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We all dream of being able to break out of our humdrum, everyday careers from time to time. But, for a lot of people, the thing that stops them from taking the leap is the idea that no matter where they go, things are going to be the same.

That everyone just has the same boring old routine as any other and no matter what, you’re going to end up doing the same things every single day.

Well, that is most definitely not true!

Even if it seems as though every job just ends up making you do the same boring office work day in, day out, there are plenty of jobs that offer something just a little bit different.

Here are some seriously unique jobs for those looking for a new career with a twistl!

1. Olfactory Branding

This might sound like something highly scientific, and to a degree it is, but olfactory branding is actually much simpler than you might expect. You’ll probably know it by its more common name of perfume designer.

That’s right, did you assume that the amazing combinations of scents in all of your favorite perfumes got there by accident? Nope! If you’ve got a mind for science and a nose for pleasant smells, then a career in olfactory branding might be perfect for you.

2. Greeting Card Writing

If you’re a creative kind of person then why not channel that into doing something really nice? People use greeting cards to connect with family and friends, as well as express things that they are not always able to.

If you’ve got a way with words, then you can put that do good use creating witty, sincere and heartwarming messages for greeting cards.

3. Trauma Cleanup

Be warned; this one is not for the faint of heart! If an accident or incident takes place where someone is hurt then blood clean up teams are incredibly important. If people try to deal with it themselves, then they put themselves at risk of the hazards associated with things like blood.

A trauma clean up crew is able to help everyone get back to their normal lives while also making sure that they stay safe.

4. Video Game tester

You might think that being a video games tester is a total dream come true, and for the most part it really is! You get to play video games all day and help to make them even better. But there’s still a heck of a lot of work involved in games testing.

For one thing, it required a great deal of stamina to be able to play the same games over and over for hours, and you need a seriously high level of passion for them to be able to to that day in and day out!

Not all of these careers will be right for everyone, in fact, there’s a good chance that some people would absolutely hate them! The idea behind this list is to show that, no matter how much it might seem like it, you don’t have to be stuck doing the same jobs over and over.

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