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Acting is one of those careers in life that always seem like they are for other people. After all, when you have bills and mortgages to pay, there is little time to put aside for those old dreams you had as a kid.

However, many famous actors – Morgan Freeman, for example – didn’t start treading the boards until much later in life. They didn’t go to drama school, but went for it anyway, and found success.

So, if you have ever fancied trying out acting, don’t ever give up.

Sure, you might not end up in movies like The Shawshank Redemption or Batman, but it is possible to have a good career in acting, no matter how old you are.

And even if you can’t manage to make the switch to a full-time actor, it’s an excellent way to improve your life skills, communication, and a host of other things.

With this in mind, here are 6 tips to get into your dream career in acting with minimal experience.

1. Love the Art

First and foremost, you need to ask yourself a serious question. Do you actually want to act, or just get famous?

If your answer is the latter, forget it. No one makes it in acting if they don’t love the art, and the chances of hitting fame are virtually nil.

2. Consumer Information

Next, make sure you are reading books about acting, watching and reading plays, and checking out old YouTube videos of old TV shows like ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio.’

You will need to learn a lot about theory, techniques, and terminology if you want to excel.

3. Take Classes

Services like Auditions HQ offer acting class lists, and you can see that there are opportunities all over the country. Will acting classes guarantee a career? Definitely not.

But it will give you a focused learning environment that will help you learn about speech, voice, and scene study – and help you make the most of your innate talents.

4. Get Involved with the Community

Acting is a community activity, just like a team sport. And it’s incredibly sociable – in every city in the country, you will find coffee shops and bars with actors discussing their art.

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If you want to start breaking into the field, your best bet is to join a local acting troupe. You could offer to help out backstage, start joining in with rehearsals, and building your network of contacts.

5. Put Yourself out There

Another good way of meeting people in the trade is to put yourself forward for movie extra roles. Although they can be incredibly long days, you will earn your first paycheck as an actor, and you will also be able to develop some ideas of how directors and actors work on set.

Who knows, you might even manage to grab a chat with one of the A-listers – many of them are very friendly and approachable, and some are keen to help out good people wherever they can.

6. Audition

Finally, once you are confident enough, it will be time to start auditioning. It’s daunting at first, but if you ever want a good career in front of the art, it’s something you will need to get used to.

With a solid, well-rehearsed, and researched audition, who knows what amazing parts you might land?

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