career. But they are important considerations nonetheless. One final important point that needs to be considered is the fact that if you choose to become a lawyer, you will likely have to sacrifice a big portion of your personal life. A successful lawyer is always busy and available 24/7.

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