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Since you’re reading this post, maybe you’re a journalist who dreams of becoming one of those who works in a big city such as Seattle or a college town like Athens, Georgia.

Perhaps you’re a copywriter working in an article writing services agency, communicating through snail mail who wants to work in a more fast-paced world.

Or how about this: Maybe you’re a graduate of English Literature from the Midwestern part of the USA who wants something more than just waiting tables in the morning and staying late at night writing poems without anyone getting a chance to read it.

Regardless, if you’re from either one of the three (or you maybe all of those three), you know you’re a writer for the sole reason of loving the art of writing. And you want people to read what you are writing. And of course, cut the drama! You want to get paid for writing.

However, the sad part is you don’t find writing as a thriving career at the moment. Fortunately, that’s about to change. Why did we say so? It is because of the rapid rise and growth of content marketing.

Due to the sudden and powerful boom of content marketing, it is safe to say that we are now living in a world full of online writers. But who is this online writer? What can he or she do?

He or she is a person who has:

  • A little knowledge of the basics of search engine optimization or SEO
  • A little background of usability.
  • An understanding of what social media is and how it works.
  • In-Depth knowledge of what copywriting is.
  • Just the right amount of knowledge in storytelling.
  • Excellent skills in researching.
  • Love for caffeine.
  • And most especially courageous ethics in work.

You see, you can have a pretty fulfilling career in web writing if only you have all the skills mentioned above. If you possess all of those, then congratulations! But, we want you to strive harder. You should not stop there.

Why Should You Be a Content Marketer?

We wrote this article because we want to let you know why a typical writer should think of becoming a content marketer. But first here are some of the qualities of an efficient one.

She is someone who has:

  • An exceptional understanding of strategizing content.
  • An understanding of how SEO works.
  • Ideal skills in researching.
  • An ordinary amount of insights into subscription assets.
  • A typical understanding of what social media is and how it works.
  • Maybe an average background of conversion skills.

Comparing the two, you see there are some skills that a typical web writer should improve. If you already have the qualities of an average author, then you need to be proud of yourself. You’re almost there. All you just have to do is to learn and improve some of those qualities and become an entirely developed content marketer.

What’s great about this is when you try harder, keep going, strive harder in learning and practice, you will eventually build your credibility and authority that will be a great help in becoming an in-demand content marketer.

So, in this article, we will give you reasons why you need to step up from an ordinary writer to becoming a content marketer. Here are some of those:

There is a significant increase in the demand for content marketers (and still growing).

In this era where consumers are the one who controls the process of purchasing products and services, customers tend to demand more content before making a decision in buying, according to a report by Forrester.

That means any business that sticks to the traditional marketing strategies are more likely to struggle. As a result, SEO companies (e.g., LinkVista Digital Inc.) will inevitably demand more content marketers.

More companies are investing in content distribution nowadays.

According to Contently’s 2016 Content Marketing Budget report, more or less seventy per cent (70%) of content marketers spend less than $1000 when it comes to content distribution. This figure will undoubtedly change once businesses realize the importance of allocating a huge amount in content distribution compared to their competitors.


You see, there are tempting reasons why an ordinary writer needs to think of upgrading to a full-fledged content marketer. By just merely learning and understanding the qualities and the reasons stated above, you can guarantee a more fruitful and high-paying career in the future.

Written By
Patrick Panuncillon is an entrepreneur who founded Creative Working Playfround, a result based blogger outreach company in the Philippines. For almost ten years now, Patrick continues to develop his skill in search engine optimization and management. Aside from that, he also leads a team of other young professionals in providing a global clientele with the business solutions they need. Connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.

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