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This great new thing called freelancing can be a life-changer for many people. If one wants, they can become a full-time freelancer and simply do that for a living. Otherwise, freelancing could be a great way to supplement an income.

However, just like any other job, it is important to freelance in the right field. Not only do you want to work in a field that you enjoy, but also where you have some skill. Below are some of the best freelance careers choices available today:

1. Writing

Writing seems to be the obvious choice for many freelancers. As long as one’s grasp of the language is good enough, they can easily become proficient on a number of topics.

Additionally, it’s easy to research whatever you need to write about. This field includes blogging, article writing, financial writing, and much more.

Writing, however, does take some time management and thoroughness. One needs to proofread their work and put it in the sources if required. Once a writer becomes well known and in demand, they can make up to $55 an hour, maybe even higher.

What one should remain aware of is that many clients tend to underestimate good writing skills. Hence, there would be many low-paying writing gigs along the way.

Transcriptions, especially, are time-consuming and monotonous. They might also not pay well. Once a writer hones their skill enough, they should know when to move on a look for higher-paying writing jobs.

2. Marketing

Many students opt for marketing as a subject in college but rarely get a chance to use that knowledge as they wish. As a marketing freelancer, once could earn around $46 to $52 per hour.

Freelance marketing could include developing brand strategies, working with social media to promote a company, etc. it could also entail a long-term gig in which one interacts with customers and represents a brand.

If one can manage to get a good rapport with a high-paying company, that might be the only freelancing job they need.

3. Translation

​If a person knows more than one language, they can almost always find some work in translation. They should be able to develop a sense of conveying the same (or similar) meaning from one tongue to another. A translator can make $25 to $40 an hour, depending on the languages they work in.

The highest paying translation gigs today are mostly from Spanish to English, as well as Korean either way. Your skill level and the difficulty of the task itself is also a point of consideration.

4. Photography

This might be a bit of a cliché, but freelance photographers can mint a lot of money through their work. Plus, they are free to edit the pictures and showcase their talent to the utmost. This could make quite a reputation for them if even a few clients like their work.

For example, a wedding photographer can start as high as $2000. If the wedding party likes their work, the photographer is likely to get called for more weddings in the future. A little word of mouth goes a long way in freelancing. 

What’s more, a photographer is sometimes invited to different exciting locations for their work. This can be the best career choice for freelancers to develop a successful career. 

5. Voice Acting

This may seem difficult to get into, but it’s a very lucrative field. You could earn up to $72 per hour as a freelance voice actor.

Moreover, companies now need voice actors for the videos they post on social media. Thus, there is a healthy demand for such freelancers. So if you have an expressive voice or just one that gets a lot of compliments, this could be the job for you.

Wrapping Up

Freelancing may seem daunting to a beginner, but the advantages for the best career choice for freelancers are endless. However, it is highly recommended that one thinks about what they can do best before they start looking for gigs.

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