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Work can indeed be a drag sometimes. Everyone has those days where we hit snooze roll over and want to go back to the land of slumber as we can’t face the day. However, if this is a regular occurrence it may be time to think about a career change.

More people than ever change jobs and even whole career sectors in 2019. While it’s not a decision to be taken lightly, it’s something that can be achieved with a bit of thought, below we look at some of the factors involved in that decision.

When Is the Best Time? 

When is the best time to change your career? What a question… but the answer is really when something is pushing you to do it combined with circumstances enabling you to make the move. You will know if you are unsatisfied. Or maybe there is an ambition you never followed nagging in the back of your mind.

If you are young and single then there is nothing stopping you, off you go and follow your dreams. However, if you are older and maybe have a family then there is more to consider before taking this step.

How to Know What to Do

Planning is key when deciding what to do, firstly economic planning, get together a spreadsheet of your income and outgoings in your current situation. You should then make a similar spreadsheet for your situation if you moved into your new career path.

You can then compare and contrast the two scenarios and determine what changes you would be needing to make the switch (and if you can and willing to make those sacrifices).

 Do I Need to Go Back to Study?

Returning to study may well be a part of what is required in making a career change. If this is the case then it can be an even bigger decision to make, as it may require a reasonable amount of time without earning.

For example, a certificate of higher education is a one year course if studied full-time. You could, of course, study part-time and earn money in another capacity in the time you have spare outside of your study hours.

It is important to make sure you can get in this way. As the hours you may have available might restrict what types of jobs are available.

How Many Careers Can I Have in a Lifetime?

There is no set number of times a person can change jobs or careers but bear in mind if you switch back and forward too often you’ll never be likely to find the time to progress beyond entry-level positions and salaries.

The best advice we can think of is to change as and when you like. But every time you do sit down and make a case to yourself as to why it is a good idea.  If you are struggling to come up with the reasons then it might be time to think again.

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