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Being a college student is hard enough. If you’re an “undeclared” student, things don’t get much easier. You constantly have people asking what are you going to do with your life, and oftentimes you ask yourself that very same question.

This article will give you five career ideas that you can consider if you’re an undeclared major in school.

1. English

An English major is obviously a great major for people who like to read and write. But an English degree doesn’t mean automatic entry into the Wal-Mart door greeter industry.

From copywriting to sales to publishing, there are plenty of industries that can use a college graduate that knows how to express themselves verbally and in print.

2. Biology

If you’ve always been interested in science and was a good chemistry and biology student in high school, studying biology in college is a good way to get introduced to other fields, like neuroscience or botany.

Studying plants, animals and other living things can also prepare you for medical school, the biotechnology industry, and other jobs that will proliferate in our ever-changing workforce.

3. Criminal Justice

Criminal justice can be a great career idea for those students who were always fascinated by the law. While a criminal justice major is an excellent preparation for law school, it’s not the only path you can follow.

A Bachelor’s or Master’s in criminal justice can prepare you for law enforcement careers, graduate study in several fields like sociology, activism, and advocacy work for disenfranchised populations like domestic violence victims.

4. Economics

Are you fascinated by finance, politics, or law? Studying economics introduces you to the financial, political, social, and commercial sides of our country, those of the developing world, and “first world” countries. This major can be great preparation for a career in law, government policy, or finance.

5. Computer Science

The world will always need web developers, software engineers, and computer scientists. A degree in computer science is one of the most lucrative areas of study in college. Entry-level web developers could earn an annual salary of up to $71,000 (depending on the city).

All of these fields are broad enough where almost anyone can find great work in a niche area if they so choose. But as an undecided college student, you should use your college years to really explore the areas that most interest you.

You don’t have to know what you’re going to do with your life on your first day of college. Use internships, classes, and office hours with your professors to get information on your potential career ideas.

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